Sony WF-1000X True Wireless Earbuds

In the competition among the most efficient, value-for-money earbuds today, Sony WF-1000X true wireless earbuds seem to stand out in more ways than one. Let’s review some of the features, advantages and distinct difference between the Sony earbuds from the rest of the competition out there today.


Every gadget today seems to be about how it impresses its audience with regards to design. It’s a good thing that Sony WF-1000X doesn’t leave itself behind regarding aesthetics and attractiveness. However, how the earbuds look depends on personal taste and preference. Sony WF has received a lot of criticism about how bland its design is. Many reviewers of this Sony earbuds even went so far as saying that its neutral-colored design looks like it came directly as a free item of a newly bought Sony phone.

The slightly bulbous design of the earbuds doesn’t attract that much awe from the users, but Sony defended the bulky attribute by saying that the earbuds need that clunky look because it requires a certain level of an antenna to achieve a more optimized wireless performance.

The earbuds’ sizes are just apt for any ears. In fact, it’s impressive to know that however sleek-looking and tiny the earbuds is, you can still find on the left earbud a single button that can intuitively let you turn the phone on or off. This switching feature, however, doesn’t come as useful as the makers intended it to be since once you take out the earbuds off its charging case, it automatically pairs to your media device immediately.

The size of the buttons on the right button also make for an instinctive set of buttons that can let you pause, play, and skip tracks or even answer calls.

Comfort Fit

There’s nothing distinctively different in the feeling one has when trying out the Sony WF earbuds. It’s just as snug and comfortable as any earbuds you buy in the market. Sony didn’t invest a lot of time in innovating the way the earbuds feel in the ears, mainly because its attention is in highlighting the trademark sound-quality features that Sony is known for today.

Battery Life

Charing case provides additional 9 hours of battery

The high-quality sound and noise cancellation feature you get from the Sony earbuds doesn’t come without a price, though. The compromise is in the battery life. You can’t get more than three hours of use from this pair of earbuds, which won’t be helpful when you go on long commutes or a long airplane trip.

Connection Stability

The connection consistency of the earbuds is nothing extraordinary, which means it’s reliable as it is supposed to be. Even in disruptive environments such as under a subway or during a train ride, the Sony earbuds still manages to deliver quality noise-canceling sound that doesn’t lag or cause interruptions between the smartphone’s Bluetooth connection and its built-in receiver.

Sound Quality

The quality of audio reception you get from the Sony WF-1000X may be a bit chunky to the ears, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in how it delivers detailed sound. Listening to bass-heavy tracks with this pair of earbuds won’t cause you any disappointment, while treble-heavy songs would also smoothly play even when they’re not in FLAC format. The mid-range songs magnificently play its multiple layers of sound with this pair of earbuds, too, which makes Sony WF-1000X a reliable pair of gadget all throughout.

App and Active Noise Cancellation Controls

No right wireless earbud technology is complete without a fully equipped app. The Sony WF 1000X is entirely customizable with the help of Sony’s Headphone Connect App, which contains all the features, pre-set EQs, and controls that you need to give you that most distinct, personalized sound you deserve and want. The app also allows you to set the noise-cancellation features of the earbuds. You can set, for example, the earbuds to hear announcements at the airport while blocking out the noise from airplanes.

Some of the novel features of the true wireless Sony WF-1000X earbuds are also worthy of our attention. One feature is the ability to move the sound emitted around you, which gives you that 3D feel that the sound you’re hearing is coming from your back. This feature isn’t particularly useful, but they’re fun features to tinker around when you’re bored in the airport.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone how the noise cancellation technology today has significantly improved, even when the earbuds are incredibly miniaturized. However, it’s still a bit hard to believe how outstanding the quality of the noise-cancellation ability of the WF-1000x.

If you consider the fact that most wireless noise-canceling technology today still makes use of bulky neckbands to contain their batteries, you’ll be impressed more of how smooth, crisp and consistent WF-1000X abilities to isolate noise are.

In various tests that the WF-1000X underwent to test its noise-canceling qualities, the Sony earbuds showed an admirable job at filtering out 100% of the ambient noise that one hears outside the earbuds. The effect of doing so is even more pronounced when you want to take out low frequency rumbling away from your earbuds, which makes these pair of earbuds remarkably apt for a public commute.

There’s still a lot of improvement needed for high-frequencies cancellation, though, but again, this is something that the rest of the competition still struggles.

Headset Functionality And Call Quality

It’s good news that you’re able to use the Sony WF-1000x for calls using the hands-free option of the earbuds, as long as the mobile phone or smartphone has a Bluetooth Profile HFP (hands-free profile) or HSP (Headset Profile). Not all smartphones have these profile, though, so make sure you check the compatibility first through the operating instructions in your smartphone’s manual.

The WF-1000X only supports standard incoming calls, which means those calling apps in your smartphones and computers may not be compatible with the earbuds. It’s also good to know that you can use the same volume controls in your smartphone to control the volume levels during your call.


Sony WF-1000X aren’t without a flaw – 3 hours of battery isn’t great (other competiors like $149 Apple Airpods, $249 Bose Sound Sport Free, $199 Jabra Elite Sport Wireless has a slightly better battery life), the Bluetooth connection stability isn’t rock- solid, and you may not be totally satisfied with its size. But considering how good their sound, fit and ANC feature which you crave, the WF-1000X would be the best pair you could pick.

Sony WF-1000X True Wireless Earbuds

Sony WF-1000X True Wireless Earbuds

Build & Materials

8.0 /10

Comfort & Fit

8.0 /10


8.0 /10

Sound quality

8.0 /10


7.5 /10


  • Impressive ANC and adaptive NC
  • Comfortable, stable fit
  • Rich, detailed sound


  • Bulky look
  • No volume control
  • Average battery life

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