Best Gaming Headset Under $100

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Gaming headsets have a bad reputation in the gaming industry. For a long time, they were touted as cheaper and inferior alternatives to audiophile headphones. But thanks to efforts of brands such as Hyperx and Sennheiser Gaming, we now have quality gaming headsets for the masses. 

Our top pick is the Sennheiser GSP 300 due to its excellent sound and microphone quality. We also have the Corsair HS50 as our best budget pick. Those are only two of the great headsets on this list. There is more to find here, so keep on scrolling to find out more. 

Also, if you are interested in a gaming headset that performs specifically for FPS, then make sure to also check out our Best Gaming Headsets for Hearing Footsteps article. 

Best Gaming Headset Under $100 (Wired & Wireless Headsets) 

Sennheiser GSP 300 – Best Sounding 

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic, Flip-to-Mute, Comfortable Memory Foam Ear Pads, Headphones for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphone compatible.
Sennheiser GSP 300 (Image: Amazon)

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Sennheiser is a well-respected brand in the audio industry. They are responsible for making the best audio equipment for professional and casual use. They have also successfully created multiple award-winning gaming headsets that are trusted by professionals. One example is the Sennheiser GSP300

The Sennheiser GSP 300 is Sennheiser’s answer to the likes of the Hyperx Cloud and Logitech Gaming’s offerings.  It sports a unique design that is significantly different from their past offerings like the Game One and Game Zero. It also has different drivers that are tuned specifically for the GSP Series. 

In terms of sound signature, the GSP 300 is going for a more V-shaped signature. The bass is a bit boosted but does not overpower the midrange. The midrange is a bit recessed but is still fairly detailed. The highs are also boosted but are well controlled and do not present much harshness. 

This sound signature works well in a variety of different genres. It offers enough immersion for open-world single-player titles but also gives a competitive edge in competitive titles such as CS: GO and Valorant. For FPS titles, the clarity and detail in the highs allow you to hear footsteps easier.

And, unlike other closed-back gaming headsets, the GSP300 has a wide soundstage and excellent imaging. It is still inferior to open-back headphones but is arguably a step in the right direction. The soundstage may sound artificial at times, but it does its job and helps both with immersion and in locating enemies. 

In terms of the build quality, the GSP300 has a solid plastic construction that makes it lightweight and comfortable for longer gaming sessions. However, one criticism of the design is its bulky nature. The side is protruding from the sides of your head and make them look uncomfortable. This is arguably Sennheiser’s least aesthetically pleasing design. 

But despite the odd design, the GSP300 is one of the most comfortable gaming headsets on this list. Sennheiser is a veteran when it comes to making headphones, so this does not come as a surprise. Some users just wish that the GSP lineup could have stayed closer to their more traditional designs (such as the Game Zero). 

The microphone is arguably one of the weak points of most gaming headsets. Most gaming headsets have a nasal and over-compressed sounding mic that feels subpar and unusable for anything outside of voice chat. Luckily, this is not the case for the GSP 300. 

Sennheiser has managed to bring the excellent sound quality of the higher-end Sennheiser gaming headsets into the GSP 300. It is has a clear, full-bodied, and natural tone, which is the opposite of most gaming headsets. It should be good for applications like in-game voice chat and live streaming. 

And as a bonus, it has an integrated mic mute function. Just push microphone arm upwards, and the microphone automatically mutes. 

Overall, if you want the complete package, the Sennheiser GSP 300 is one of the best gaming headsets you can buy. It has the sound quality that delivers and helps you spot your enemies’ footsteps. And it also has the build quality that will help the headset last for years to come. 


The Sennheiser GSP 300 offers the complete package with its excellent sound quality, microphone, and build quality. You are getting a quality headset from a reputable brand. 


The design will not fit everyone’s tastes. The older designs based on the Sennheiser HD598 arguably looks cleaner. 

Hyperx Cloud Alpha – Best Value 

HyperX Cloud Alpha - Gaming Headset, Dual Chamber Drivers, Award Winning Comfort, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices – Red
HyperX Cloud Alpha (Image: Amazon)

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Hyperx has become a household brand in the gaming industry, thanks to their quality products. And unlike other mainstream brands, Hyperx has a strong gaming headset lineup, which is led by the Hyperx Cloud Series. And one of the best values that you can get in the Cloud series is the Cloud Alpha

What makes the Cloud series such a good choice is their sound quality. The Cloud series is based on the Takstar Pro 80, an already great-sounding pair that was aimed for professionals. Thanks to its tuning, the Cloud series easily overtook most of its competitors. 

