iFrogz Impulse Duo Earbuds Review

Most cheap earbuds on the market are built with only a single driver per earbud. The idea of earbuds with dual drivers on each side is so new that it didn’t exist in a budget pair until recently when iFrogz announced their dual-driver, Bluetooth earbuds: The Impulse Duo earbuds.

iFrogz Audio - Impulse Duo - Dual Driver Bluetooth Earbuds - Charcoal/Black
iFrogz Impulse Duo


iFrogz Audio - Impulse Duo - Dual Driver Bluetooth Earbuds - Charcoal/Black
The Built-in Clip Makes Storage Simple

The iFrogz Impulse Duo earbuds are lightweight and comfortable in-ear Bluetooth earbuds. With their plastic design and compact size, it is no wonder that they have a relatively modest price. This model incorporates a clasp that magnetically clips onto your shirt to position the microphone. This clip also serves as a storage compartment for Bluetooth hardware and the battery.

The clip is also used to wrap the cable around the remote when you aren’t making use of the earbuds. This is a great way to prevent tangling of the cable. Additional controls are also provided on the underside of the clip. There you will find the volume buttons, the power button, and the play/pause button.  

The Impulse Duo comes in three earbud tip sizes that are meant to ensure a good fit for whoever wears them. These eartips can be replaced by the manufacturer for free if they wear out.

The Impulse Duo is not for those with smaller ears. Each earbud is equipped with two 6.0mm drivers which make them larger than conventional earbuds on the market.

The iFrogz Impulse Duo earbuds come in two colors: black and white. Though they aren’t really designated for sporting activities, these earbuds are sweat-resistant with an IPX-2 rating.

Sound Quality

The perfect fit of the eartips ensures a nice seal and maximum sound quality. Compared to the iFrogz Summit, the dual 6 mm drivers incorporated into the Impulse Duo ensure a much better sound. The bass is reasonable, while the treble and mids are very smooth. Expect to enjoy well-balanced sounds from the Impulse Duo.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell that these earbuds use Bluetooth technology considering the slight dullness in the way the sound plays. Though you will be able to hear phone calls well, a lack of background noise cancellation makes it difficult for the person on the other end of the call to hear you.  

Bluetooth Connection Stability and Battery

Bluetooth connection to devices is as easy as you hope. Just like all iFrogz headphones, the Impulse Duo Bluetooth earbuds have a Bluetooth range of 30 feet. A 10 hour batter life gives you a long playlist at a steady volume.  If your battery runs low, simply use the micro USB port for recharging. 


There are a plenty of options for Bluetooth earbuds out there, but if you want a new-to-the-market sound and design, the Impulse Duo earbuds are worth checking out.

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