Four Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs To Sleep On

We live in the world of noise. Any time you are on the street, going out hunting, crowded areas or concerts you are exposed to the noise, from traffic noises to gun shot sounds. The noise level of those sounds is greater than 85 dB, which potentially causes hearing impair. And the number of people who have problem with their hearing increases over years according a study.

It’d be better to prevent it happens. You can use earmuffs – it is huge and not always portable, other options are either using NC headphones or earplugs. Either way will reduce the background noise, but technically they have different approaches. While earplugs physically block the noise by itself, NC headphones creates sound with inversed wave length to cancel out the noise.

Noise cancelling technology has been long seen on headphones, and Bose is still the king for noise cancelling headphones realm with their over ear model Bose QC25 and in ear Bose QC20. But sometimes, we just need to reduce a bit background noise and enjoy the presence of the sound in a lower volume level, or maybe need to hear white noise to feel sleepy easily, which is how smart earplugs come in.

Here I’ve rounded up some of smart earplugs with active noise cancelling feature to relieve your stress in noise offices!

Hush Smart Earplugs

The Hush earplugs were introduced at CES 2016 for $150, which is the same price as recently launched Apple wireless earbuds, the Airpods. With variable sizes of foam eartips, which overtime will form a custom fit to your ear, the earplugs are wireless and comfortable to wear, even for side sleeping. The foam tips together with ANC feature will maximize the noise isolation capaciy that they can reduce up to 70 dB from the ambient sound comming in. They can play white noise to filter out ambient sounds for 8 hours enough for your sleep. They did a decent job for blocking out snoring sound, honking, or sound through the wall.

The charging case works similarly to wireless earbuds that will charge the earplugs on the go. It can fuel the battery of earplugs up to 3 full charges. So totally you get 32 hours. The case handles the earplugs in a nifty way that will magnetically lock them in place for charging.

It is small, they might have dropped somewhere, you lost it. It didn’t totally end, the app will track where the earplugs are.


  • They provide and play a wide range of sound, including soothing sounds, from waterfalls and more
  • Good ACN performance


  • May fall out when you sleep on
  • Software issues
  • Have to download the sound track, and the download will cause deletion of existing sounds.

QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

ANC earplugs

The Quiteon earplugs are fit well and provide good sound isolation with bi-flange eartips. The design of housings and eartips combine in the perfect way that will fit in your ear without any flaws. and make sure you still feel comfortble even on side sleeping.

The company claims the earplugs provide noise reduction comparable to to Bose QC20, in a smaller form. They work well for snorning sound with up to 50 hours of battery life.


  • Great battery life
  • Automatically turn on when taken out of the case


  • No “Find my earplugs” feature from app

Dubs Acoustic Filters

Doppler Labs previously produced Here Active Listening system. Recently the company announced the Dubs, which can do a simple job that it will control the volume you want to hear. Let’s say you are at a concert, it is too noisy or music is very lound, if you wear Dubs, you will hear the surroundings attenuated and you can adjust volume. But they still keep the fidelity of sound. If you wear earmugs, they may not be able to preserve that sound.

The dubs work at its best at mid-range frequencies. The can be used for shooting, hunting and sleeping.

For hearing protection, if offers an offordable option for just $25.


  • Cheap
  • Adjust the volume


  • No active noise cancelling feature

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Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

The earbuds plugs are tiny and comfortable to wear. They feature earhooks and tips to ensure secure fit and maximimze the noise isolation.

The flash memory stores variety of smooth sounds that you can play them anytime. Instead of hearing annoying sounds in your bedroom – snoring, dog barking, noisy neighbors.. you can pick the sound you like and that help you sleep better.

The charging case keep the sleepbuds full of juice and ready to use. Just store sleepbuds when they are not in use they will get charged.

You can set alarm from the App and it will wake you up without disturbing others.

The sleepbuds are expected to ship to backers in late 2018.

Why smart ear plugs:

Not only do they protect your hearing, but they allow you to enjoy music at concert or high dB and take a short nap at the airports, train and bus.

Bluetooth devices emit a little radiation when they are active. But using smart earplugs is safe with ultra-low radiation.

Study shows that wearing earplugs do effect on sleep, which reduces the rapid eye movement latency. If you are exposed to the noise during sleeping, wearing earplugs will definitely improve sleeping.

Smart earplugs vs ordinary earplugs

Earplugs are made by foam, they physically provide the noise isolation effect by ability to seal in the ear, and the foam material it self.

Published on 02/14/2018

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