The Hyperx Cloud Alpha is currently the entry-level model of the Cloud series. Unlike the Hyperx Cloud 2, there are no extra accessories such as sound cards included. Instead, Hyperx focuses on making the Cloud Alpha a standalone product that sounds great out of the box.

In terms of the sound quality, the Cloud Alpha has a similar signature to the Sennheiser GSP 300. The overall signature is V-Shaped, meaning the bass and highs are slightly boosted. The bass is solid and clear without extending into the mids. The bass remains clean and does not distort even at louder volumes. 

Both the mids and highs are clear and detailed. The highs, in particular, allow easy detection of footsteps in FPS titles. However, due to their closed-back design, they don’t have a very wide soundstage. 

What this means is that the Clouds are less immersive compared to other gaming headsets such as the GSP 300. But despite its soundstage, the imaging is still solid. You will not have a problem with detecting enemies in more competitive titles. 

The one downfall of the Cloud series is its microphone. The microphone is a detachable 3.5mm microphone that is convenient but not the best sounding. Unfortunately, it suffers from the unnatural and unclear tone of most gaming headsets. It is usable, but it is not the best on this list. 

The one thing that it has over its competitors is its form factor. The Hyperx Cloud is one of the least “gamer” looking headsets on this list. Due to its size and detachable microphone, you won’t feel out of place when wearing this outside. The same can’t be said with the likes of the Sennheiser GSP 300. 

Overall, if you are looking for a great value gaming headset that can be used outside of gaming, then you can’t go wrong with the Cloud. It has a great build and sound quality. And apart from its microphone, it doesn’t do anything wrong.  


The Hyperx Cloud Alpha does everything right from sound quality to build quality. If you are not too critical on the sound and just want a solid feeling headset, then give the Cloud Alpha a try. 


The microphone in the Hyperx Cloud Alpha leaves a lot to be desired. It has that traditional nasal and overcompressed tone that plagues most gaming headsets. 

Fnatic React 

Fnatic React Gaming Headset for PS4/PC with 53mm Drivers, Stereo Sound
Fnatic React (Image: Amazon)

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Fnatic is a household name in the professional gaming scene. They have produced many successful talents in various different games such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends. However, they are not as popular as Logitech or Hyperx when it comes to gaming headsets. 

This all changes with the Fnatic React. This headset is Fnatic’s answer to the Hyperx Cloud and Logitech G Pro X. But instead of focusing on special features to stand out, the Fnatic React focuses on achieving good sound and mic quality in order to stand out. 

At first glance, the Fnatic React resembles the popular Hyperx Cloud. However, it is not using the same OEM (Takstar) as the Clouds. The sound signature indicates that the React is a completely different and original design from the Hyperx Cloud. 

In terms of the design, the Fnatic React does have that iconic black and orange branding, but it is kept to a minimum and is not distracting in any way. The headset mostly has a stealth black color with the inside of the earcups having an orange color. 

Now, in terms of sound quality, the Fnatic React delivers. It has adequate bass that does not easily distort like the Cloud II. It also does not overextend into the midrange making sound cues loud and clear. 

The highs on the Fnatic React are well controlled. Sound cues such as footsteps are loud and clear but are not fatiguing over longer gaming sessions. 

The soundstage has some artificial widening that can be noticed at times. However, it does its job and helps with pinpointing how far your enemies are. Imaging is also spot on and on par with the rest of the headsets on this list. 

The biggest difference between the Fnatic React and its competitors is its mic quality. The microphone quality is surprisingly good. It has good clarity and has a natural tone, which is more pleasing compared to the nasal quality that other gaming headsets have. 

The downside here is that there isn’t much noise cancellation going on, so mouse clicks and keyboard noises will be heard. There is also no software or USB sound card included, so the sound of your microphone will depend on the quality of your source. 

Overall, the Fnatic React is a very capable headset for FPS. It has the sound quality to match its competitors. If you want good sound quality and microphone quality and are willing to sacrifice some extra features, then the Fnatic React may just be the way to go. 


The Fnatic React delivers in terms of sound quality. It is arguably a better version of the Cloud series for FPS. 


The microphone is still not the best, but it is a step above its competitors (the Cloud series in particular). 

Corsair HS50 Pro – Best Budget Pick 

Corsair HS50 Pro - Stereo Gaming Headset - Discord Certified Headphones - Works with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android – Carbon
Corsair HS50 Pro (Image: Amazon)

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Corsair has been a major competitor in the gaming peripheral market. However, they have not been that successful when it comes to gaming headsets. They have made great gaming headsets in the past, but those were still considerably leagues behind their competitors. They always tend to put over the top features such as RGB on their gaming headsets, but they always forget to focus on the fundamentals, specifically the sound quality. 

