Best Sennheiser Earbuds Under 100 | Reviews & Comparison 2019

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Sennheiser In-Ear earbuds
Sennheiser Momentum M2 In-Ear

If you are a fan of audio devices, perhaps your next pair of earbuds will come from Sennheiser.

With more than 70 years of history in the audio market, the German manufacturer delivers high-quality product standards in their amplifiers, headphones and headsets.

The company has released a new earbud in-ear model, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear M2 IEi that looks as good as they sound. Below are three of the best Sennheiser earbuds for under $100 (*prices checked at the time of writing).

If you are set on the Sennheiser brand but debating the style of headphones you want (earbuds vs. on-ear or over-ear) you may want to also check out our detailed comparison of Sennheiser headphones here, although several of those are over the $100 budget limit that we’ve used for this article. (in that article we’ve also included our overall top pick for Sennheiser earbuds regardless of budget) although it will cost you more than a  “Benjamin”).

$100 bill
Check out our top picks for this or less!

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear M2 IEi

The Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear looks polish and well-designed. It is not often that the fashion term was heavily embodied in Sennheiser products. The entire plastic structures are really eye-catching. The flashy, yet lightweight, slim earbuds are very comfortable. For fitting, the included silicon ear tips are varied in sizes. The inline remote with 3 buttons, which is compatible with Android or iOS, depending on the version.

In terms of sound quality, the Momentum in-ear sounds slightly warm with plenty of bass. The bass of Momentum in-ear is deep and hits a strong impact, while keeping minimum bloat. Mid-range is reasonably recessed, but the clarity is good.

The treble is not at outstanding performance, measured with lack of definition, but it is energetic. This together with powerful bass make the headphones remarkably have V-shaped sound signature, while most Sennheiser in-ear headphones have a more balanced sound.

*If you decide on the M2, keep in mind when you purchase that the company makes separate models for Apple IOS and Android to be compatible with each platform. The reason for the two version is the volume control. The iPhone and android versions are not compatible when it comes to volume so if you try to use the Android version on a iPhone the volume control will not work vice-versa. This is one major drawback to anyone who does switch between Android and Apple (for example work devices vs. personal devices)

The newer version of the Momentum comes with a flatter, tangle-free oval cable.


  • Strong and extensive bass
  • Great clarity


  • Due to plastic construction, the earphones looks flagile
  • The cord attachment may make cable break
  • Harsh treble

    Our Top pick for Budget Sennheiser Affordable Earbuds:

    Sennheiser MX 365 Earphones

    Sennheiser MX365 Earphones
    Sennheiser MX 365 earbuds

    Overall Description

    These wired headphones have a very comfortable design, and they are made specifically like those traditional earphones that do not intrude inside the user’s ear.

    These earbuds is ideal for anyone who finds annoying those earphones that have to be stuck inside the ears (canal-phones) in order to not fall off. These are wired, as their small size wouldn’t allow for Bluetooth to be incorporated in the design.

    The size might seem deceiving of their actual quality. For such a small set of earphones, the bass quality is remarkable and their responsiveness is pretty great. They offer the qualities of larger headphones, but in a much smaller and easier-to-carry scale.

    The headphone jack is also very flexible and adaptable. It should work with any type of device regardless of the brand, and the sound quality shouldn’t be affected by it either.

    The earphones also come in a variety of different colors, which allow the buyer some versatility at the moment of the purchase.

    The one thing to point out from these earphones has to be the quality of the bass. They seem to be tailor-made for someone who enjoys listening to electronic music, and considering their size they are also pretty easy to carry around. As most earphones, they can be easily folded and stored inside the owner’s pocket.

    These earphones are also optimized to work with portable gaming systems such as the PS Vita or the Nintento Switch. The drivers are very powerful and provide a great listening experience to anyone who decides to purchase them.

    Breaking down its main features

    Sennheiser MX 365
    Sennheiser MX 365 Budget Earbuds

    Sound Quality: The MX365 offer very good sound quality, not only for small earphones standards but also for headphones in general. They have an extremely powerful bass while also managing to keep the sound spectrum balanced, making it a pleasure to listen to music with these set of headphones. The sound might crack at higher volumes, though.

    Bass: It seems pretty clear that Sennheiser focused on the bass quality with these headphones above any other of its attributes.

    The bass isn’t exaggerated at all, but it is emphasized and sounds very good in general. It might not be fair to compare it with the bass quality of higher end Sennheiser over-ear headphones, but in terms of smaller earphones, it could easily be one of the best in the market.

    Design: The design of these headphones perfectly fits the taste of people who would rather stick to traditional earphones rather than adapt to the popularization of ear-canal headphones. The design is simple but the earphones look good and the owner should feel comfortable when wearing them.

    Sennheiser MX 365 Earphones
    One of Sennheiser’s least expensive earbuds available

    Build: The quality of the build is certainly one of the aspects that don’t really do justice to the earphone’s sound quality. Although the sound quality is top notch, the build seems to be prone to damage.

    Connection: The earphone jack is one of its strongest aspects when it comes to the overall quality of the build. They seem to fit in smoothly in most devices and the wire shouldn’t break down any time soon.

Read recent verified reviews by customers who bought the MX 365s on Amazon.


  • Great sound quality for such a small pair of headphones.
  • The design is very solid and makes the wearer look good.
  • The bass build is very good. The lows and deep sounds often present in music are easily highlighted with this pair of earphones.


  • They aren’t ideally made to be worn while lying down. Pressing your head against your bed or sofa can make you feel an uncomfortable pressure in your ears.
  • Some models might come with a faulty wire, which requires the buyer to contact the manufacturer in order to solve the issue.

Bottom Line:

Like many earphones, the MX 365 is especially designed to listen to music or video games on the go. Sennheiser also offers a wide variety of other small earphones that do a very good job, but this model is certainly one of the best in terms of quality and price tag.

Sennheiser CX300 Earbuds

A more affordable option is the CX300, an entry-level in ear headphones. It is a lightweight and comfortable set.

By design, you get shallow insertion to your ears–short nozzle and rounded housings, so the sound isolation is just reasonable. Though cable is thin, it does present microphonic noises at a noticeable level.

Most people are believed this is a really good pair when it comes to sound quality, but honestly they fool your ears with overwhelming bass. Actually, critical listeners pointed out their weakness at the low-end, which loosen in details. The mid-range is dry and has an average clarity. Though there a bright side of this pair, which offer you with spacious sound. For music genres like pop, rocks the CX300 play well.

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