7 of The Best In Ear Headphones Under $50 in 2017

Lightweight, compact size and music sealed in the ear without ambient noise are natural things people on the go like when they are shopping for smartphone’s best friend. And to begin with in ear canal sound, most people look for best earbuds in ear headphones that cost less than $50, a reasonable price point, I think, to get decent entry-level headphones. (you also get best over the ear headphones like Monoprice 108323, Sennheiser HD202 II and Panasonic RP-HTX7 for this price range)

Certainly it isn’t hard to get the best pair for the money, but which pair should you get depending largely on what is it for? Specifically if you priority sound quality, which is about a type of sound you like, possibly V-shaped, warm sounding, and bass emphasis are examples of. But In fact, some sound balanced, other on controversy simply hold back treble and throws over-whelming bass. For your taste, you may be more please with strong bass, and don’t always need balance sounding, definitely there are a few pairs with sound profile engineered for your preference.

Moreover, headphones today incorporate a lot of features and are varied in design. Whether you are looking for exercise-focused, travel or Bluetooth in ear headphones, you are always able to find really good options for your smartphone’s companion. At first, you might need active noise-cancelling feature to nullify jet engine noise on fights. Or if you sweat a lot during exercise you will need sports sweat-proof in ear headphones to survive that rough condition. The cable is never easy to manage and is a troublesome problem to your exercise, Bluetooth comes in and make things more convenient. In ear headphones also can work as a headset so you can make and receive calls easily with control on in-line remote and microphones.

Which pairs are better than the competition? The ones fails the competition often have poor sound quality and loosen fit that causes significantly down-gradation of sound and loss a lot of bass; Cables are easy to knot and break; they are built to last for just a month rather than forever. Here are our top’s picks for the better you can buy.

8 Top Rated $50 Earbuds In Ear Headphones


Sound Quality Note Fitting


Panasonic Ergofit 125

One of the most comfortable headphones under 30

 Natural souding


 sealed in-ear Eatips

In-line Mic control


If you hate strong, huge bass, don't buy this pair

 Big Bass


 sealed in-ear
Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT

Smallest, lightest earbuds under 50 -- plus great build

Balanced sounding for audiophiles


 sealed in-ear
MEIZU Bluetooth4.0 Earbuds EP-51

A quality, good looking bluetooth earbuds with mic and controls


 New star for Bluetooth sound  sealed in-ear Bluetooth

Extra secure fit with wing tips

In-line Mic control

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23

You may need a pair of cheap NC earbuds for your long-haul flights

 Average audio performance


 sealed in-ear  Noise Cancelling
YUIN PK3 Earbuds

 Out-dated style but good sound unsealed in-ear
 Sony STH30 Earbuds

Sony made a great sport unsealed earbuds, waterproof and extremely light

 Earpods alternative  unsealed in-ear  Waterproof

In line mic and control

Panasonic Ergofit 125

Best panasonic budget in ear headphones

Ergfit 125 is the way to go for so much work they could deliver whether for calls or music you like on the go.

Panasonic Ergofit 125 is a comfortable and balanced sounding in ear headphone. Fit them in your ear, you will feel that comfort and good noise blocking capacity are achieved from its ergonomic shape and lightweight as well as silicon eartips. Sticking well through eartips, which are universal–3 silicon pairs with different sizes. the earpieces are designed in the way that contour and sit comfortably in your ears.  The Ergofit 125 is available in five color options (Black, blue and orange, white and purple).

If you don’t need much richness of sound, fullness of body that can be only achievable in high-end models. Dig in Spotify catalogs, you will find these in ear headphones are worth for listening many kinds of music genres.

Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT

Durable, rugged earbuds without mic or volume control

Price: $35.60 (Buy Now) | Style: Sealed In Ear | Frequency Response: 8-24,000Hz | Driver Size: 5.78 mm | Driver type: Dynamic | Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW | Impedance: 16 ohms 

Normally in that sub-$50 price range, you dont’ what these earbuds can offer. The Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT are tiny, look good and sound astonishingly sweet. With the wide soundstage, impressive clarity and detail, and perfect balance, they sound better than the Ergofit 125. While the highs is smooth, the low-end is solid and crisp, though is not as plentiful as the next pair.

Sony MDRXB50AP, Extra Bass In Ear Headphones

Budget balanced sounding headphones such as ErgoFit 125 might not be a satisfactory option for those who like a lot of bass in music. That’s said the bass it punches isn’t the bass you love. Then an alternative, the MDR-XB50 with deep, bunchy and crisp bass, is made for the bass you will love.

