LyreBeats-NB1 NeckBuds Sports Headphones Reviews

We have seen the headphones market moving toward “totally wireless” with the Dash, Earin, Gear IconX. But cutting completely the wire is not that all convenient if you’ve got a pair of totally wireless earbuds you would figure out how often you have to recharge them.

Regular Bluetooth earbuds still have their stand for ease of use, better sound and battery life. Additionally, they are much cheaper and you can use them as a headset for calls. Neckband bluetooth earbuds have all theses functionalities except they are unique with a neckband.

The band offers a handy way to manage earbuds when not in use that you can let them dangle down there if you use them regularly. And because of the band has a room to build bigger battery they often have longer lasting battery. Addionally, the mic is built on the band right next to the LED indicator so it are easy to capture your voices for quality calls. I have to admit that there isn’t any better way to manage the buds than neck headphones. No matter you are in the gym or in office they are all ready for you to use.

LyreBeats recently introduced their first “neckbuds”, the LyreBeats-NB1 which is a lightweight and sweat-resistant Bluetooth headphone. They sound impressive for the price, and their nice midrange and treble clarity are worth a listen in around the neck headphone catergory

What’s In The Box

I wasn’t impressive with the package at first when I unboxed, there are 3 pair of silicon tips, a pair bi-flange tips and earhooks. Soon after the LyreBeats-NB1 collar-style Bluetooth headphone was out of the box, I noticed their solid and stylish metal earbuds.

The metal buds seem to be rugged and “unbreakeable”

The remote control is on the right at the end of the band, so is charging port. There are three control buttons, and every time I need to increase the volume or receive calls I couldn’t just point my finger to press the target button instead I have to hold the band and pick the button I want to press , so it is not really a feel and press exprience. The buttons are responsive but I would prefer if they are easier to locate and press.

The remote control is on the right of the neck band and there are 3 buttons

LyreBeats-NB1 is a stylish, comfortable headphone. They sport a flexible neckband though that is not as much as flexible as BeatsX, but you can roll it up and adjust the cord’s length by “sliders” on the neckband.

LyreBeats-NB1 black version

The metal buds are superb light and they can magnetically clip together, which is a nice feature since I don’t like they dangle freely when I move. Additionally, those metal buds are much more durable than other plastic earbuds I’ve ever tested, however the cables they attached to aren’t in best quality. They aren’t as slim as LG tone’s and if you handle it carefully, it is not easy that they can fray from the band. Sometimes I accidentally tug the earbuds, the cable just split the slider.

Using included bi-flangle eartips doesn’t offer better noise isolation, they even fit loosely but I felt more comfortable with regular silicon tips. I wasn’t not able to hear any noises in my office at moderate volume level of the headphone. Because of their effective noise isolation I would suggest if you run outside, be aware of the surroundings.

The earhooks are an additional accessories for sports if you don’t wear the headphone in office. Note that the bi-flangle eartips will jam deeper into the earcanal so they may not be as comfortable as regular eartips. If you use the headphones for regular listening you may want to replace those tips by silicon eartips. It’s quite tricky to fit the tips though, I had to hold carefully the tip then push a littbe hard until they got into the right position.

Jame Hardy/Wearable In Ear

LyreBeats-NB1 has a solid battery life, which is 7 hours of continuous music playtime it can play longer if played at lower volumes, let’s say below 60%. I contacted to LyreBeats to ask whether they have an app to support battery level indicator for Android, unfortunately their app is under development. So for Android users currently their is no way to figure out how much battery left on the headphone. But for iOS user there is a battery edidcator on the upper right of the screen.

Sound Quality

The interesting part you’re probably curious about this headphone is its sound quality. I’ve tested BeatsX, LG Tone infinim and Samsung Level U. All these are my favorite neck headphones and they have same battery life as LyreBeats-NB1. Obviously they don’t sound the same. Each pair has a particular sounding profile. BeatsX packs a lot of Bass while LG tone are more likely to focus on mid-and high-range.

The unique design and metal housings make sense for their particular sound. I like its sounding profile that the high is very pleasant to listen to while it maintain the nature sound all over all range. the LyreBeats-NB1’s highs is clear and bright. If you are bass lovers, I guess you would need more than the bass the NB1 offer. I don’t think it lacks of bass but not that much strong, light and solid. I tested it with some bass heavy music it’s there but there was a bit bloating and I wish the bass would be deeper. In order to enjoy all ranges of these earbds they should fit properly, any loosen fit will cause sound leaking and as a result a substantial amount of bass will be lost.

Honestly the sound of LyreBeats-NB1 at first wasn’t impressive that much but as long as I listen to, I start to prefer its sound but I also figured out its cons that over all ranges I felt their sound a littble bit dull so I wish it could more open.

They offer good call quality, some of my friends were able to hear my voice clearly with less background noise if I make calls in office or on street.


For under $50 you have a lot of choices for a round the neck headphone like Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless or Samsung Level U. But the LyreBeats-NB1 is also worth considering for its solid battery, userful app and good sound quality. This, I think other rivals aren’t easy to catching up.

Here’s a recap of the key features of the LyreBeats-NB neckband

  • 9.2 mm Dynamic Driver
  • CSR8635 Qualcomm wireless Bluetooth chipset
  • Sweat-resistant feature IPX4.
  • 3 different sizes of eartips, 1 pair of earhooks ensure stability while running or working out and bi-flange eartips.
  • 100mAh Lithium-ion battery: up to 10 hours of music playback
  • Noise-cancelling single microphone for making phone calls
  • 10 meter (32 feet) range and two-device connectivity
  • iOS battery indicator and widget, LyreBeats app for Android
  • Price: $24.99

LyreBeats-NB1 Teardown

Aside from style and audio quality, I am also interested in the hardware. This test I often perfrom to see the quality of Bluetooth module and battery built in Bluetooth earbuds. You shouldn’t do this test since this may break the earphones if you don’t have special tools and you may not resemble them to the orginial condition.

LyreBeats-NB1 Teardown test
The Bluetooth chipset CSR8635 on board

I check what’s inside the LyreBeats-NB1 and figured out that they have 100mAh battery, which is equal to 7 hours listening straight and on-board it has CSR8635 Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset, the chip you could find in almost mid-range Bluetooth headphones.


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  1. Just got the LyreBeats-NB1 a few days ago. The sound quality is better than I was expected. The bass is a little bit bloating, I wish the mid is more pronounced, there shouldn’t be any complaints about highs. Overall it is worth a listen. But the connectivity isn’t great, audio is sometimes cut off and setting up connection for the first time quite tricky. Battery is ok with around 6 or 7 hours more than enough for my day.

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