However, with the Corsair HS50, Corsair went back basics and was able to craft one of the best budget gaming headsets. But Corsair is not stopping there. They have updated the HS50 with the new HS50 Pro, which is incorporating new custom-tuned drivers to further improve the already excellent sound quality of the original model. 

In terms of aesthetics, the HS50 is available in the original black color scheme as well as a new black and blue accent color scheme. The new color scheme is well executed as it manages to give a bit of personality to the all-black color scheme without going over the top like other gaming headsets (including Corsair’s previous headsets). 

There is still minimal branding apart from the updated Corsair logo on the earcups and on the headband. This aesthetic choice makes the Corsair HS50 Pro a great pair to wear outside like the Hyperx Cloud series. And speaking of the Cloud series, the Corsair HS50 Pro also has a detachable microphone.   

It can be placed and removed on the right earcup. There is a mic mute button and volume control dial located behind the left earcup, which is the perfect spot for controls. In terms of the mic quality, it is not the best. This is to be expected since most removable microphones aren’t that great, but it is still clear and usable for in-game voice chat. 

The highlight of the Corsair HS50 Pro is the sound quality. The original HS50 caught everyone off guard since it had a sound signature that was similar to studio headphones, and it had a considerably wide soundstage. With the new drivers, the sound quality is further improved with the Pro model. 

The main difference is that the Pro now has more emphasis on the mid and high frequencies. Highs are more detailed and allow you to hear sound cues such as footsteps easier. Bass is also now tighter without bleeding into the midrange. 

This kind of sound quality for its asking price is usually unheard of in the gaming headset market. And it is not just sound quality. The build quality is exceptional as well on the HS50. 

The HS50 Pro is mostly made of plastic, but it does not feel fragile and should be able to take a beating. The headband is made of aluminum, which makes it very unlikely for the headband to crack. 

Overall, the Corsair HS50 is just like the GSP 300. It manages to bring the full package for an incredibly low asking price. If you are looking for the best budget gaming headset, then it is hard to argue that the HS50 Pro is not the best. 


The Corsair HS50 is arguably the best-sounding budget gaming headset. It also has a respectable build quality that manages to even beat more expensive gaming headsets. 


The Corsair HS50 is not perfect. The microphone, in particular, could use some tweaking.

Cooler Master MH751 – Best Detachable Microphone

Cooler Master MH-751 MH751 2.0 Gaming Headset with Plush, Swiveled Earcups, 40mm Neodymium Drivers, and Omni-Directional Boom Mic for PC, PS4, and Xbox,Black
Cooler Master MH-751 (Image: Amazon)

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Cooler Master is yet another brand that is competitive in the gaming peripheral market. However, when it comes to gaming headsets, they are probably not the first company that you will think of. But thanks to the Cooler Master MH751, Cooler Master can now challenge the likes of Corsair and Hyperx in the gaming headset arena. 

Cooler master takes a page from the Hyperx Cloud series by also using an OEM. The MH751 is based on the Takstar Pro 82, which has also been featured in our Best Low Impedance Headphones article. It is considered an upgrade to the Takstar Pro 80 where the Hyperx Cloud is based on. 

In terms of aesthetics, the Cooler Master MH751 has a clean and simple look. It has an all-black color scheme with minimal branding part from the ones in the earcups. It follows the Hyperx Cloud and Corsair HS50’s design minimalistic design aesthetics. If you remove the microphone, the MH751 can be mistaken for a professional pair. 

One omission on the MH751 that was present in the Takstar Pro 82 is the bass port. However, since that was poorly implemented on the Pro 82, it is not a big deal. 

One of the most surprising features of the Cooler Master MH751 is its excellent microphone. By now, the theme is that most gaming headsets apart from Sennheiser’s offerings deliver poor quality audio. This is even more apparent with detachable microphones.

However, this is not the case for the MH751. The microphone captures the natural tone in the voice and does not introduce any weird compression. It sounds closer to a proper studio microphone compared to the nasal sounding microphone found in most gaming headsets. 

The only downside is that the microphone does not have noise cancellation. Loud noises such as keyboard and mouse clicks will be heard. Depending on your situation, that can be a valid tradeoff. 

Finally, let us talk about the sound quality. Since this pair is based on a studio monitor, the sound signature is fairly neutral. Bass is adequate and adds body but is not as prominent as the other gaming headsets on this list. 

