Here One Totally Cordless Earbuds With ANC

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Wireless earbuds are a pair of tiny speakers that fit into your ear canals. They are no ordinary wireless in ear headphones because of a bunch of sophisticated features that make us hard to believe such small earbuds are capable of, like noise cancellation or fitness tracking. They are gaining in popularity for the convenience of free-cord and technological advancements.

You will find many successful Kickstarter campaigns of wireless earbuds, which have already delivered their products, including the Dash, Earin. There are a lot more, but the one that delivers good quality and promised features are few. Most of them represent some common flaws like inconsistent connection and short battery life – Will you pay for a Bluetooth headphone that their connection often cuts out and you have to recharge them after an hour of use, it sucks. Then we have a new comer, Here One Wireless earbuds. The company behind the product, Doppler Labs promised, Hear one are likely to solve these issues.

Completely wireless earbuds here one
The Here One is available in black and white

Here One are completely wireless earbuds  and will be available in November for a hefty price, $299.

According to Doppler Labs, Hear One will deliver a clear, detailed sound. It aslo features “adaptive-filtering smart listening” that allows you to selectively pick the sound you like to hear. In other words, you have control of the sound you want to amplify. Hear One can also identify and target sounds and nullify them.

Noise Cancelling Feature

I wrote about completely wireless earbuds a year ago, since then I observed a new coming set either will try to address flaws from other models or focus/enhance their strength. Droppler Labs is no difference that it integrates the potent combo of next-gen noise-canceling, in combination with Bluetooth music streaming in their product. But their ANC isn’t on a par with the Bose QC20–currently the best ANC earbuds on the market, and their battery only lasts around 4 hour. It is not enough for your intercontinental routes.

Android and iOS devices are dominantly sharing the market, the hear one are designed to work with both. These second-generation smart buds charge in their own case.

If you have used Here Active Listening headphones, you will appreciate the similarity between that product and Here One. These earbuds have multiple processors; their manufacturer proudly calls them “in-ear computers”. These processors identify ambient sound and create an ambient filter on the fly using directional microphone arrays in each of the two independent earbuds.

The Here One is an “always on” gadget. These earbuds are made to be worn all the time, so that voice assistants (like Siri and Cortana) could potentially be talking all day long via a phone would be filtered to sound normal in everyday settings, creating what folks at Doppler Lab call layered audio, or “mixed reality for your ears.”

With Here One you can enjoy good music without bothering about noises created by your neighbor’s barking dog, siren, etc. Folks at Doppler Lab say that Here One can zero in on human voices and crying babies, thereby letting you choose to crank them up above the din. This sounds exciting. With this cool gadget, you can hear your sweetheart at a loud concert; or you can completely drown the annoying conversation between two ladies during a concert.

Here One has the ability to combine the AR and Bluetooth modes. With this amazing gadget, you can listen to your favorite singer’s latest album on your morning walk, while still amplifying what’s going around you. You will not be hit by a speeding car driven by a crazy guy while you are walking listening to your favorite singer.


There is nothing breakthrough when it comes to battery life. The Hear One usually last about 3 to 5 hours on a single charge. They charge up twice more in the included portable charging case. Is it enough for always-on and always-in ear-wear?

Remix Your Tracks

You can make sound adjustment by EQ, and sound effects via an app.

Another question in the minds of people is, “Is it practical to have your headphones in throughout the day?” You can easily to switch back and forth between “pass through” and “quiet” modes.

Gadget fans are hoping that these wireless earbuds will manage to mix music, voice feedback and everyday noise better than the active noise-canceling in ear headphones currently available in the market.

If you are among those who like always-on wearables, then Here One Wireless earbuds is just right for you. It will be available in November this year for $299. Currently it is available for pre-order.

Updated on 11/07/2016


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