Best Wearable Essential Oil Diffusers

Why we should always wear an essential oil diffuser jewelry? There are a lot of benefits to wear essential oils and many ways of diffusing it. You can either apply them on your skin or use a room diffuser. The problem is that after a period of time, your skin will absorb the oil, thus no scent will remain. A room diffuser becomes terribly impractical due to its bulky nature. You may not even have access to a power outlet on the go, so you can’t really carry a room diffuser with you everywhere.

With that being said, let’s check out three really cool necklaces and bracelets that you can use as wearable essential oil diffusers.

BA Designs Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

BA has designed this strong and elegant necklace to diffuse essential oils everywhere you go, all day long. BA is known for their beautifully designed high-quality jewelry, and this essential oil diffuser necklace is no exception.
The necklace has a silver-colored chain made from zinc alloy. It is extremely durable and of good quality, though a bit heavy. The chain is 18 inches long and the round pendant is 1 inch in diameter.

With its lobster claw clasp, this diffuser necklace is sturdy and stable. The pendant is designed to open up like a locket, and the beautiful discs that fit inside are perfectly suited for any occasion.

There are four leather discs available with each package. Two of the discs are black while the other two are gray in color. All you have to do is place a drop or two of essential oil on your disc, insert it into the pendant, close it, and you are good to go. The scent will be released throughout the day.

Maromalife Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

This essential oil diffuser necklace looks like a small stainless steel owl, which is designed to be used as a locket. The unique design and beautiful craftsmanship from Maromalife makes this a favorite among users of essential oils.
The Premium Owl Lava Stone necklace has an adjustable stainless steel chain 24 inches long. The aromatherapy locket is made from brass and rhodium is used to plate the metal. As part of the package you receive 7 multicolored lava stones that are 14 mm in diameter. The lava stones are colored red, pink, purple, black, blue, green, and yellow. You end up having one different colored stone for every day of the week!

These lava stones are extremely absorbent and can be reused over and over again. They provide a great way to diffuse your preferred essential oil slowly throughout the day as you go about your daily activities. The weight of the necklace is about 27 grams.

Using the necklace is easy. Just open the pendant, pick whatever colored lava stone you want to use, place 2-3 drops of your essential oils on the stone, and place the stone in the locket. Once you have closed the locket and put it in the pendant, you can go out smelling fresh and wonderful.

Essential Oil Innovations necklace

This essential oils diffuser necklace is all about functionality and form. It is an elegantly designed gold locket that is crafted to resemble a beautiful sunflower. The chain is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel plated with 24K gold. This high-quality finish is meant to guarantee the safety of your skin as well as provide pure and natural aesthetic value.

The package comes with a gift box that contains the locket, chain, and refillable cotton felt oil pads. These pads can hold the essential oils for a long time and are even washable. They come in 7 different colors to suit every day of the week.

To use this necklace diffuser, pour out 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oils onto one of the multicolored refill pads provided. Open the pendant and insert the pad into it, then hold it in place using the magnetic clasp.
The necklace is uniquely designed with two lobster clasps. One clasp holds the necklace at the back while the other fastens the chain to the locket at the front. This makes it extremely easy to refill your necklace any time the essential oil runs out. Instead of removing the whole chain from your neck, simply unclasp the locket from the chain, open the pendant, refill the pad, and clasp it back to the chain.

You can even choose to use the necklace as a car accessory instead of buying an air freshener.

With a wearable essential oil diffuser, you can now enjoy your favorite aromatherapy scent for a longer period of time, wherever you choose to go. These three necklaces provide diverse options that should suit your personal taste.

Published on 04/16/2017

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