SENFER 4in1 Earbuds, Earphones IEMs REVIEW

How can these triple driver earphones be so cheap, yet sound so great?!



Design and Build Quality


The Senfer 4in1 earbuds are designed with plastic, 5 mm straight nozzles. Their metallic housing makes them slightly weighty which gives them a robust and sturdy feel.

When it comes to comfort and fit, the Senser 4in1 provides a mixed experience. Though they are indeed comfortable, some users might find it challenging to get them into their ears at the proper angle. However, when you do manage to get a decent seal, it will be easy to keep them snuggly in place.

Senfer 4in1 earbuds feature a detachable MMCX cable that is coated in silicone along its 115 cm length. The cable also has a twisted, soft, and smooth finish.  

Sound Quality

The Senfer 4in1 produces deep and resonating bass. It is punchy but tends to focus more on the low end and very little toward mid-bass. For this reason vocals tend to lack warmth. Though the sound is quite precise, bass lovers may not find what they are looking for with these earbuds.

The mids are a bit withdrawn, with vocals sounding sharp, vivid, and full of detail. There is a bit of sibilance due to the detailed highs. You may find the vocals to be a bit harsh during the early stages of using these earbuds, but you will get used to it.  

The highs are exceptionally clear, sharp, detailed, and with excellent soundstage. Some instruments might sound harsh on the high-end, but you can turn down the volume or adjust the EQ in this case.

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  • Exceptional sound that all audiophiles will appreciate
  • Good-quality accessories
  • Very impressive build quality
  • Replaceable cable means you can extend the lifetime of the earbuds
  • For this kind of sound signature, the bass is quite impressive




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  • The sibilance may take some getting used to for those with sensitive hearing
  • They are slightly bulkier/heavier than most other budget earbuds
  • Getting a good seal can be difficult
  • The MMCX cable must be bought separately
  • The quality of the bass at the lower end is good, but overall, there isn’t enough bass




If you are interested in the spec, here are highlights

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Frequency Response15-350000Hz
Driver UnitHybrid technology- 1 ø8mm Dynamic Driver and 2 Balanced Armature Drivers
Cable length1.2m
StyleSealed, closed in ear, detachable earpieces


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