KZ ZST Earphones, In Ear Headphones Review

The Easy KZ ZST is affordable, mid-centric earphones. They feature Banlance Armature and Dynamic driver, which enhances the bass and is capable of living up the detail. The build quality is above average and the sound quality is really impressive for the price. 

Transparent, colorful IEMs now cost less than they used to be.

Design and Build Quality

The housing for the 8 mm Dynamic Driver is made from hard plastic material. This housing is very large, and in spite of being ergonomic in shape, people with smaller ears may find it challenging to wear for too long. However, the earpiece is lightweight and is attached to a two-pin removable cable system. The design is quite colorful.

The cable connector is bent at a 45 degree angle and has two pins for attaching to the earpiece. On the other end, the cable is attached to a 3.5 mm jack that is coated in rubber. The Y-splitter is also rubberized. The cable is covered in transparent plastic that allows you to see the four multicolored twisted wires underneath.

The packaging doesn’t really contain much in terms of accessories. But then again, you shouldn’t expect too much for $20. You get one 2-pin cable and two extra pairs of silicone ear tips.

The ear tips are single-flange and come in the usual three sizes: small, medium, and large. The plastic remote contains a single multipurpose button for controlling playback and answering/rejecting calls. Some versions of the ZST don’t have an inline microphone.

Sound Quality

Though the bass was very controlled and balanced, it was overwhelmed by the extremely bright highs. If electronic music is your thing, then you may be disappointed with the bass. However, it will sound just fine for music that is focused on vocals.

The mids are well-detailed and pretty impressive. Though there is good vocal clarity, female vocals tend to sound piercing.

The highs tend to be extremely crisp and sharp, though also a bit piercing. Listening to music at medium-high volume for too long may cause some ear fatigue due to the super bright treble.


  • The detachable cable will extend the lifespan of these earbuds
  • Amazing level of clarity with sharp details
  • Nice colors


  • The depth of the bass isn’t sufficient and sometimes sounds a bit cold.
  • The mids lack resolution.
  • Build quality is not impressive at all. It feels flimsy when handles and the housing looks like it might fall apart.
  • Female vocals tend to sound piercing and become uncomfortable when listening at higher volume.
KZ ZST Earphones IEMs

Package & Accessories

8.0 /10

Build & Materials

8.0 /10

Comfort $ Fit

7.0 /10

Sound quality

8.0 /10


8.0 /10

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