How To Make Any Wired Headphones Wireless

Turning any your wired headphones into wireless ones with our favorite Bluetooth headphone adapters. 

The BlueAnt Ribbon

Bluetooth headphones adaptor

This is a small and light Bluetooth adapter that is super-simple to use. Its V-shaped design allows you to clip it onto your clothing, making it the perfect workout companion. The labels on its buttons are debossed and this makes easy to know which button you are pressing without looking. Durability is one great feature of the BlueAnt ribbon, thanks to its rubberized surface. Its built-in microphone allows you to receive calls and interact with Google Assistant and Siri.

The sound quality is pretty good; almost as good as a wired connection. Its microphone allows you to accept calls, and the voice control feature is an added bonus. The battery life lasts for a good 6 hours and they can be charged using a regular micro-USB cable. 

The Griffin iTrip Clip

Affordable Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

The performance of this Bluetooth adapter is almost as good as that of the BlueAnt. It has dedicated track controls and large multifunction buttons for power, playing, and pausing music.

The iTrip is designed with buttons arranged in a circle, which can make it hard to know what you are pressing without looking. The clip mechanism is also a bit too thin and doesn’t offer the sturdiness of the BlueAnt. Another issue with the iTrip is that it doesn’t incorporate aptX support, which means sound quality may be slightly affected.

Jumbl Bluetooth Adapter

This is a rugged and sturdy adapter that can handle being accidentally dropped, kicked, and stepped on. What makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it has inbuilt playback controls and echo-cancelling dual microphones. It is also able to filter out any ambient noises, thus providing great clarity. Battery life is about 10 hours when listening to music and 150 hours when on standby. 

VOXOA BTunes Bluetooth Adapter

This is a sleek and stylishly designed adapter that is compatible with high-end over-the-ear headphones that have a removable aux cable such as Bose wired ANC headphones, the Bose QC15. Bose released QC30 wireless NC, while the QC15 is still great and I don’t want to invest more 299$, the $99 VOXOA BTunes may be worth for an upgrade. 

It incorporates an NFC chip that allows you to easily pair with your phone. The inbuilt mic enables you to accept calls and you can enjoy superior audio quality thanks to its gold-plated jack.

One thing that makes this adapter special is its ability to connect with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. You can use it to connect your wired headphones to your Smartphone and also connect to your TV or tablet. This way, you can receive audio notifications even as you enjoy your favorite movie. Battery life is about 10 hours and can be recharged via micro-USB.

The Creative Sound Blaster E3

high-end bluetooth headphones adapter

What makes this particular Bluetooth adapter so good is the power it offers through its headphone jack, DAC chip and large battery. It may be small, but it offers a superb fit for those headphones that need a lot of power. It is way bulkier than the BlueAnt but it’s still small enough to walk around with.

The design may not be that aesthetic, but it makes up for this by providing great performance in the sound quality department. It supports both AAC and aptX, and sounds great with any other compatible device. The battery is charged via micro-USB and provides about 8 hours of playback.  The clip isn’t that strong, so be careful in case you want to work out with it.

If you own high-end wireless headphones, using one of these 4.0 Bluetooth headphone adapter may degrade the sound quality, and if you can afford it, go for a quality Bluetooth headphone instead.

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