EINSEAR T2 Earphones/IEMs Review

Cheap earbuds now are way much better than they used to be. Now under 15$ you have a lot of choices for decent earbuds, such as LyreBeats Metal Buds, Panasonic ErgoFit, etc. And there are a lot of new models coming out, one of those is the EINSEAR T2. The Chinese-made earbuds have a metallic construction that seems solid yet light in weight. What appears to be a metallic housing containing a 10 mm dynamic driver is actually made from both plastic and metal parts. However, this does not affect the quality of the finish.

The EINSEAR T2 is available in three main colors. You can get a red pair with black cables, a golden-colored pair with whitish cables, or a grey pair with grey cables. The nozzles on the ear tips are a bit wide and the texture is a bit unusual. Fitting them into your ears may be a bit challenging, so you may need to get a pair of tips with better grip. However, the design and weight of the T2 make it quite comfortable once you get used to them.

To avoid any tangling, the cables have been braided. The cable carries an inline microphone that has one multifunction button for answering/rejecting calls, playing/pausing music, or skipping tracks. The packaging contains a soft velvet pouch and 2 extra ear tips. The T2 weighs about 13 grams.

There is barely any sound leakage unless you are in a very quiet environment or you are playing music at a high volume.

Sound Quality

The EINSEAR T2 will provide you with a strong and punchy bass and a deep sub-bass, thanks to the great response of the 10 mm driver. Bass lovers may feel that it isn’t deep enough, but the T2 will definitely meet all acoustic needs.

The mids and vocals are very precise and clear. Higher mids are clear while lower mids tend to sound distant. You will be able to hear musical instruments in great detail, and the vocals sound pleasant and natural. If folk music is your thing, you are going to enjoy the T2.

Though the highs are extremely bright and detailed, they can often sound a bit piercing. However, this is something you will get used to over time. Listening to songs that emphasize treble on high volume may hurt a little, so try to balance your volume.

Bottom Line: The EINSEAR T2 is well-designed and quite comfortable. The balanced sound quality is also good. Normal listeners will enjoy using them more than bass lovers.

  • Great sound quality for the price.
  • Pronounced mid-range and crisp, bright highs
  • Unique design and high quality build.
  • The bass may not be deep enough
  • Small carrying case so earbuds cable are prone to tangle.

If you are interested in the spec, here are highlights

Frequency Response 20-20000Hz
Driver Unit 10mm Dynamic Driver
Cable length 1.2m
Style Sealed, closed in ear, detachable earpieces

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