How The Sound Degrades If We Go Bluetooth

We’ve seen a lot of wired earphones, which has been upgraded to Bluetooth versions. For example, the Sennheiser Momentum In Ear goes wireless with neckband Bluetooth headphones , LyreBeats Metal Buds with LyreBeats-NB1 and Shure SE 215 with Shure SE215-CL-BT1. Both those wired and wireless versions should fit the same, but how their Bluetooth audio would become worse or better? Let’s find out.

Since earbuds with eartip will seal the sound in the ear so they create a chamber in the ear, the term ” more spacious” refers to the sound you feel like you’re listening music in a more open space. Less spacious on the other hand the sound needs more space to fill. The sound becomes less spacious due to the nature of Bluetooth sound,  the transmit audio is lost some data compression.

Less detailed

We compared the RHA MA750 and its wireless version, the detail is lost reasonably. Play some guitar tracks we found the the intense and detail of the wireless version is lost somewhere.

Less pleasant to listen to

Compared to wired version if you turn up the volume the Bluetooth audio tends to sound more harsh and doesn’t sound as smooth as its wired companion.

Less clear and bright

Yes, it happens Bluetooth steals the clarity and brightness of the sound.

The bass becomes less rumbling

The bass may be still solid and deep but it misses the element that make listeners’ feel the sound alive.

Feel less treble extension

The treble is cut off the tail.


Being Bluetooth may reduce the hassle for those who often work out, but for the true sound I’d rather pick the wired for listening music. You can save the wired pair at home to enjoy your movies and on the go a pair of Bluetooth earphones will be a better companion because of their undeniable convenience.

Tell us what you think you miss if you go wireless.

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