LyreBeats-S1 Bluetooth Headphones Review

I’ve been writing about audio especially Bluetooth earbuds for years. I noticed their prices drop over years and now you no longer have to pay $100 to get a decent pair. For under $50 you have a bunch of options out there. One of great thing about Bluetooth headphones is that their sound is getting better, so are design and features. I recently found a pair that I really like and they would fit to anyone’s need for the gym, which is LyreBeats-S1.

LyreBeats-S1 Bluetooth headphones

LyreBeats is a brand known for a wide range of Bluetooth devices including car kits, Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth receivers. It has a new line of cheap Bluetooth earphones in March 2017 LyreBeats-S1, a sports model that retails for $25. I am a fan of Beats headphones with earhooks so at first their design caught my interest.

Though Lyrebeats-S1 looks quite bulky, measured 36mm length and 18mm width and they aren’t discreet but they are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. This is critical for me that I always consider first when buying headphones. They are also sweat resistant and deliver good audio performance for a reasonable price. They have soft earhooks to help create a exceptionally secure fit and have 7 hours of battery at average volumes. They seem to be well-built with entire plastic construction.

LyreBeats-S1 carrying case

The headphones come with a nice carrying case

I’ve had it for a week. I used it for watching some recent movies and took them to the gym several times and I can tell I really like it sound. Unlike other Bluetooth earbuds I’ve tested in this category, pumping a lot of bass the LyreBeats-S1 delivers a decent, noticable bass. You may not feel it’s rumbling at first but gradually you feel it is there and enough for your dance music. Note that you only get the best sound if they should fit properly in your ears – the more you get a tight seal the more the sound becomes better. When I played Shape Of You they sounded clear and I felt the sound is quite neutral, but I hope the mid-range could be sweeter.

Picking the right eartips is very important, I figured the L-eartips fit best in my ears. For the fitting, you can choose to fit the earhook first (hook over your ears) and fix the position of housing until you get the best bass or best noise isolation. They are all setup for your athletic activity. If you feel the cord is long, the cord shortener accessory will do the job for reducing the bouncing and manage the cord neatly.

The foam tips really improve listening music experience, I felt the sound better since they seal the sound the ear better than silicon tips. However, due to their durability, I’d use them for watching movies, listening music rather than playing sports

If you want to adjust the volume, the control is pretty easy and smooth, just hold the left earpiece and press the oo|o button, if you want to navigate tracks just press a little bit longer. To answer calls, press the mutiple-function button, I received many calls from my friends and they heard my voice well and said my voice was clear with less background noise. So I thought their CVC noise reduction technology actually works as advertised.

What you get in the box (photo)

LyreBeats-S1 eartips and cord management accessory. Jame Hardy/WearableInEar

Battery life is rated at 7 at moderate volume levels (60% of maximum volume – you increase the volume of the headset to maxium and adjust the volume of you phone to 60%) and the headphone is sweat resistant, with IPX5. And thank to LyreBeats app that you can check the battery level of the LyreBeats-S1 and even their last location when they paired with your phones. The app also pops the notification when the battery is low at %10 remaning.

Bluetooth earbuds are varied in design and style and if you are familiar with Beats or Sensor headphones, then the LyreBeats-S1 isn’t a step up in design, but this set will be very close to $100 Bluetooth headphones for both built quality and sound. Bluetooth headphones in general have limitation, it’s about the sound quality but I think LyreBeats-S1 was engineered to the perfect range I could tag it for “natural sounding headphone”.

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For under $100 there isn’t a huge difference between Bluetooth earbuds considering sound, but LyreBeats-S1 is a huge difference when it combines such sound and comfort in a $25 Bluetooth earbuds. I am sure that your will end up with satisfactory factors like good sound, comfort and secure fit with LyreBeats-S1.

Updated: After several weeks of use under normal listening the L and R lable on housings started to wear out. But I still really like its sound.

We have tested and listed best cheap Bluetooth earbuds in this post, if you know a better set out please leave the comment below!

Updated on 05/16/2017

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