Sony In Ear Headphones with powerful bass

Best budget bass earbuds


MDRXB50AP sounds great for R&B, Hip-hop, Techno and dance with sound signature, enhanced-bass.


  • Fit comfortably
  • Good noise isolation

  • Treble distortion
  • No inline control
  • A bit heavy
  • Large size

The Sony MDRXB50AP are a slick and stylish in ear headphone. It is also comfortable to wear and has flat cable to ensure nothing gets messed in your pocket with tangles and knots–it is easy to pull them out pocket.

Although their sound profile was designed for bass heads, they do excel in the treble and mid-range. Critical listeners would acclaim if it could add more texture and smooth to mids, which is also slightly recessed, and unfortunately I didn’t find it mellow.

Sony MDRXB50AP don’t sounds really good overall but definitely they are the best bass in ear headphones you can get for under 50.

Working out/sports in ear headphones
If you usually workout more often than listen to music, you should choose a sporty pair. The factors you should consider when choosing these necessary items for your running are wireless connection, fitting, comfort and durability. Workout headphones are designed to provide snug and comfortable fit, and they do stand rough conditions like sweat. For style, you could find the ones worn behind ears or hang around the neck. In ear headphones also include extra parts, which are commonly wings or earhooks to keeping the earpieces from falling out.

Bluetooth Earbuds In Ear Headphones

Snagging, cable bouncing, microphonics, long cable? No more. Bluetooth in ear sets offer more freedom to your move, thought it requires recharging, music streaming is interfered by your body, and sound quality isn’t as good as wired sets. But they are more convenient than the most wired models whether that’s on a run or working out sections at the gym.

That’s said, Bluetooth sound is more suitable for sports rather than for audiophiles. So you will find most wireless in ear headphones under 50 are for active persons.

Meizu’s EP-51 


Combine the audio performance and Bluetooth, the EP-51 is a great set. They look good, and sound good too. This is an alternative for Apple lightning earpods, if you like cordless experience and punchy bass. The battery is rated for 4 hours on a single charge, an hour less than Airpods’s battery.

They fit securely and comfortable with eartips and earhooks and can work as a decent headset for calls. You can pick the call by press the button on the inline remote, as well as adjust volume or navigate tracks.

Other Bluetooth earbuds from Mpow or TaoTronic would be also worth to mention here, but there design may not be that appealing to consider.

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Headphones

Around-the-neck style

The Samsung Level U, an around-the-neck- in ear headphones can be used as a decent headset for calls, they offer fairly solid sound for music. You can listen up to 10 hours on a single charge.

You get shallow insertion, which is less intrusive into your ear canals than other sets in this list. Due to this design, they don’t isolate noises well. They also don’t feature sweat-resistant feature, but you can use them for running, the Winged Stablizer eartips help keep the earbuds stable in the ear.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 Noise Cancelling In Ear Headphones

Best Noise Cancelling In Ear Headphones Under 50 with decent bass and effectiveness

ATH-ANC23: Good noise cancelling headphones under 50


The ATH-ANC23 is an excellent example of low priced in ear headphones that successfully combines good noise cancelling capacity and great audio performance.


  • Comfortable
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Cheap

  • Large battery box


Along with ACN feature, in the box with the headphones, a nice carrying case and removable AAA-battery are included. While the headphone itself has passive noise cancellation — eartips physically block the noise and the noise cancelling circuitry actively cancel out ambient noise. Since there are a few in ear headphones to compete in this category, ANC 23 works the most effective but isn’t as good as the high-end Bose QC 20, but it is much cheaper, and it does work properly.

In terms of sound quality, the earphones are decent for its price. Bass response is noticeable, though it doesn’t push much.

You’ve went through a type of in ear headphones that fits into your ear canals. The other type of in ear headphones, earbuds are also worth buying. People prefer this kind of headphones, since earbuds are less intrusive and somewhat more comfortable than CANALPHONES.

YUIN PK3 Earbuds

best in expensive earbuds by Yuin



The ATH-ANC23 sounds pretty good for the price. The sound quality it delivers is  far beyond its look.


  • Sweet mid-range
  • Decent bass

  • Paddings are not durable


The PK3 earbuds don’t feature eartips as most in ear sets do, instead they have paddings which fully wrap earpieces. This none-seal design brings about more comfort to users than canalphones. However, since the earpieces rest on the outer concha ridge of your ear, just outside the ear canal when you wear these earbuds, they don’t isolate noise well.

