SoundSport Now Goes Wireless–First Bose Wireless Earbuds

Bose recently released their first Wireless earbuds aimed to active listeners, the Bose SoundSport, which is Bluetooth and water/sweatproof. This model is not completely wireless like almost Bluetooth earbuds having a short cable attached 2 earbuds.

First bose wireless earbuds

It took a lot of time for Bose to announce their first pair of wireless in ear headphones.

In search for best Bluetooth wireless earbuds in ear headphones of 2016 you may end up with several options such as Monster Adidas Sport Adistar and JayBird Freedom. But as the nature of Bluetooth sound, they don’t sound great. Plus, battery and size are a major issue hindering you from finding a perfect pair.

There are a lot more out there, coming with a bunch of features and design. Of course they don’t sound the same–some have better audio performance than other, and some fit better than others. A better sounding model like JayBird Freedom sound really good, however they may not fit you well.

SoundSport Bose wireless earbuds aren’t expeptional when they present one small drawback: They look weirdly big on the ear. But since earbuds are lightweight and so comfortable that if you are looking for the best wireless earbuds for sports, they will be one of the best choice along with the with other contenders like Beats Powerbeats2, Monster Adidas Sport Adistar and JayBird X2–

Design and Features

It is common for Bluetooth earbuds that they are charged via micro-USB port located on R-earbuds. And while charging, you can’t use it, Bose took a different approach by letting this port on the inline-remote, which is I found very convenient when I don’t use and put them back to the carrying case that can double as a charger. This charging port position may also as intended by Bose make it easy to charge the headphones on the go. The portable charing case provides 3 full charges to earbuds but you have to pay $50 for this accessory.

The cable is rugged and sturdy with an inline-remote. Fortunately you can’t adjust the length of the cord since they don’t supply the cord-shortener accessory, and because of solid cord construction, it may cause a little noise from cable flopping when you’re running.

The Soundsport Wireless is easy to fit, and once they fit right they will sit evenly and comfortably in your ear. Wing eartips do the great job for keeping earbuds stay securely in place, and the bi-flange don’t fit tightly into the ear–giving relaxed wear experience, this kind of fitting will let the ambient sound in.

An inline-remote locates near the R-earbud allows you to adjust volume, navigate tracks and take calls with ease.

Supported NFC to quickly pair with your phones by simply tapping, the earbuds remain stable connection within 33 feets.


As nature of Bluetooth Sound and non-sealed style design, Bose SoundSport Wireless doesn’t offer rumbling bass. It also sounds less clear and dymanic than other wired models, if compared to Soundtrue Sport wired earbuds in the same price range. But it is not a big deal for a sport headphone whereas the sound of SoundSport is more open. Though the treble is hold back and it has natural and warm midrange.

According to CNET reviews, the headphone’s designate sound is for outdoor rather than indoor where you find the bloat bass. And compared to other popular set like Jaybird Freedoom, it falls behind but it not a big gap.

Like the wired model, which was rated one of the best sports earbuds for many years, priced for more than $100, this Wireless model fit in the ear with non-sealed style. The Bose’s StayHear+ eartips are designed for this purpose–don’t give users the tight seal, not only do they fit snugly with “soft wing”. Note that when you play music loud enough you won’t hear the surroundings.


  • Exeptionally comfortable
  • Sound good for a sport headphone
  • Automatically turn off


  • Large earpieces
  • Decent battery
  • Microphonic noises

You have to pay extra for this accessory

A portable charging case is sold separately for $50, which can provide 3 full charges

Here are some highlights The SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

The SoundSport Wireless is available in two colors, black and aqua
Price: $150
Play time: 6 hours
Auto-power off feature
Additional portable charing case: $50
Companion app: Bose’s free Connect
Connectivity: NFC

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