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ColYue isn’t a very well-known brand yet. By taking a glance at the E1 earbuds you might get the feeling that they are plain, mediocre, and cheap earbuds with poor sound quality, but there is much more to these earbuds than meets the eye.

Design and Build Quality

The design is simplistic and some might say they aren’t visually appealing. The E1 earbuds are pretty average when it comes to build quality. The earpiece shape is not very ergonomic or practical since it is longer than other earbuds and must be inserted into your ear farther than some might consider comfortable. On the bright side, the earpiece is very light weight.

The ColYue E1 earbuds come with single-flange ear tips that are available small, medium or large and your choice of black or grey. The housing has a metallic finish, and the Y-split and plug are made of TPE material, while the 120 cm cable is covered in silicone. 

The product comes packed in a black rectangular carrying case with a red stripe. The manufacturer is kind enough to throw in some extra ear tips and even a shirt clip.

Sound Quality (V-Shaped Sound Signature – bass and treble enhanced)

The design may be plain but the sound quality is actually very good. The bass is deep and punchy, but it won’t shake your brain if you are the type who loves heavy bass. The sub-bass is also quite potent even though it is limited in depth. The quality of bass these headphones provide is especially suited for electronic music lovers. 

The mids are clear, full and warm. The bass does not overwhelm the mids at all. However, you may hear a bit of sibilance during the sharp peaks of the higher frequencies. This makes the E1 perfect for music that is heavy on vocals.

The highs may sound somewhat artificial in tone but they are very bright and crisp. The detail may not be that precise but it is good enough to enjoy any genre of music you like.

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  • Sound is very clear
  • Bass is punchy with a precise response that doesn’t overwhelm
  • Comes with add-ons that include a shirt clip, case, and extra  ear tips




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  • Design is plain and build quality is average
  • Degradation of sound clarity when listening with low-powered sources
  • Lack of inline remote




If you are interested in the specs, here are highlights:

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Frequency Response18-20000Hz
Driver Unitø8mm Dynamic Driver
Cable length1.2m
StyleSealed, closed in-ear, detachable earpieces


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