Samsung Gear IconX Truly Wireless Earbuds | 2019 Review

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Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) Cord-free Fitness Earbuds (International Version -No Warranty) (Black)A quick search on google for the term ‘totally wireless earbuds’ or “true wireless” you will end up with Earin, The Dash, and the most recently announced Apple Airpods. But those wearables represent a lot of problems besides expensive price tags. The best part they can do is the fit as for me any devices that fit into the ear at first should be comfortable, so is the Gear IconX, the first truly wireless earbuds from Samsung.

Samsung Gear IconX

First totally wireless earbuds ( earphones, in-ear headphones) from Samsung. 

Possibly, you have seen The Dash, completely wireless earbuds that can track your fitness, including HRM, distance, speed, step count and calories burned. The Dash has been on market for months, but they represent some issues like connectivity or sound quality, making a lot of people hesitate to get a pair–I was one of those. Probably, they are looking something cheaper and work more properly.

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) Cord-free Fitness Earbuds (International Version -No Warranty) (Black)
Samsung wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Gear IconX

For now, these are only wireless earbuds that can play music in the ear without your phone since it has a built-in Mp3 player with internal storage 4 GB. But if you want to track your activity, you need to pair it with your phone and the tracking is synced via an App.

On June 03, 2016 Samsung announced their first wearable in-ear, Gear IconX, which originally launched at a price $100 less than the Dash. Almost features of these wireless earbuds you aslo found in the Dash, but the design is somewhat a like the Kanoa- also available in fall that it has sweatproof feature and silicon jacket with ear hook.

The Gear IconX is a perfect Bragi Dash alternative.

Being a smart device, the Gear IconX is built-in with sensors to track user’s fitness. All information from your activities is tracked and synced with the S Health app. They can still track your fitness without connecting to your phone, the earbuds can store information and send to the app later.

Great Design and Excellent Fit

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) Cord-free Fitness Earbuds (International Version -No Warranty) (Black)At first, you may think this gears won’t fit your ears well, they look bulky and heavy as many people suspect when they see the Gear IconX for the first time. Well, it is unlikely, they fit right and securely whether you run or exercise, that said how well the earbuds stay securely in the ear will depend on the weight of earbuds, eartips, hook and the entire design, Samsung did a pretty good job for it.

Focused on sports, the Gear IconX has silicon jackets (wingtips) and replacement eartips with 3 different sizes, S, M, L to give users the best fit and great noise isolation. Currently, it doesn’t include the foam tips. This kind of earbud tips has been proved that will improve the sound and comfort significantly compared to ordinary silicon tips. Gary from Comply Foam emailed to inform me about the compatible foam tips for Gear IconX. I haven’t tried out yet, but if you are interested in, you can find their truly wireless tips here.

Wearing highly isolating earbuds may make you feel isolated from the surrounding, just in case you want to be less isolated, switch on the stay aware mode, also called transparency feature by simply tapping and holding on the R earbuds. This will let you hear the ambient sound.

Battery Life

The integrated 47mAh battery on each earbud is a bit disappointment. As advertised, the earbuds can play up to 3 hours, but the actual play time are significantly shorter and varied around more than one hour. What’s the heck if they run out of battery when you haven’t yet finished your running, I think in the next version, Samsung should build in a better battery that could last longer, ideally five or six hours.

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) Cord-free Fitness Earbuds (International Version -No Warranty) (Black)It is also worth noting that turning on the fitness tracking mode doesn’t necessarily affect the battery life. When the wireless earbuds run out of juice, you can put them back to a portable carrying case, which will give 2 earbuds 2 fully charges. There is no quick charge feature, and it takes more than one hour for fully charging earbuds.

Touch Control Isn’t Perfect

You can touch and slide on either L, R earbuds to skip tracks or adjust the volume. This feature is not always reliable since the touch area is too small or they don’t recognize the gestures.

Decent Sound Quality

Picking a pair of wireless earbuds is very tricky, and you won’t find the pair is matched to your true taste of sound just by reading reviews, like “it sounds decent” but how decent they actually are? Being honest, the Gear IconX does sound good for a Bluetooth headphone with solid bass and decent clarity, though it is far from on a par with the lastest Jaybird X3.

It also delivers strong call quality, and when you make or receive calls, only R earbud works as a headset, but you can choose L as main if you like.

Consistent Bluetooth Connection

The test was carried out when the Gear IconX paired with Galaxy S7, which maintains a solid connection, but it depends on where you place your device. If you tend to run with your phone, my recommendation is attached your phone on your bicep for the best consistent connection.

Price: check on Amazon


Battery: 3.5 hours-standalone MP3 player, 1.5 in pairing mode with your phone

Compatibility: Android 4.4, RAM 1.5GB RAM

Storage: 4 GB

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1

Water resistant: Splash Resistant

Updated on 11/08/2016

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