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My name is James Hardy. Call center employee by day, music lover, gym rat and Netflix addict by night.

I spend a large chunk of my day with something stuck on/in my ears-either headphones over my ears … or earbuds in them. Honestly, I’m so used to wearing them that I often fall asleep to music or an audiobook…and wake up the next day with them still in.

My first memories of using headphones were back in my high school days (I’m dating myself) listening to my Sony Walkman (does anyone remember cassette tapes?) and very cheap headphones with terrible sound quality!. I later graduated to a portable CD player in college and then bought my first basic Mp3 player (that only held about 20 songs!). I now mostly listen to music using my smartphone and Bluetooth earbuds.

For two decades I’ve worked a day job where I am on the phone all day with a single-ear Plantronics headset and mic. I recently left the office and now telework from home. I upgraded to Bluetooth earphones with a built-in mic that so I can easily switch between talking to clients and also pair to my phone to listen to Spotify when I’m not with a client. After hours (when I’m not updating this site with new content and product reviews) I use my phone to listen to music lifting in the gym or going for a run…and at home to listen to audiobooks.   I recently got a pair of wireless headphones for TV (to binge watch the latest series).

This site started as a simple blog since I had tried out so many kinds of headphones and in-ear devices. It has since grown to a full-blown site with reviews on all the best selling wearable and in-ear devices that I can’t keep up with it on my own so I know have some audiophile friends help me review gear.

If you have any suggestions to improve my site or products or info you’d like us to write about, please contact me:

info (@) wearableinear (dot) com