Jaybird’s Awesome X3 Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds are common now but there are still some brands that outperform the others. Beats is notable for wireless earbuds with enhanced bass sound signature, and LG is insanely popular for their around-the-neck LG tone series. Lastly, Jaybird is well-recognized for their Bluebud X line, which is validated by their latest release, the Jaybird X3. The introductory price of X3 is $130 (currently available on Jaybird website), $20 cheaper than Apple Airpods.

Design and Features

Jaybird’s new X3 earbuds have been redesigned and are more than 30% smaller than the previous model, but I wouldn’t say it is a big revamp that earbud housings come in shorter and smaller form, and its low-profile contours fit perfectly under helmets.


The sleek new design and premium sound isolation provide superior comfort and clarity.

It features an inline remote control which is easily accessible, the buttons on it are responsive, and remember it is always closest to your right ear – Jaybird didn’t label L, or R earbud and by default the bud with inline remote will be worn on the right. You can also control the settings through the custom app or a smart watch and leave your phone securely in your car or gym bag.

If you have been fans of Jaybird X2, you will notice that Jaybird did change completely the inline-control of X3 that it appears quite big, but don’t worry it is not heavy enough to tug the buds out of your ears when you move. You will charge the X3 through the inline via four-pin clip-on, the charging accessory. According to the company, the in-line control now are more durable since its internals are protected from users’ sweat, but you may lose the clip, keep it safe –alway plug the micro-cable in and it is not a portable charging case similar to Jaybird Spin Freedom.


A new hydrophobic coating keeps out sweat, rain, mud so there’s no need to worry about your X3 during grueling workouts or rough weather. Its patented, ergonomic wing tips keep them in place throughout the most strenuous activities without sacrificing comfort. No more earbuds popping out just as you turn your head or neck.

The X3’s wing tips can be customized with an under or over fit and each set of earbuds comes with both Memory Foam and silicone tips. The ear tips block noise, improve the fit, and maximize the sound quality (increasing a mount bass and warmth) without irritating your ear canals. The redesigned model comes with reduced-diameter speakers that provide premium sound and now fit your ear canals more comfortably than ever.

Now you have more choices for eartips: foam or silicon. The wing tips, which you only need when working out also gives better fit compared ones found on the Jaybird X2. If you don’t like the wing tips, switch to Bose Soundsports wireless that are more comfortable, but bigger in size and less sound isolating.


Jaybird includes foam eartips for better noise isolation and comfort

The cord shortener accessory together with shirt clip keep things neat, depending on your activity level and gear, the X3’s cord hooks keep it either snug or loose around the back of your neck.

Jaybird’s superior Bluetooth antenna engineering creates a skip-free connection with your device so there are no distractions from glitchy playback. And the X3’s battery lasts up to eight hours between charges. It is buitl-in with lithium ion battery, which is reliable and enables fast charging that it gets 45 minutes of juice just by chagring in 15 minutes.

Bluetooth Connection

Integrated Bluetooth 4.1, the X3 can pair effordlessly with any devices. Its advanced technology allows two sets of buds to link to one device so your workout buddy can keep pace with you. The features of the X3 are superior to comparable earbuds in the same price range and the quality and materials ensure its durability.

Sound Quality

The X3 is built with 6mm driver inside, the same size as previouse models X and X2, and I found no AptX support on its specifications, but as always Jaybird headphones sounds good with balanced sound. But the X3 have a more refine sound and more bass impact. Overall, it plays music with no distortion or harsh sound, though the instruments were not separated well when tested with complicated tracks. MySound app is practically useful when you want to customize the sound, save and pre-set when you connect the earbuds.


With upgrades in both design and sound, the X3 is best sports in ear headphones available for the 2016 holiday season.

Published on 10/30/2016

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