Buying The Same Pair of Earbuds on Aliexpress is Much Cheaper Than on Amazon

Today there are thousands of suppliers that sell headphones on Amazon. Most of these headphones are inexpensive and sell for less than $30. They might not be established audio brands like Sony, Beats, SkullCandy, Jabra and LG, but actually they still sound great, look stylish and fit comfortably. Headphones that rate at almost 5 stars by thousands of buyers is a strong selling point for music

It is easy to figure out where earbuds are sourced from, and more often than not they are made by suppliers on Alibaba. This  wholesale website was founded by Jack Ma, a former English teacher who is now multi-billionaire. Ma also founded AliExpress, a retail website that lets sellers in China sell their products around the world. If you see a pair of earbuds listed on Amazon, it is very likely that it would be listed on AliExpress too.

The process of ordering earbuds from China to the US can take months, but users will see new earbuds appear on Aliexpress before they are on listed Amazon.

If you don’t live in the US and have found a good pair of earbuds on, whether they are available to order or not, you can head over to AliExpress and surely find them at a much cheaper price. In this post I will show you how to buy items from AliExpress which you could also find on Amazon.

Metal Earbuds

To find metal earbuds simply search the term “metal earbuds” on Amazon you’ll find found some really good pairs. For example, search: “Acode in-ear headphones”. These are rated at almost 5 stars with 459 customer reviews. Indeed, this numbers only accounts for a small numbers of buyers.

Price: $12.99

Choose the image you think is the most unique, then right click on it and copy the image url.

Go to, click on search by image and paste the image url.

To find the same item on AliExpress, just type AliExpress after the photo in the search box. Then click on “visually similar images” or “pages that include matching images“.

Here they are, and they only costs $3.50, plus $1.50 shipping via ePacket.

Price: $3.5

What you need to do next is find a reliable seller who sells these earbuds and has a high rating from previous buyers.

Tomkas Official Store: 4.8 with more than 16000 orders

You can even find this product on 1688, and it only costs 10 yuan ($1.50)

Keep in mind that the shipping time is varied from 15 to 20 days, depending your location.

Bluetooth Earbuds

A good pair of Bluetooth for running should sound great and have decent battery life of 6-8 hours.

Search term: Bluetooth earbuds

On Amazon: 4.3 star rating with 850 customer reviews, $24.55  ALZN Bluetooth earbuds, this was a new model in 2017. I am certain that many brands are outsourced from the same company.

On Aliexpress: 4.8 with 711 customer reviews, $16.25 IPUDIS Sport Bluetooth Earphones

They have the same specs and design except for the logo on the earpiece.

Here are some key features:

Bluetooth version: CSR 8635 V4.1 + EDR
Lightweight: 18.5g
Support: A2DP, Headset, Hands-stereo
Battery capacity: 95mH with protective board
Playtime: About 6 hours
Standby time: about 200 hours
Working range: 10 meters
Charging time: About 2 hours

Totally Wireless Earbuds

completely wireless earbuds

Search term: totally wireless earbuds

On Amazon: 4.3 stars with 850 customer reviews, $24.55 True Wireless Earbuds, LiteXim TW-08, this was a new model in 2017.

Aliexpress: This time I clicked on the “visually similar image” to find the product On Aliexpress: QCY Q29 Airpods business bluetooth earphones, 4.8 with 711 customer reviews, $16.25

Why did this happen?

Like Amazon, Aliexpress is a market place where individuals or comapanies can sell their own products. But unlike Amazon, only Chineses suppliers are eligible to sell on AliExpress.

Here is the simple explanation for how it works:

You found similiar product X with different brands.

On AMAZON: sellers ordered product X from the Chinese supplier A on Alibaba.

On ALIEXPRESS: Sellers ordered product X from the Chinese supplier A on Alibaba or 1688.

If the Aliexpress opens warehouses in the US to compete with Amazon, AliExpress will no longer have the disadvantage of shipping time (5 to 20 days) compared to Amazon.

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