How to Clean Earbuds – Wait You May Do It Wrong

Quality audio, portability, good noise isolation – so you can listen music privately are some of the factors that have largely contributed to making earbuds a must have accessory for many phone users.

You use earbuds almost everyday but they are not often cleaned, they may start to sound muffled and uneven volume.

Just like other items and appliances, earbuds are important to clean because they can get dirty – it accumulates your earwax and particles, dust stick on it and gradually the become a host for many virus and bactaria, which is prone to your ear’s health.

Not only they potentially are one source for ear infection, but do they renders the functions of electrical devices, making it easier to break.

A research carried out by R. Mazlan, L. Saim suggests that the use of earbuds is one of reasons leading to infection in the ear canal.

Our ears produce cerumen (earwax) which has the purpose of protecting the interior against particles and germs. Over time, oil and wax from our ears accumulates on eartips and the nozzle of the earbuds and this reduces the sound quality and in rare cases spreads bacteria which can cause infections when the earbuds are shared. So how do you effectively clean your earbuds? In this post I will show you some popular and unusual way to clean any types of earbuds, earpods and Airpods.

Nozzle catches dust and particles

Nozzle filter catches dust, particles

Method 1: Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Earbud parts can be cleaned separately and it is advisable to start with the nozzle, ear tips, and the sleeves. These parts are always in contact with the wax thus they attract dirt faster and accumulate wax with time. You will need a small piece of cloth, hydrogen peroxide or antiseptic, alcohol, and a toothbrush. Bose suggested using  these solutions with maximum concentration, 3%.

Hydrogen Peroxide can effectively remove the earwax

First, remove the sleeves (earbud tips) then use the toothbrush to brush off wax from the ear tips and nozzle. Do this facing the nozzle downwards so that wax does not fall back into the earbud housings, causing further damage to diaphragm of drivers. After that wet the cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wipe off all the remaining wax with the cloth then dry clean it again with antiseptic. The sleeves can be washed with mild soap or using antiseptic and then dried by blow dryer.

Remove eartips

Next, you have to clean the cable, jack, and the inline controls. When cleaning the inline controls you should keep water away from its parts because water may get in and damage the wiring. So the best way to clean it is by wiping it gently using a wet piece of cloth and antiseptic. The cables can also be wiped clean with the cloth.
The jack accumulates more dust so you should use a toothbrush to wipe off the dust particles then clean it using the cloth. Finally, you can use soap or the antiseptic to clean the housing and leave the earbud to completely dry off in a clean place. After that re-attach the sleeves.

When you are done cleaning all the parts of your earbud, you can use alcohol wipes to disinfect it further. Alcohol will help to kill germs and leave a clean surface since it dries super fast and doesn’t attract particles.
You should always remember to never immerse your earbuds in water and always detach them from your iPod or device when cleaning.

Method 2: Play music loud, submerse your earbuds in a glass of strain remover

Method 3: You intend to leave your earbuds in your pan pocket and throw them in washing machine

Method 4: Use glue pads

It is very important to clean our earbuds periodically as the accumulation of dust and wax on the nozzles will eventually reduce the sound quality or you may hear the volume level lower than usual, the jack should be cleaned to make sure it does not introduce foreign particles to our multimedia devices. A lot of particles may also cause malfunctioning of the inline controls. Cleaning will also help us to avoid rare infections and keep us healthy.

Just like we clean our ears, we should also clean the earbuds to maintain general personal hygiene.

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