The highs are smooth and do not cause any listening fatigue. They are detailed enough to allow you to hear footsteps easily. Mids are detailed and are not as recessed compared to other V-shaped gaming headsets. 

The weakness of the MH751 is the same weakness that most closed-back studio monitors have, which is the soundstage. The soundstage on the MH751 feels tight and can take away from the immersion on wide environments such as open-world games. However, the good thing is imaging does not take a hit, so you can still easily pinpoint the directions of sounds without a problem.

Overall, the Cooler Master MH751 offers a lot of value for its asking price. It is one of the only headsets outside of the GSP 300 that offers both excellent sound quality and microphone quality.  


The Cooler Master MH751 delivers both in sound and microphone quality. For the price that you are paying, there are no compromises.


There are slight issues with the MH751 such as its narrow soundstage. This is normal for most closed-back headphones, including the Takstar Pro 82, so it isn’t entirely the MH751’s fault. 

Logitech G Pro 

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset, Black
Logitech G Pro (Image: Amazon)

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The Logitech G Pro is Logitech’s entry into the professional esports headset market. It is the older version of the Logitech G Pro X. It has some key differences 

The major differences are the sound signature and the microphone. The Logitech G Pro and G Pro X are both utilizing the same drivers. However, the G Pro is less refined but more open sounding. It has a more open soundstage that is reminiscent of the GSP 300. 

The overall sound of the G Pro is balanced. The bass gives enough body without being too overwhelming. The highs are slightly toned down but still manages to capture enough detail for sound cues like footsteps. The mids are adequate, but they are nothing special.

The overall tuning is optimized for competitive gaming, as the name implies. You can also use them for music, but there are better-sounding alternatives for that purpose. 

The other key difference between the G Pro and G Pro X is the microphone. The new G Pro X is using the Blue Voice software to customize and fine-tune the microphone. However, on the original G Pro, there isn’t anything included to help you refine your voice. 

However, this should not be too much of a problem. Both microphones sound almost identical. The Blue Voice and microphone “upgrade” is not worth the extra price premium. 

In terms of the build quality, the G Pro X is sturdy thanks to its aluminum headband and high-quality plastic build. This headphone is made to be taken to different venues, so it is nice to see some attention on the build quality. 

The design is also minimalistic, just like most of the headsets on this list. Logitech has been known to make over the top designs with RGB, so it is nine to see that they strayed away from that aesthetic choice with the G Pro series. 

Overall, if you want a gaming headset that is strictly made for competitive gaming, then the Logitech G Pro is a strong competitor in the sub 100 USD price range. 

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The Logitech G Pro is truly a headset built for pro gaming. Everything from the build quality and sound quality is optimized for gaming. 


The G Pro lacks the Blue Voice functionality of the G Pro X. And also, it isn’t as good as other options such as the Corsair HS50. 

Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless – Budget Wireless Pick 

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset - USB-C Wireless - Detachable Clearcast Microphone - for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Lite, Android - Black - Playstation 4
SteelSeries Arctis 1 (Image: Amazon)

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As a bonus, we also have a budget wireless gaming headset on this list. Due to the more complex technology, wireless headsets are generally more expensive. One of the best entry-level wireless gaming headsets is the Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless

The appeal of the Arctis 1 Wireless is its compatibility and its sound quality. It is marketed as a multiplatform headset that is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So if you own multiple devices, then you can seamlessly transition from one device to the other without much hassle. 

The sound quality of the Arctis 1 is almost identical to the Arctis 7 sine they are utilizing the same drivers. Considering the huge price gap between the two, the Arctis 1 is a steal.

Unfortunately, the Arctis 1 is not perfect. The one area where the lower price point is reflected is in the build quality. The headband area does not feel as well built as the rest of the headphones. They should be fine for shorter gaming periods, but users may start feeling pressure buildup in that area for extended sessions. 

In terms of battery life, the Arctis 1 Wireless has a 20-hour battery life, which is more than enough. You can also use the provided 3.5mm cable to continue using the Arctis 1 if you run out of battery or if you want to use the Arctis 1 for older and incompatible devices. 

Overall, if you are looking for a wireless audio solution for your Switch and do not want to spend an extra amount on 3rd party dongles, then the Arctis 1 is the best wireless gaming headset for you. 

See Full Specs on SteelSeries


The Arctis 1 combines stable wireless functionality, sound quality, and multiplatform support into one complete package. 


You are trading wireless convenience for sound quality here. This means that the Arctis 1 is not the best-sounding gaming headset on this list. 

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