Everything You Need to Know About Eartips

Canal phones feature ear tips to seal the sound in the ear. Each headphone maker designed their eartips with different shapes and sizes. These eartips will decide whether in ear headphones have good sound quality or bass response.

Ear tips of in ear headphones
Ear tips come in different sizes, shapes and materials

What do you expect out of your in ear headphones when you use them on? I bet that comfort and fit are pretty high up on that list, and what gives a pair of in ear headphones a sense of comfort are the ear tips and weight. Here we have earips with different sizes, colors and designs.

Do You Hate The Ear tip Insertion?

It can be quite irritating when you insert a foreign object, such as an ear tip, into your ear for the first time. The skin covering the ear canal is usually sensitive and is not used to being touched all the time. However, this should not worry you as majority of the ear tips in the market today are made from silicon, which is soft, smooth and clean. The tips can also be made from rubber or Comply foam, though it may take you a while to get accustomed to it. Ear tips are not like the large and heavy headphones that tend to enclose your ears and hold you tightly. Ear tips provide you with the comfort that you need when simply relaxing or even exercising (imagine going for a run with those big headphones). Comply foam ear tips provide a tight seal and are more comfortable, though some users have issues with their durability

When choosing which type of ear tips you want for your in ear headphones, your main priority should be personal suitability and comfort. There are some startup companies that offer customized fit for example Normal and Ownphones. The custom fit of in ear headphones is done by uploading a picture or a video of both of your ears, and it doesn’t take long before you will get your ear tips.
“Note that the custom fit is useless if the sound travel to your ear don’t follow the designer’s target”

Majority of the ear tips that are being sold at the moment are what we call universal ear tips. They are usually packaged with the in ear headphones you are buying, and come in 3-5 pairs. This is to make sure that the user has a range of choices in case one pair does not fit comfortably and properly. Another option you could go for are custom molded in ear headphones, where you can basically DIY at home using Custom Molded earbud Adapters BZ200. I managed to discover a service offered by RK audiology, where you visit their lab and an audiologist examines your ears in order to create customized ear tips that fit your ears perfectly. This level of customization leads to your in ear headphones being optimized for maximum comfort, performance, and noise-isolation. The in ear headphones can then be worn for longer duration with no discomfort or fear of falling off, regardless of the type of activity you are engaging in – cycling, running, working, e.t.c.

There are also some in ear headphones that come with ear hooks that are worn together with the ear tips, to provide a more secure fit. In case you are not provided with one, then you can always buy them online. Choose Budlok or Earhoox depending on how compatible it is with your in ear headphones.

Silicon, comply or rubber are common materials used to make ear tips. The factor decides the comfort and noise isolating. Check out five things you should know about earbud tips.

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