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Over ear headphones (We also call them as circumaural headphones; earcup headphones; over-the-ear headphones.. ) bring about the best listening experience in terms of sound quality. They are not very portable and the large and padded earcups may make your ears feel hot and sweat in the hot weather. Nevertheless they are comfortable and well sound isolating. Here you can find:

  •  Wired over ear headphones sound good with strong bass for under $100.
  • Some high-end Bluetooth headphones are built in Active Noise cancellation.

5 Best Over Ear Headphones Under $200

Cheap over ear headphones may have decent sound quality, but they don’t last forever. Spend more money, you will get a can which is built to last. They are superb comfortable, sound incredibly good for the money and have some advanced features. Here’s our guide to all the …

Top 5 Best Over Ear Headphones Under $50 To Buy In 2017

You probably have known some of the best budget earbuds in ear headphones–a perfect replacement for included earbuds with your smart phones, but not everyone is comfortable with eartip insertion into the ear canal. You would go for unsealed earbuds that don’t feature eartips, but they don’t isolate noise well. And for …