With These Best Smart Bike Helmets You Will Discover A New Way To Ride

There are many bike helmets out there that provide the basic protection that a helmet offers the rider. However, in this day and age of technological explosions, the market demands something much more. A few innovative startups have answered that call and have created smart bike helmets that provide riders with more than just safety features. The three helmets below are top-of-the-range bike helmets that come with extra innovative advancements that will blow your mind. These are the helmets that are taking cycling to the next level! Let’s check out what they’ve got.

The Sena Bike Helmet

Best smart wearable bike helmet

The Sena Smart Helmet is a cycling helmet that has a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system as well as a QHD camera. The rider is able to connect to their smartphone using Bluetooth 4.1 and sync to the Sena Headset App. With its inbuilt intercom system, this helmet allows the rider to communicate with a total of three other riders at the same time.

The Sena truly offers a different riding experience. The helmet enables you to listen to your favorite music as safely as possible as you ride your bicycle. You can even make phone calls and record video of a bike race from the start to the finish line. You will be able to capture every moment of your ride and share it with the world thanks to the WiFi that is built into the middle of the helmet. The QHD camera can record music from your smartphone and combine it with your own voice from the microphone to create a Smart Audio Mix. The camera is able to record 2 hours of video.

It is possible to access all kinds of fitness data through the helmet’s integrated sensor cycle information. The Sena Smart helmet allows you to listen to feedback about your fitness levels through its high-quality audio speakers. This is possible through the app that records vital health information and relays it to you in the form of voice guides. The app also allows you to preview your videos and play back old videos.

You will be able to track your speed, cadence, and pulse rate as you ride your bike. The HD speakers allow you to get all the relevant information you need to adjust your riding without breaking your focus.

The Sena Smart helmet is made from high-grade polymer plastic and is sleek and light in weight. There are three buttons on the left side for controlling the intercom and Bluetooth. The two buttons on the opposite side are for controlling the camera. There is a range of colors available, such as white, blue, black, light blue and even Hi-Viz pink.

There are so many cool features about the Sena Smart helmet. This is one bike helmet that you won’t want to take off!

The Lumos Helmet

The Ultimate Smart Bike Helmet for City Rides

A helmet designed to have brake lights and indicators? That is the Lumos helmet! The Lumos weighs about 410 grams and is packed with more than 60 LED lights. It also has a 3-axis accelerometer and carries a 1000mAH battery.

This bicycle helmet is supposed to provide extra safety for riders by incorporating front and rear lights to act as indicators. On the left and right side of the helmet, you will find two strips of yellow LED lights. These lights are shaped like an arrow and are designed to light up whenever the rider is turning either left or right, thus warning any drivers or riders who may be following them from the rear. These indicator lights are controlled through a wireless remote fixed onto the handle bar.  

On the back part of the helmet, right between the two light indicators on the side, is a triangular shaped LED array consisting of 28 LEDs. They act as a brake light and are connected to the accelerometer. They light up in a static red state every time the rider of the bicycle decelerates.

The front of the Lumos helmet contains 28 bright white LED lights, which make the rider more visible to other road users at night. They act as front indicators and turn yellow whenever the side indicators are in use. It is important to state that despite all the LED lights on the Lumos helmet, the LEDs are not meant to provide light for the rider to see at night.

The helmet works fine without an app, but in case you need to customize the functions, you will have to get the app.

The system used in the Lumos helmet is relatively simple. The battery is charged via USB and provides 3 ½ hours of charge per charge. If it rains, there’s no need to worry as the helmet is water-resistant. It is available in one size but can be adjusted using its dial retention system.

Livall BH60 Bling Helmet with Bling Jet Controller

Enjoy music while cycling with this smart wearable bike helmet: Lival BH60 Bling

The Livall BH60 Bling helmet is a helmet designed for city riders. It comes with inbuilt brake lights and indicators to alert other road users of your moves instead of relying on hand signals.

The helmet has three buttons on the front part. There is the startup button in the center which is responsible for powering the helmet on and off. It is also used to play and pause music. On either side of the start-up button is the volume + button for moving onto the next song, and the volume – button for returning to the previous song. It is also designed with 8 LED lights in the rear of the helmet that are to be used as turn signals.

The Bling Jet Controller is a remote control that is mounted on the handlebars and is used to control the various functions of the helmet without taking your hands off the bike. It even allows you to take photos and save them on your smartphone through the companion app.

The BH60 works with BLE4.0 Bluetooth functionality, with a range of about 10 meters. The Bluetooth speaker is located on the sides of the helmet around the ear area. Together with the microphone, the speaker allows you to listen to music and receive phone calls as you ride. An inbuilt walkie-talkie lets you speak to other riders wearing BH60 Bling helmets.

In terms of safety, the BH60 Bling has integrated G-force sensors that will alert emergency contacts in case you crash or fall and are unable to get up after a couple of seconds. The BH60 Bling helmet weighs 319 grams and is available in diverse colors.

Charging the helmet is via microUSB, with the battery having a capacity of 380mAh and charging time of 1 ½ hours. The battery life is a maximum of 10 hours with a standby of 180 days.

There you go. The innovation is great and the features and design are simply the best. Three awesome smart helmets that will definitely turn heads on the streets as you ride!

The Other

The LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

The first smart bike helmet with bone conduction tech
The water-resistance helmet you can wear in all weather

The LinX is a durable, comfortable helmet with  foam strip lining, and dynamic fitting. It delivers the music with bone conduction technology, which you don’t have to stick anything into your ears, but you can still make take calls and hear navigation and control communications

The LifeBeam Smart Helmet

Heart rate monitor smart bike helmet
Smart helmets make riding more connected, enjoyable and safer on the road and with tracking fitness feature you get more information about your health.

The LifeBeam Smart Helmet can measure your heart rate.

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