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When Fashion Meets Technology: Smart Shoes 

Simplification! That’s the goal behind technological innovations. Since a decade ago, technology has become part of our daily life. Almost everything that we encounter is technologically enhanced. From auto-wash closet, washing machine, slow cooker, juicer, vending machine, ATM, PC, laptop, Smartphone, Powerbank, to self-stirring or self-heating mug and still much more. The idea to combine these technologies into a wearable product has been floating around for a while now.

A few years ago, smartwatches and fitness-trackers were considered high-tech, but from last year it has become kind of old-fashioned since special smart shoes have taken the world by storm. Whether it’s for standing, walking, or running, shoes play a big role in fashion. Since technology has been improving, integrating it into shoes is more possible. These smart shoes represent convenience as well as elegance for your feet.

Here are five of the smartest shoes available in the market today:


E-Traces Ballet Shoes

wearable smart shoes that can track the movements

These ballet shoes are specifically designed to help ballerinas improve their own movements. It will capture foot movements through the contact between ballet shoes and the ground. The pressure and movement of the dancer’s feet will be recorded and transformed into vibrant, multicolor digital drawings sent to a Smartphone app.

The user will be able to see the graphic data and even customize it to suit their taste. As graphs created with motion are shown, the dancers can correct or compare their own movements with other dancer’s. Thus they can improve their steps and body position.

These shoes and its apps can be used for self-learning or dance classes, or even to provide graphical representation of a live performance. All of the moves that have been made in video format could be played and the images could be extracted and printed as well.



Imagine a personal coach who instructs you while you are running, giving you some important tips to avoid injury and helping you improve your running technique. Well, the good news is that it’s possible with Altra-IQ.

Developed through cooperation between AltraRunning and iFit, Altra IQ smartshoes bring a new wave in smart running technology. They provide you with real-time coaching and feedback as you move. Apart from the usual metrics like pace, distance, or calories burned, the Altra-IQ measures and coaches you on important facts such as landing zone, impact force, left-to-right balance, and much more.

The companion app that is synced to the Altra-IQ will give you alerts if you’re landing harder on one foot than the other. It will also tell you whether force is concentrated on your heel rather than your mid foot or toes.

 Digitsole Smartshoes: SMARTSHOE 001

Wearable smartshoe 001 from digitsole

Claimed to be the first connected, interactive, heated, shock absorbent shoe with automatic tightening controlled via Smartphone app, the Digitsole SmartShoe can precisely measure and control user’s temperature through their Smartphone. Whether its winter or a chilly day, you’ll never get cold feet again with the heated smart insoles supported by built-in thermostat. They are perfect for daily use.

Available in six sizes for both men and women, these smart insoles will allow you to do your favorite outdoor activity during winter. Be it hiking, making a snowman, skiing or just shoveling, your feet will stay warm. They take about three hours to charge, but after that, these shoes will allow you to warm your feet for about six to nine hours.

They are equipped with features that can give you insight into your metrics. You can view your step-count, distance walked, and even calories burned. They make it easier to set and meet your fitness goals. Moreover, you can customize the shoes by inputting your data such as your height and weight. Through posture analysis, the inbuilt profiler can even help users to reduce fatigue and extend their running sessions.

Since the entire insole is waterproofed, you can still tracking your running data in wet environment. Digitsole’s built-in accelerometer that keeps a precise count of the steps taken is far more accurate than a traditional pedometer. As it works with custom shock absorption system, it allows the smart insoles to measure and alert the user about the impact on the ground. The connected tightening system these smart insoles have is the first fully functional among footwear.

In summary, the futuristic design is too hard to resist!

SolePower With Smart Boots

Smart boots not only for construction workers but for adventurers

Are you an environmentally conscious person who wants to save energy as you walk? The Solepower will no doubt become one of the most favorite things for the eco-defender.

How is this possible? Well, you no longer need to plug in your Smartphone to a power outlet to charge the Smartphone battery. Just walk around for a distance of 3 km (2 miles) to generate enough energy to charge one solid Smartphone battery

This saves energy as well as money. Besides, these shoes will be very helpful to people who are hiking in the forest or stuck during a natural disaster. For those people living in remote regions with little electricity, it could be life-changing

This shoe’s capability to generate power comes from the insole’s ability to convert the user’s leg movements into electrical energy and store it in an external battery. This automatically solves the problem of a dead phone battery yet there is no power outlet in sight. And since it’s waterproofed, you do not have to worry about water and sweat. This is a really great smartshoe to have!

Shiftwear Sneakers

Smart footwear, you can change the display patterns

The Shiftwear is a sneaker that allows you to show off customized designs on the surface of your shoes. If you want to adjust the color of your sneakers, you can do that. If you want to add a cool design that you just made up, Shiftwear lets you do that. All this is possible thanks to the use of E Ink and a smartphone companion app.

The E Ink display on the exterior of the shoe can show static pictures and designs. However, the startup that designs the shoe is looking to soon improve the capability that will enable users to display animations on their shoes. The downside of this is obviously the amount of battery power it will consume.

The great thing is that Shiftwear can be charged as you walk. It supports wireless charging as well as a functionality that allows you to top off the battery with every step. This smart shoe offers 30 days of battery life and is waterproof for up to a depth of 5 meters. If you are wearing them at night, there is a backlight that will illuminate the images and animations on the shoe.

These shoes cost from $150 to $250, depending on whether you want a high, medium, or low top.

Published on 01/21/2017

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