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Headphones and Bluetooth headsets are no longer just for listening to music. They envolve to be smarter and more interactive with users. They can track your fitness, activate Siri or Google Now, feature voice control and drown out the noises. With those innovative features, we call them “hearables” or wearable in ear, which is designed to understand more about human’s behavior –with the information extracted from app, we can know pretty much about our health and whether we meet the target. In the feature they can be medical devices which even predict potential health problems based on temperature and HR. On this page you will find all information about: News, price and availability, reviews and features on hearables, earables, Bluetooth headsets, smart earbuds and smart headphones.

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The Best Bone Conduction Headphones in 2017

Bone conduction technology has a number of applications, such as hearing aids,¬†smart helmets and military communications. Their most recent application has been brought to headphones. This type of headphones doesn’t use drivers to vibrate air, instead the music driven by the vibration through the skin to the small …