Six Earbuds Accessories That You Might Have Never Thought Of

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Apple Airpods are not availabe yet – Actually Apple has delayed the release of Airpods. I don’t know this is because of hilarious responses from internet since it was announced or Apple is on-going for perfection product. Nevertheless there has been already the first accessory for it: Spigen AirPods Strap. This cable attaches 2 earbuds and keep them in place around your neck. It is incredibly easy to use and sure you never lose your Airpods.

If you want to increase the comfort and sound, check out how to pick best replacement earbud tips: Comply Eartips. You can also DIY eartips.

Ear tips of in ear headphones

Bragi makes totally wireless earbuds, and now they make a cable to attached those earbuds. Why they would make wired wireless earbuds instead?


Cable for earbuds: If you own $100 earbuds and their cable breaks. Don’t waste $100 more, you only need just $5 to replace the cable. Here is my recommendations: HIFI earbuds cable, 1.2 meter long and 3.5 jack with 3 poles.

This cable is only for earbud without mic

If you have wired earbuds, it often happens that your have to resolve tangles and knottings after you pull them out from your bag or pant pocket. You need a proper place to store them, a carrying case. Store your earbuds properly, they will live longer. You have a plenty of options: hard, leather and wooden case. But those options didn’t stop earbuds from getting tangled. Digital Innovations offer the great way to manage your earbud cable. Their Nest Silicon Case is easy to use just Flip, Pop and Wrap. 

Sometimes your phones are not a high-resolution mp3 player, to get the most out of your earbuds: strong bass, clear high and perfect mid-range you need to plug your earbuds to HD-audio out-put. The FiiO X1 second gen is the way to go. With long bettery life, supported Bluetooth and intuitive user interface, and most importantly affordable price, this portable music player brings you to the next level of sound quality that you may never experience if your earbuds are used with your smarphones.

External Battery Packs to Juice Up your Bluetooh Earbuds: LYREBEATS 10000mAh is a very compact charger that fit perfeclty into your pocket. It provides two USB ports for fast charging any devices. It also sports aluminum body that resists to fingerprints. It can provide 40 charges for your Bluetooth earbuds ( equal to 4 charges for your phones)

LYREBEATS 10000mAh’s Highlights:
>> Capacity – 10,000mAh
>> Outputs – 2 ports (USB1-5V/1A; USB2- 5V/2A): can charge 2 devices simultaneously
>> Light Weight – 200g
>> Cheap Price – $15+
>> Time to fully charge – 5 to 6 hours
>> LED for lighting

What is your favorite earbud accessories please leave a comment below.

Published on 12/11/2016


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