Onkyo W800BT Truly Wireless Earbuds Are Too Simple For Its Price

The Japanese brand ONKYO is synonymous to excellent audio equipments from standing speakers to home theater speaker system and the narrative is not different with the W800BT. Dubbed as Onkyo’s ‘first of the True Wireless in-ear earphones’ borrows heavily from the manufacturer’s expertise in coming up with exceptional electronics.

Being in-ear headphones, the W800BT may take a little time getting used to – especially if you are not a fan of such styled earbuds. Nonetheless, the physical shape and unique stabilizer design employed here ensures a comfortable secure fit. Onkyo says that the earbuds are factory assembled according to the average person’s ear geometry to make sure they don’t feel too loose not uncomfortably snug.

Despite the fact that the W800Bt stays put in the ear in your quick workout session, Onky didn’t refer in the product specs that it’s either waterproof nor water-resistant. If you are active listeners and during your workout you sweat excessively it can cause a problem to this earphone. You may be interested in other sport earphones  such as the Gear IconX (built-in 4Gb MP3 player) or Jabra Elite Sport, which is one of the best picks for now.

Japanese wireless earbuds Onkyo

ONKYO The wing stablizer “hooks into” the ear to keeping earbud for slipping out.

Being Onkyo, you can expect similar precise and accurate sound reproduction that the brand is known for. And this applies to almost everything; starting from the rich bass, crystal clear trebles, and a balanced mid-range. Thanks to its in-ear, closed acoustic architecture, the W800BT is able to deliver a decent degree of external noise cancellation and insulation. But the Bluetooth sound isn’t as good as wired earbuds, put up against 1Moretriple driver — best earbuds under $100, the W800Bt’s sound is less dynamic and its treble is also less vivid and bright than the select comparision.

The W800BT is designed not to handle multiple tasks. You just can answer your calls by pressing a microphone activation button found on the underside of the right earpiece, but you can’t control any aspect of the music playback including pausing or skipping tracks. Anything else they could do? not quite.

Like most truly wireless earbuds nowadays, the Onkyo W800BT comes with a special case. Not only does it house the headphones whenever you are not using them, but also doubles as a handy charging station. And factoring in that the Onkyos can only manage less than 3 hours of continuous playback, you will inevitably need them for that upcoming marathon.

I think their original idea of Onkyo was to create a great sounding wireless earbuds, and they truly did that but for a wireless headphone with such $300 price tag they would have some smart features like connect app and fitness monitoring and track navigation controls. Though it is not a big deal if you need an in ear headphone only for listening music.

We would expect that Onkyo will take a further step to integrate fitness features into their next version and build longer lasting battery.

Onkyo W800BT fully wirfss earbuds’ highlights:

  • Decent battery life – 3 hours between charges
  • An nice carrying case that doubles as a charger with 5 additional charges for earbuds
  • Lightweight – 125 g for each earpiece
  • No fitness tracking and controls

Published on 01/03/2017

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