Skybuds Wireless Earbuds 2018 Review

Skybuds - Charcoal (Black)Skybuds Wireless Earbuds:

Entering the totally wireless department is tough today, especially when it comes to the battery life and Bluetooth pairing stability and consistent connectivity.  A pair of wireless earbuds may sound extremely good, but that sound couldn’t be in the air for hours because of short battery life.

The Bluetooth sound at its best doesn’t offer the cleanest sound, sometimes you hear hiss or miss, a miss is a moment you don’t hear anything from one bud or both. That comes short but very annoying.

We’ve seen many and even though Earin and Bragi set the ball rolling back in 2014, it is the Skybuds that have recently dominated the wireless earbuds airwaves unfortunately they did that for only one thing, the sound quality

Speaking of which, unlike Bragi wireless earbuds, the Skybuds are bass-heavy; but the bass, in this case, does not suppress the finer mids and trbbles like what happens in many wired earbuds. On the hand, they don’t sound dull and flat as your average wired headphones of the same price. And this is thanks to the next-generation digital sound processing that is integrated into the buds themselves. In other words, the sound quality here sits somewhere between the roominess of high-end headphones and the warmth of typical wired earbuds as said by Sean O’Kane

The idea of earbuds stored a portable case that can charge the buds on the go is not new. You probably know Airpods and its perfect white case. The original idea of lpha Audiotronics was to store Skybuds in the case that hold the phone, but at last the company reversed this design, instead they turned to a familiar option, Skydock. And they did the right thing, it is a fusion between quality earbuds and a handy carrying case that works far much better than most on the market at the moment.


Skybuds - Charcoal (Black)We all know that wireless earbuds are only as reliable as the carrying case that accompanies them. And this is where Skybuds really excel. The case is small enough to fit in any average-sized pocket yet versatile enough to have an inbuilt battery that can recharge the earbuds for 5 or 6 times. This implies that it holds at least 24 hours of juice for you to plug in those earbuds as soon as you take them off. But no matter how good the case is I prefer the earbuds having longer battery. It’s true that almost companies are being stuck in 3-4 hours of playtime for their earbuds.

In terms of design and fit, Skybuds are lightweight and well-crafted, so physically they fit snugly into one’s ear canal without feeling either too uncomfortable or loose. This excellent fitting is then complemented with a great audio experience which is surprisingly loud for earbuds of its size. If anything, many audiophiles tend to agree that the Skybuds sound better than the pioneer wireless buds – Bragi.

Skybuds - Charcoal (Black)However, being Bluetooth, sound quality often comes secondary to connectivity. The Bluetooth connection that the earbuds employ to stream music from one’s mobile handset is good but not flawless. However, these signal interruptions are as bad as those you would experience with first generation earbuds such as Motorola VerveOnes or the Bragi Dash.

Though Skybuds did the right thing but for the price they still lack in fitness features like HRM and ANC that you would be expected more from wireless earbuds at this price. Check out my post about 5 totally wireless earbuds one could buy in 2018, you may find your pair.

Skybuds’ highlights:

  • 3-4 hours of battery
  • Skydocks stores 24 hours of battery for earbuds
  • A simple button on the back of buds for control
  • No fitness tracking feature


Published on 30/12/2016

Updated 04/27/2018


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