The Forza Metallo Wireless: V-MODA’s First Wireless In-ear Earbuds

V-MODA has moved on from their wired Forza Metallo headphones and has decided to dive into the wireless market. This being their first attempt at wireless headphones, I was very eager to check out what the Forza Metallo Wireless could do.

neckband, behind the neck bluetooth headphones
V-MODA’s first around the neck Bluetooth headphones

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s cover some of the general specs. Firstly, these babies aren’t cheap. They are going for around $170, so most people may have a problem spending that kind of money on a pair of headphones. On opening the box, you will find 4 sports fins of different sizes as well as 4 standard ear tips. There is also a charging cable and portable pouch.

Build and Design

One of the first things you’ll notice is the slim and ergonomic design. This is a refreshing look if you compare it with the more bulky neckbands like the LG Tones series. The plastic section that sits behind your neck is the biggest part of the Metallo Wireless, and this is connected to thin cables that are attached to the control modules. The cable gets even thinner as it leads to the metallic earbuds. Weighing just a mere 0.8 ounces, you may even forget you have something around your neck.

Though these headphones are mostly made from plastic, they surprisingly don’t have that cheap feel to them. The neckband is a comfortable fit and I was able to wear it discreetly underneath the collar of my dress shirt. I was also impressed when my phone rang and the neckpiece vibrated to alert me to the call.

The eartips allow you to pick the size that will fit best for you. Having a secure fit is important if you want to seal out ambient sounds. The sports fins help you keep the earbuds in place whenever you are engaging in any strenuous physical activity like running or biking.

One issue is that the cables connecting to the earbuds are a bit too long. I was forced to tuck them into my shirt more often than not. The neckband has a tiny flap that is used for charging the device via a micro USB port. The manufacturer claims it has futuristic nano-coating sweat and weather resistant technology. All I can tell you is that so far, my pair is still working even after wearing them when running and even in the rain. Who knows how long this nano-coating will last.

The two control modules have a metallic trimming which helps give the headphones symmetry and balance. These are really comfortable to the touch, and the fact that the back of the modules is flat makes it easy for the headphones to sit flush on your chest. You will hear a clicking sound every time you press the buttons so that you will know you have clicked something.

On the left module, you will find one button for turning on the power. The right control module has three buttons. The tops and bottom one are for increasing and lowering the volume, while the middle button performs multiple functions, such as skipping tracks, answer/end calls, and accessing Google Assistant and Siri.

The headphones are available in black and white, but the great thing about V-MODA headphones is that you can customize them with some bling-bling.


I must say that the strength of the Bluetooth connection was great but the range was still limited. V-MODA claims that the device has a Bluetooth range of 33 feet. However, whenever the source device was around me, within 10 feet, the connection was OK, but anything farther than that started causing the connection to skip. If you are running or commuting, then you will be fine, but moving from room to room may cause problems.

Setting up the device is quick and easy, and you can even pair two devices at the same time. Once you press the power button on the left module, you will hear a pairing tone and feel a vibration. There is an LED light that will flash on the left module. This is an indicator that pairing has been initiated. Then go to your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth menu, search for the headphones, and pair. Simple!

Battery Life

The battery is located on the neckband behind your neck. I was able to use my Forza Metallo for about 10 hours, which is the average battery life. If you tend to listen to music throughout the day, I recommend you charge it every night. One other thing, though. I absolutely loved the FastCharge feature that allows you to charge the headphones in a mere 15 minutes and still squeeze out 2 hours of playback! On this, V-MODA sincerely outdid themselves.

Sound Quality

This is the part we’ve all been waiting for. From the get-go, I noticed that the sound is well balanced. From my experience with numerous in-ear headphones, I must say that the Forza Metallo Wireless is worth its weight in gold when it comes to audio performance.

It has an integrated Qualcomm AptX audio Codec that makes music playback an enjoyable experience. It is also designed with a dual noise-cancelling suppressing mic array on each of the control modules. This technology makes the microphone highly sensitive and utilizes special algorithms to enable clear speech in noisy surroundings.

The 5.8mm micro-drivers generate a clean and vibrant frequency. The fact that these headphones generate a punchy and dynamic low-end frequency is totally amazing. The bass was clear even though vocals didn’t really have that much clarity. These headphones seem to place priority on precise and vibrant bass, so if you love listening to the kind of music that leans toward lows, you’ll enjoy them. However, when listening to things like podcasts, you may be forced to turn the volume all the way up.

The mids can best be described as vivid and detailed. The mids were not overpowered by the bass and the treble complemented them extremely well.

The treble was impressively detailed and merged well with the lows to create a well-rounded musical environment. I enjoyed the vivacious highs

The truth is that the Metallo Wireless kind of feels like a wired over-ears pair of headphones. They produced a wide and dynamic soundstage with superb stereo imaging. They are that good. With the passive noise isolation, these headphones are easily one of the best sounding wireless headphones you will find. Though, it has a competitor, the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless ($199), which also sounds great but is more expensive.

The Wrap Up

The V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless headphones will guarantee you two things – awesome audio performance and comfortable fit. It is perfect for everyday use but also works superbly well if you want to take them out on your runs or jogs. The noise isolation may prevent you from hearing oncoming traffic, so watch out for that. Other than the cables being too long, these are a great set of headphones. Forza, V-MODA! Forza!

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