The PK3 does sound good with detail but a little bit less balanced than ErgoFit. Though, the PK3 presents live and airy sound, and one of the great things the PK3 has managed despite of its open design is that it has pretty good bass response, which almost earbuds fail to deliver. In addition to solid bass, bright, sparkling treble and smooth mid-range make the earbuds play best for country or vocal music.

Sony STH30 Earbuds

Sony Earbuds under 50

Look like somewhat Apple earbuds–housings with vent and filters, the STB30s is flash and stylish. It offers a better sound quality with spacious sound stage, and I found the low-ends of STB30 is crisp and reasonably pronounced. Because of the open-design, it doesn’t make the bass overwhelmed. But it represents a drawback when playing heavy bass music like HipHop, losing its advantage of clear treble and its bass becomes loosen.

It is waterproof too and more appropriate for sports than YUIN PK3.

The others (retired from this page)

When some pair of earbuds sound nearly identical you would judge the design and features to choose the right pair for you. Here are last pair we would recommend for the stellar sound quality for the money.

Brainwavz M5, Budget Audiophile Grade Headphones


The Brainwavz M5 is best value in the sub $50 category for its excellent sound quality and well build quality


  • Durable
  • Punchy and powerful bass

  • Not appealing design
  • Harsh treble at high volumes


The best value in ear set with lightweight, small and compact size for audiophiles on the tight budget.

Some in ear headphones don’t need to look as good as it sounds. True, the great sounding headphones don’t reflect how they look, and it happens to Brainwavz M5. But in exchange, you have very durable earbuds in ear headphones with rugged cable. Overall, M5 doesn’t deem to even sounding over all ranges, but what makes M5 become the best value is clear, lush and bright treble, which seems to go into every single detail. M5 generally brings about the best audio experience for this price range for all kinds of music.

Etymotic Research MC5 Great Noise Isolation For Treble Lovers

Offering a bunch of accessories and delivering the well-extended treble, these earbuds are great for those who like natural sound and precise highs. If you don’t use them as earbuds for music, they work well as earplugs when you feel annoyed with noises in your offices, cafe, shopping malls or all kinds of environments.

Those pairs mentioned in this articles overcomes the hecks most sub-earbuds have like lacking build quality, missing, overwhelmed or distorted bass.

1byone Bluetooth Earphones

Best Bluetooth in ear headphones that retail for less than 50
Previously, our favorite budget Bluetooth earphones are Soundpeats Qy7, but recently we have found and tested 1byone Bluetooth earphones, which are smaller in size, easier to fit and less sturdy.

It sounds good with bass, which I found is well extended and fairly deep. The mid-ranges remains sweet and natural. At high volume levels the treble become a bit harsh and edgy but overall I feel it crisp. 1byone is not as easy as Soundpeats Qy7 to set up–press and hold mutiple function button they will switch to paring mode. The battery is quite short, from 4 to 5 hours depending on volume level. Eartips provide a level of noise isolation, and the earhook, addition parts designed as wings to lock buds in place do a good job to keep the earpieces in place. The cord management is also practical when you need to adjust the cord length.

See more best cheap Bluetooth earbuds

I made a list of IEMs and Earbuds in the past were received possitive reviews.

Venture Electronics VE MONK Plus ($5): this looks like old-school headphones, you can order from China for $5. It is also availabe on Amazon for $10. Don’t judget how it looks and its low price, the sound is really plesant to hear in somewhat pure.

Edifier Hi-Fi: Unsealed earbuds often lose the bass, but they gain the open sound stage. This is exactly Edifier Hi-Fi did.  But it did better than average by pumping in a considerable amount of bass. It also sounded clear with transparent highs.

Nuforce NE-600X-BLK: Price for less than $20, the metal earbuds offers good bass impact, an alternative for Sony MDRXB50AP if you have small ears.

SoundMagic E10: Feel solid on hand. It offers Also a good set with strong, solid bass.

Monoprice 8320: They sound good too, with clarity and detail of sound. You wear these earbuds by wrapping the cable around ears.

Note that some pairs are lack of remote control, which mean when you want to adjust the volume or change track you need to disrupt your phone. For the quality of those earbuds, if you use them everyday, the eartips or cable are more likely to break.

Updated on 01/05/2017

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