Sony MDR XB90EX Review

The Sony MDR XB90EX have 16mm dynamic drivers. The number would indicate all you need to know about, that is, excellent bass depth, great impact. This is one of the best bass earbuds you could buy right now. They’re also very comfortable in spite of their large size.

Perhaps Sony is the most experienced audio maker in the world. I never fail to find the a pair of earphones that meet my expectations from Sony. That is based on the sound I want to slectively hear from my favorite tracks. So why not a big bass for my Hip-hop tracks.

And the MDR XB90EX is the pair I’ve tried out. It is one of  in-ear extra bass sets, a well-known series, including XB30EX, XB60EX, and XB90EX. The bass increases in quality and impact for models with higher number.

sony mdr xb90ex

Sturdy In Ear Set With Huge Bass. Yet You Don’t Need EQ To Enjoy That Bass.

Details: Bass – orientede version of MDR XB90EX
MSRP: est. $120
Current Price: $123 from
Specs: Driver: Dynamic, Neodymium Magnet | Imp: 16Ω | Sensitivity: 106dB/mW | Freq: 4-27k Hz | Cable: 4.3’ Gold-plated L-shaped Stereo Mini
Tips: silicon
Wear Style: Straight down

Accessories: a shirt clip, nice carrying case, a wide array of eartips (large, medium and small) to ensure you get a secure, snug fit.
Comfort: I chose the medium size of eartips, frankly Sony XB90EX fits quite comfortably in my ears.

Build quality: well-built, nice, sleek, polished housings. Total weight approximately 9 g each

Fit (Noise Isolation): The Hybrid eartips provide good noise blocking capacity. That’s said you only get the maximum bass performance from the earbuds if you wear exact eartips that fit right to your ear. In order to extract the most out the earbuds — well fit–great bass.  With assist fitting as a part of housings they provide additional arm to keep earbuds stick and stay well balanced in the ear. But since the housings of  XB90EX are rather large. That is really large if you have small ears. In addtion to the size its weights may cause discomfort if you wear them in extended period of time. The flat cable does the job for preventing microphonic noises – annoying sound when the cable rub your cloths or anything. But the cable looks quite sturdy and heavy in some cases.

Sound quality

As advertised with “Extra Bass” label, the Sony XB90EX is equipped with a large size of dynamic driver, 16mm, on each earpiece. The unconventional size of drivers for earphones lead to the large housing of this set. So don’t blame on their size, blame on the sound if it is not symmetrical with its size.

The Sony XB90EX did a great job for kicking a huge a mount of bass as well as bass depth another measurement of bass. And for under $100 I would say this pair is the best bass earbuds in ear headphones you could find on the market, conscious bassheads on the budget know it and I know it. Rocking the bass impact is difficult, but keeing the sub-bass of XB90EX refined and well-extended is ever more difficult and Sony can handle it.

White the bass of XB90EX is well controlled, powerful, crisp, and very plump, the mid is slightly recessed. But it keeps the tone neutral and detailed. Treble is pleasant, without pushing much strength and energy, but you’ll feel this range spacious. For clarity, I would say, this pair didn’t impress me as much as HiFiMan RE-400  or FiiO EX100, or other earbuds with BA drivers.

This basshead set is not well balanced, you can find a lot of pairs with the same price range having much more balanced sound like Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear M2 IEi (smaller in size and lighter). Check out my post about earbuds under 100 for more details.

Updated on 03/15/2107



Pros: Great bass
Cons: Not for small ears. Not quite comfortable due to big housings. Sturdy yet reinforced cable. No mic or controls

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