Shure SE215 Earbuds Go Wireless

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Shure just announced the wireless Bluetooth version of the wired Shure SE215 earbuds, the new 215-K model. This is also one of company’s earbuds in the $100 price ranged.  We’ve reviewed the new 215-K in details here: best earphones under $100.

Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones
Close up of Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones

The SE 215 is designed with curved earpieces and only worn around the ear. It is hard to find a pair in the price range that would top these earbuds in terms of bass and clarity. SE’s 215 tends to sound warm and smooth. Its bass is forceful, but highs becomes loose in details.

Highly rated by hi-fi communities, this entry level IEM in ear headphones, Shure SE112, is very durable with a rugged cable, but the cable appears to be bulky, and it don’t feature inline control. The Shure–SE215 offers exceptional sound quality for the price and great sound isolation, and due to its extreme recognition from a lot of audiophiles around the world for its accurate sound.

Shure also made the Special Edition of Shure SE215. This turned out to be great in ear headphones, with even more balanced sound, compared to its predecessor.

If you already own a pair of the wired SE215 headphones and want to upgrade to Bluetooth, Shure also sells a Bluetooth adapter cable

Shure RMCE-BT1 Bluetooth Enabled Accessory Cable with Remote + Mic
Shure Bluetooth Enabled Cable with Remote


There are other adapter cables already on the market that are compatible with Shure SE215 headphones that use CSR8645 with AptX.

The Bluetooth cable features a remote control on the right side and a compartment to hold the Bluetooth module which sits behind your neck. The battery is decent and can last up to 8 hours while the Bluetooth range is around 10 meters (30 feet).

The earpieces are exactly the same as the wired version giving users a perfect, over-the-ear fit. With a unique, ergonomic design and foam eartips these earbuds offer noise isolation of up to 37dB subtracted from the ambient noise level.

Shure SE215-K-BT1 Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones
Shure SE215-K-BT1 Wireless Earphones

The Shure SE215-CL-BT1 delivers deep bass and rich detailed sound, but as with all Bluetooth headphones, the sound is less dynamic than with wired headphones. This post will be updated to compare the two models side-by-side, please check back. Considering how good the SE215 sounds, the new Bluetooth model has the potential to be the best Bluetooth earbuds among competitors like Bose SoundSport Wireless, BeatsX, Jaybird X3, LG Tone and more. 



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