Best Budget Earbuds for Classical Music | In-Ear Headphones Reviews 2018

classical musicAlthough audiophiles probably already know this, casual music listeners might not be aware of the effects of great sound quality when it comes to listening to classical music. The difference between a top pair of headphones and a lower end set might be the difference between finding a song amazingly good or simply dry and barren.

However, hi-fi headphones and earbuds can be a luxury that many people can not afford or simply too expensive a purchase to justify so we’ve researched some affordable options for you and come up with our top 3 picks with these True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by SmartOmi taking our top spot. 

Whether you listen to symphony, orchestra or concerto music, you want your earbuds to be true to the quality sound that classical music deserves. Listening to Bach, Mozart or Beethoven through expensive audiophile headphones can really be a treat but not everyone wants to spend a ton of money. Here are our top budget picks for 2018.

In fact, having a set of headphones capable of allowing you to properly distinguish between instruments and sounds is just as crucial for classical music as it is for modern electronic music. Today, we’re going to help you find out the best in-ear headphones for classical music. We know that everyone has a different budget, so we’ll try to keep everything inside an affordable price range in order to help you get the best out of their audio devices, regardless of the amount of money you have.

Our Top Budget Earbud Pick for Classical Music:

Wireless Earbuds by Smartomi

Completely Wireless Earbuds, SmartOmi True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Noise Cancelling Earpieces with Mic Hands-free calls for Smartphones iPhone, Android on Driving or Sports(Black)
Sound Quality:
Although these headphones are far from perfect when it comes to connectivity, their sound quality is one thing you could very rarely complain about. They are your ideal purchase if you’d like to buy a wireless pair of top sound quality headphones.

Bass: When it comes to classical music, having a balanced bass is one of the most important features you should look for. These headphones have a bass that could easily surpass the one offered by AirPods. These are ideal to listen to most types of music, but it should get the best out of your classical playlist.

Build Quality/Design: The matte aspects of its premium design are very good looking, especially for such a non-expensive set of headphones. The rubber tips of the headphones don’t really feel that great, but they’re solid enough and should last for a long time if properly cared for.

Fit/Comfort: They are very comfortable to the ear and they fit very well in most ear canals, even in the smaller ones. They also come with interchangeable ear pieces, which come in very handy!

Connectivity: These headphones are compatible with almost any device within a range of 10 feet, including cellphones, tablets or even laptops.



  • They are one of the better-sounding wireless headphones that you can get for a good price.
  • They might seem a little large at first, but they fit very well and shouldn’t fall off easily.
  • The headphones come with detailed instructions made to help out those who are new to wireless earbuds. Pairing could be difficult, but the manual definitely helps.


  • They tend to disconnect from time to time, which could sometimes be very annoying.
  • The battery should last longer. Although it does a good job, some owners might like to use their headphones for longer periods of time.

YSM1000 by Betron

Betron YSM1000 Headphones, Earbuds, High Definition, in-ear, Noise Isolating, Heavy Deep Bass for iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 Players, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, etc (Without Microphone)Sound Quality: The sound quality of these earbuds is easily comparable to the one offered by over-ear headphones of even higher price ranges than the YSM1000. If you’re on a budget but you don’t want to compromise sound quality, these headphones are strongly recommended for you.

Bass: The bass is robust, not boomy and it just feels right. It’s pretty easy to know which instruments and sounds are used in most songs by wearing this pair of headphones. They are a great choice if you like to listen to classical music!

Build Quality/Design: The build is sturdy and the design looks very good. The one issue that these headphones may have is the fact that the cable isn’t made of woven cords as the images suggest, but the quality is top notch nonetheless.

Fit/Comfort: Although the headphones are pretty good overall (and even more so for their price), they don’t really feel very comfortable to the wearer. They do fit, though, but they could feel a bit too uncomfortable for some people.

Connectivity: Just like many of the headphones we’ve reviewed so far, these come with a built-in microphone and a system capable of connecting to almost any device, provided that it has an earphone jack.


  • Amazing, well-balanced bass, which makes these headphones ideal to listen to classical music.
  • The build quality is very good, as well as the material used to manufacture them.
  • The sound quality is second to none for any headphones on this range of pricing. Crisp lows, mids and highs.


  • Although the tips of the headphones are pretty well made, they might come off when storing them in your pockets.

ZST Pro by KZEasy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrid Banlance Armature with Dynamic In-ear Earphone 1BA+1DD Hifi Headset (colorful ZST NOMIC)

Sound Quality: The sound quality of these headphones is definitely complimented by their bass. The mids sound incredibly smoothly, and the highs aren’t going to compromise the audio quality anytime soon.

Bass: If you get your hands on the upgrade cable available for these headphones, you’re likely going to experience one of the best bass sounds for a set of regular in-ear headphones. The sounds are very smooth and the bass isn’t overcharged. The stock cable does a job as well, but we strongly suggest you to try out the upgraded model.

Build Quality/Design: The design of these headphones is likely to attract a young crowd. They are very stylish and modern-looking. Even so, the build is incredibly sturdy and should sustain regular wear-and-tear with ease.

Fit/Comfort: The ZST forte has to be the easiness with which the headphones wrap around the ears and provide a comfortable wear to the user. They fit very well and shouldn’t fall off easily. In fact, if you pull the cable too harshly, the cable is more likely to snap than the earphones are to fall off!

Technical specifications: These noise-cancelling headphones come with a 3.5mm plug, made to be attached to most modern audio devices without any trouble.


  • Great bass balance and sound quality makes these headphones an ideal companion for any type of music aficionado.
  • Fancy design makes the product look really good without even trying it.
  • The build is very sturdy and the headphones should last for a long time.


  • These might not fit easily inside every type of ear, though generally it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • You might need to get an upgraded cord if you want them to perform at their very best.

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