Onkyo W800BTB Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

ONKYO full wireless earphone W800BTB (Black) (Japan domestic model)
Onkyo W800BT Earbuds

The Japanese brand Onkyo is known for making excellent audio equipment from standing speakers to home theater speaker systems and the quality of their personal audio devices is no different. Dubbed as Onkyo’s “first of the true wireless in-ear earphones” the Onkyo W800BTB earbuds borrow heavily from the manufacturer’s expertise in coming up with exceptional electronics.

Because they are in-ear headphones, the W800BTB may take a little time getting used to if you are not a fan of this style of earbuds. Nonetheless, the physical shape and unique stabilizer design employed here ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Onkyo says that the earbuds are factory assembled according to the average person’s ear geometry to make sure they don’t feel too loose or uncomfortably snug.

ONKYO full wireless earphone W800BTB (Black) (Japan domestic model)
Close-up of Onkyo W800BT and Charging Case

Despite the fact that the W800BTB stay put in the ear during a workout session, Onkyo didn’t refer in the product specs if they are either waterproof or water-resistant. If you use these earbuds during activities and sweat excessively it can cause problems. You may be interested in other sport earphones such as the Gear IconX (built-in 4Gb MP3 player) or Jabra Elite Sport.

In these earbuds you can expect the precise and accurate sound reproduction that Onkyo is known for. This applies to every aspect of sound quality – from rich bass, crystal clear treble, and a balanced mid-range. Thanks to its in-ear, closed acoustic architecture, the W800BTB is able to deliver a decent degree of external noise cancellation and insulation. The Bluetooth sound isn’t as good as some wired earbuds like the 1More triple in-ear headphones which were voted one of the best earbuds under $100. The W800BTB’s sound is also less dynamic, and its treble less vivid and bright than the some wired earbuds.

ONKYO full wireless earphone W800BTB (Black) (Japan domestic model)
Onkyo W800BTB and Charging Case

The W800BTB is not designed to handle multiple tasks. You can answer your calls by pressing a microphone activation button found on the underside of the right earpiece, but you can’t control any aspect of the music playback including pausing or skipping tracks.

Like most truly wireless earbuds nowadays, the Onkyo W800BTB comes with a special case. Not only does it house the headphones, but also doubles as a handy charging station. Because the earbuds have a battery life of 3 hours, you will inevitably need to bring the charging case with you wherever you go.

ONKYO full wireless earphone W800BTB (Black) (Japan domestic model)
Built-in Micro-USB Cord For Easy Charging

Onkyo has truly created great sounding wireless earbuds with the W800BTB, but for a wireless headphone with such a high price tag it would be nice to have features like a connection app, fitness monitoring and navigation controls. These issues are not a big deal, though, if you just need in-ear headphones for listening to music.

We expect Onkyo to integrate fitness features and longer lasting battery life into their next model.

Onkyo W800BTB fully wirelessss earbuds’ highlights:

  • Decent battery life – 3 hours between charges
  • A nice carrying case that doubles as a charger and can supply enough power for up to 5 additional charges
  • Lightweight – 125 g for each earpiece

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