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Most Comfortable Earbuds For Sleeping (Even Side Sleeping)

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable earbuds for sleeping? Secure fit, great noise isolation and sound quality are three possible factors you could think of. But there aren’t many earbuds that were designed taken all these factors into account.

You can get better sound quality from regular earbuds for your favorite tracks or white noises during bedtime listening but most of them will hurt your ear if you have them on before going to bed. Here are a few option that meet both comfort and audio performance that you can used in any situations – even for traveling when you live in hostel/dorm with noisy snorers.

In Ear Earphone Earbuds that you can comfortably sleep on side

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I broke my earbuds several times because the cables are plastic. I never know what I would do to the earbud cable while I was sleeping, but possibly the cable streatched and eventually frayed by hand or my moving head when I turned my body.

This Kevlar reinforced cable of these sleep earbuds is so durable that you won’t be able to break it even while you are sleeping.

The earbuds are metal, which can stand to any situation during your sleep and its rounded shape won’t heart any part of your ears.

The earbuds sounded good with a bunch of details, but the bass performance is somewhat a cons. I like its clarity and smooth mid-range, and its sound profile would be suitable for music purists, who prioritize the natural sound.

Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT

Affordable earbuds for sleeping

Recently we’ve found a pair of earbuds from Japan that surely you will sleep comfortable while wearing it, the Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT. They sound truly good for the price, even as good as models that sell for triple the price, but are still smaller and lighter than the most out there. Thin, durable cable and light earbuds housings make them exceptionally comfortable in the ear.

Considering the size of driver just 5.78 mm, it delivers impressively a wide soundstage, well-defined bass and nice mid-range. Since it is a well-balanced headphone, you are going to find its sound smooth, not unsual as other bass-focus headphones.

The carbon fiber Aluminium housings are not only rugged but enhance the audio performance of speakers. The entire construction is light and capable of long lasting use.

The Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT did a good job for sound isolation by various sizes of included eartips, you choose the size that gives perfect seal. If you are on a trips and why not use them for escaping from snoring from friend or any noises, they can be used as earplugs I guess.

There is a drawback that the headphone doesn’t feature mic for calls or remote control to change the volume.

JVC HAFR36B Marshmallow Comfy EarBuds For Sleeping

Rounded housings of earbuds fill your ears with comfort while sleeping

The JVC Marshmallow headphones are affordable.  They offer a comfortable and snug fit even you rest on the side and decent sound quality. The small and lightweight housings are rounded on the back, this design never let any parts of your ears put much pressure on them when sleeping.

The Marshmallow comes with a set of compressible foam ear tips, which is easy to fit and comfortable. They provide effective noise isolation. It is very useful if you sleep in noisy environments avoiding disrupting from snoring, dog barking or traffic noise.

Unlike other earbuds that it happens that when you wake up the earbuds felt out, and they last for only a couple of months, the Marshmallow fit securely in your ear and are pretty durable.

Sleeping earbudsNote that the top part of the cable joint to earbud housing seems to be easy to break, and small rounded housings may not work for those who have large ears. But the cable is long and quite thin, which lets you easily manage your phone or ipod. 



Considering sound quality, one would think that sleeping earbuds are designed for listening comfort rather than high audio quality but it doesn’t have to be that way for the Marshmallow that sounds quite good. But actually it doesn’t do much work. The clarity is at the middle of things, the bass doesn’t really rumble, and the mid-range tends to be warm and flat.

If not used for sleeping you can use it for making calls since the earbuds include the inline controls and mic.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Sleep headphones for traveling

The last option if you don’t like earbuds inserting into your ear canals, CozyPhone offers a solution. Their sleep headphones appear in a form of soft, comfortable, flexible headband with removeable speakers. The band is washable and works as a sleep mask. It sounds good and clear for any music tuned in, and the sound stage is open and pleasant to listen like some on ear headphones.

A noise cancelling earbuds in ear headphones are not a bad idea for your sleeping, Bose QC 20 is a comfortable set and works effectively to cancel out the noise, but it is very pricey. However, when you sleep on the side, it exhibits a downside due to large housings and truly you will never feel comfortable with.

Music may make us feel sleepy and above are some decent pairs, which is very comfortable to wear and sounds better than any earbuds that come packed with your phones or MP3 players.

Indeed, there are plenty of earbuds in ear headphones out there, but most of them are not suitable or specifically designed to wear while you sleep. Even the FiiO EX1, one of the most comfortable earbuds, is not a pair for sleeping with. It’s time you go to bed, you need to listen music podcasts or meditation music to make it easy for a deep sleep without disturbing other in the room. Luckily, there are earbuds that are very comfortable for sleeping.

Remember before sleeping, you should set a number of songs to be played, so after for a while your phones will stop playing music, letting your ears to rest. Because your hearing has been active all day long, if they have to work over night, they will become less effective and this may cause hearing damage, the same as you listen music for long listening sessions.

In the future hopelly the audio companies will make earbuds with built-in sensors that can track your sleep as many fitness trackers do.
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Updated on 04/27/2018

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