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ReSound LinX2 9 61
The ReSound Hearing Aid Is Capable Of Linking To Smart Phones

Headphones and Bluetooth headsets are no longer just for listening to music. These devices have evolved to be smarter and more interactive with users. New features gaining popularity include tracking your fitness, activating Siri or Google Now, voice control and eliminating background noise.

Devices that boast these new, innovative features are called “hearables” or “wearable in-ear devices”, and are designed to understand human behavior. Information extracted from apps lets us know more about our health and whether we meet certain targets like steps per day. In the future these wearables will be medical devices that can predict potential health problems based on temperature, heart rate, and information obtained from optical sensors.

On this page you will find information about news, price and availability, reviews, and features on hearables, wearables, Bluetooth headsets, smart earbuds and smart headphones.

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