VerveOnes Wireless Earbuds | 2018 Review

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Motorola SH010AL VerveOnes+ Music Edition Completely Wireless, Waterproof Stereo Smart Earbuds - LimeYear of 2016 marked the boost of wearable in ear devices, in the years since then there has been a wave of new true wireless earbuds including these from VerveOnes+ (also known as the Motorola VerveOnes+). As you can see a lot more completely wireless earbuds coming to the market. However, some of them failed to deliver key features.

Addressing major drawbacks from these earbuds like short battery and unstable Bluetooth connection, on kickstarters or indiegogo, there is a increasing number of campaigns raising money for making perfect wireless earbuds. However, not all of them are successful, the technical issues commonly cause shipping delays to its backers.

Many companies claimed “Their wireless earbuds provide excellent features for sports like sweat-proof, secure fit and exceptional comfort. This is what exactly fitness enthusiasts look for”. It is always true since wireless earbuds host a lot of hardware so they tends to be either big or heavy in the ear. The sound quality is another heck, users find the sound thin or bloat, missing bass or needed to improve in detail and clarity. The connectivity may not be all that excellence and even get worse when you use earbuds for workouts – it drops or is dis-connected.

Digging several pairs reviewed by experts, you will find that the Dash may sound good, but it is struggled to remain stable connection, Earin dont have a long lasting battery. The Kanoa will ship its sports wireless earbuds in fall this year. Samsung also announced their first wearable in ear, the Gear IconX, it seems to be a good choice though they has been receive some mixed reviews.

Motorola SH010AL VerveOnes+ Music Edition Completely Wireless, Waterproof Stereo Smart Earbuds - LimeA recent release, the VerveOnes Wireless, is among in ear wearables, which tried to fix current technical issues with wireless earbuds. And the idea of VerveOnes came from Binatone, the company made it but borrowed some technology from Motorola.


These wireless earbuds aren’t cheap, (Check current price on Amazon), they are priced similar to the Gear IconX.  The other version, the VerveOne+, with waterproof feature costs more. At cheaper price you can get Beat or Jaybird Freedoom (with a short cable attached to) for better sound quality.


Motorola SH010AL VerveOnes+ Music Edition Completely Wireless, Waterproof Stereo Smart Earbuds - LimeSince 2 earbuds are separated, maintaining consistent Bluetooth connection is tricky for most wireless earbud makers that it either drops or causes audio stop between earbuds or with the paring devices. As for listening to music, it is very annoying when the sound is occasionally lost or just muted for a couple of second from once piece, even you keep your phone is not far away from your ears, say on your hand bicep.

The VerveOnes+ Wireless Earbuds are designed withstands immersion in up to 3 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes which is a big plus. While not designed to work underwater, it is useful to know you can safely do outdoor activities without worrying about the buds getting ruined by rain or moisture.

If you intend to use it in gym, it’d better to use an armband to attach your phones to keep stable connection. If you think it is fine with cable there are a lot of great Bluetooth earbuds out there, check out our guide.

If you use if for jogging or running, you’ll like the

Sound Quality

It is often that wireless earbuds’sound is not really for audiophiles, so it is not a good idea if you tend to buy a pair to improve music listening experience. Wired earbuds sound more energetic and fuller, offering more details and clarity. Though, you can find wireless earbuds having dynamic sound and thump-up bass response, which I found absolutely better better than your stock earbuds.

Comfort and Fit

Motorola SH010AL VerveOnes+ Music Edition Completely Wireless, Waterproof Stereo Smart Earbuds - LimeThey are 2 earpieces with a button on the back, which you can manually navigate tracks (play, pause, skip), or activate Siri or Google Voice control. The VerveOnes appears to be bigger than the Dash, and because of its size, you probably will feel the earbuds less comfortable in the ear than Gear IconX. There is not included earhooks for extra secure fit.

Extra Features 

The VerveOnes are sports wireless headphones, but it lacks of smart features like heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking. Its waterproof score is rated by IP57 .

I like the feature that the connect app can keep track of battery and locate the earbuds if you lose them.

Not awaring the surroudings is not good in some situations, so the transparency feature comes in, and once switched on it will allow you hear people around, but is not is easy to trigger from the earbuds.


Due to short battery life, which is varied between three to four hours, but longer than the most earbuds available on the market, the Verve Ones include a clip for charging on the go. This clip appears to be big, and you may be struggled to pull them out of your pocket.


There is still a room for developments of wireless earbuds, both size and features. Should they aslo replace touch control instead of pressing down the button, causing a noisy clicking.

Product’s highlights:

Check Price: | Style: Totally wireless earbuds/in ear | Play Time: 3-4 hours | Frequency Response: N/A | Driver Size: N/A | Driver type: N/A | Sensitivity: N/A | Impedance: N/A | Bluetooth range: Up to 33ft | AptX, NFC: No | App: VerveLife app |

Updated 04/27/2018

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