Bragi Dash Vs Bragi Headphone

The Bragi earbuds are no longer smart. Cut the costs and a lot of smart features from the Bragi Dash, the German company announced the Headphone, the second generation of totally wireless earbuds Dash. Here is the comparison table between those two earbuds, a clear picture for you to know what the German company actually did.


The Headphone and Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash Bragi Headphone
Fitness Feature HRM, Distance, Steps, Calories… No
Weight  13g each  Less than 13g
Headset Funtionality  Yes  Yes
Tap Control  Yes  No
Audio Transparency  Yes  Yes
Bluetooth Connection Bluetooth 4.0 but often cut out  Bluetooth 4.0, solid
Battery life  3 hours  6 hours
Sound Quality Bass focusing, somewhat un-balanced sound profile  Balanced-sound earbuds
Frequency Response  20 – 20,000Hz   20 – 20,000Hz
Driver type and size  Knowles® Balanced Armature  Knowles® Balanced Armature
Sensitiviy  N/A  105 dB SPL +- 2dB
Impedance  16 Ohm  N/A
Independent Mp3 Player  Yes with 4GB of Storage  No
Portable charging case  Yes  No
Sweatproof/Waterproof  Waterproof  Sweatproof
Price  $299  $150

We compared two sets of wireless earbuds to see what are improvements?

In early September, the Bragi unvailed their latest set of fully wireless earbuds and called it with an unconventional name, the Headphone. This probably is to compete with Apple wireless airpods that are also released in the same month. The Headphone is now available for order and it is the $150 cheaper wireless earbuds over the previous version.

Previously the company made the Dash, a smart wearable in ear device which can handle tracking bioinformation. This time the Bragi makes things much simpler, and the Headphone doesn’t have typical fitness tracking features like HRM, step counting, rather they focus on music experience and sports. But it still keeps headset function for calls and audio transparency feature.

Whether the company advertised the Headphone as true wireless earbuds or earbuds for working out, running whatever at first the bud fits snugly and provides exellent noise isolation. So good that if you want to hear the surroundings or chat with friends, you have to switch the audio transparency feature on.

There is no wingtips or silicon jackets similary found on other sets (Gear IconX), but designed for sports the earbud housings of the Headphone ergonomically fit into the ear, keeping the earbuds from falling out in any situations when you run or work out. The included foam tips provide great sound isolation effect. The Dash doesn’t have this option, you have to get from Comply, they call Truly Wireless tips in tw-series.

The design seems stay intact, except that Bragi makes the Headphone lighter and smaller than the Dash. This is in an effort of Bragi to discard internal components and built-in sensors from the Dash. So the Headphone is more comfortable to wear and because of on interferences from sensors it has reliable Bluetooth connection.

The Headphone doesn’t have the touch control, instead they have 3 buttons on the R-earbud, which adds an un-pleasant experience when wearers want to change volume or receive calls. Each time you press on those buttons, it create an annoying sound.

The Headphone sounds better than any earbuds packed with smartphones. Bragi engineered the Headphone with clear and rich sound, and its sound is deemed to balanced sounding headphones. Though you will definitely feel the low-ends is there mixed in every tracks. In terms of clarity the Headphone did a decent job, bringing necessary details out for all types of music.

Select comparisions would be Apollo 7, Gear IconX and Airpod. I will update this post when I figure out which pair has the best sound quality.

Bragi Dash or Bragi Headphone

It didn’t take long for Bragi to introduce the second generation of the Dash, ubiquitous wireless earbuds launched from successful kickstarter campaign back in 2014. Though the latter doesn’t have smart features, with their rock-solid connection, secure fit and good sound they will be the best choice at a fairly good price.

Published on 11/25/2016

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