Top 5 Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds In Ear Headphones of 2018

Budget wireless Bluetooth earbuds that have both style and sound you like do exist. Here we’ve rounded up 5 of the best possible sub $50 Bluetooth pairs for you. Well, they are as not as good as some premium sport headphones like Jaybird X3, Bose SoundSport Wireless or Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless, which stands out from the crowd by their great sound quality and appealing design. But let’s try having those budget pairs on, I’m sure you will be impressive by how these earbuds manage to fit and sound. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear and once they fit properly with a good achievement of passive noise isolation, they will excel what you would be expected.

Five Of The Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds are varied in styling, but how about their sound quality?

There are some things you should know about the fit. Most cheap Bluetooth earbuds are designed for sports so they are supplied with wing-tip or silicon hangers. The hangers are worn around the ear, providing an additional secure fit – with these parts you are never worried about your earbuds falling out. By design we can divide those earbuds into 2 types: around the neck and regular ones with a short cable.

1. Anker SoundBuds Slim

wireless bluetooth earphones

The SoundBuds Slim has great build quality with metal buds, the look and feel are far more than what you pay for. They fit securely and comfortably with wing tips, and manage to keep Bluetooth connection stable within 10 meter range.

In terms of sound overall they sound decent, but the treble feels a bit edgy but it is still quite pleasant to listen to, and  I wish the bass could be more crisp. If you look for a quality pair of earbuds, not very picky a bout the sound, the SoundBuds Slim is considerably the best option.

  • Great build quality for the price
  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Identical to other models from other brands

2. LyreBeats-S1 Sport Wireless Earbuds

LyreBeats-S1 Bluetooth headphones

Android users can check the battery level of LyreBeats-S1 by companion app

Beats has been greatly successful with their PowerBeats wireless earbuds, which represents fashion, sports design and bass enhanced sound signature. But they are expensive and don’t always provide best fit into your ears. LyreBeats-S1 wireless Sports Earphones only cost a fraction of PowerBeats Wireless’s price, but they sound really impressive. If you like something look a little bit like Beats, but offer better noise isolation, the LyreBeats-S1 would be the pair for your next workout session.

  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Solid bass, clear treble
  • Control buttons feel a bit cheap
  • Average build quality

>>Read full review of LyreBeats-S1

3. SoundPEATS QY7

one of those best cheap bluetooth earbuds is definitely the SoundPEATS QY7

A sweat-proof, earbud-style headphone that’s comfortable and fits securely while you work out.

The Qy7 sounds good for the price ($22.99). It is comfortable to wear and offers a bunch of accessories, including earhooks, tips, and a nice carrying case.

Flat cable without a inline control makes it less prone to mirophonic noises.

Though it looks a little bit sturdy, the SoundPeats QY7 stays well-balanced in your ear whatever activtives you are engaged in.

Rated possitively by thousand buyers, this pair will impress you with both feature and audio performance.

4. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds in a collar form

Best affordable bluetooth headphones with a collar

You can wear this around-the-neck headphone all day for both calls and music listening

As I said in my post about around the neck Bluetooth headphone, the collar-design is not for every one. But if you like it, go for it. You would get the advantage of around the neck design, when not in use the earbuds hang over there and since the entire earbuds are light and you don’t feel them at all. Skullcandy Ink’d is the best set for the price, and it can play 7 hours between charges. 

  • Flexible neckband
  • Decent sound
  • Looks cheap

5. Sony MDR-XB50BS

A Sony headphone with Beats Powerbeats2 size

The XB50BS feels light and sturdy, yet it fits well and sound decent at a resonable price point. Its bass isn’t as punchy as Jaybird X3, and just enough to make you feel “bass is there without being bloating or boomy”. If you listen bass-heavy music, this set also excels.

It is the winner in this top 5 considering the battery, which can play up to 8 hours continuosly. The XB50BS aslo delivers an average job for calls.

We notice recently this pair is way more expensive than its original price, so it is no longer in our top list.

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Best cheap true wireless earbuds soundpeats

If you like completely cordless experience for exercise, the SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds are definitely a great choice. They fit exceptionally securely and their style I guess was inspired by Beats Powerbeats. The battery is quite good with 5 hours between charges and its sound is good too.

While Apple Airpods or Jabra Elite sports are expensive, the Soundpeats cost only a fraction of those, but they are able to deliver mostly what active personalities seek for.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds

These are one of the best designed earbuds I’ve seen in this category. They comes with wingtips that provide great fit for sports. The slick metal on the back of housing makes it look more stylish.

The Bluetooth earbuds are also light and pretty durable, and they are sweat resistant. The battery is rated 5 hours, which is a little below average but considering its size it is fine. Tao earbuds sound clear with decent amount of bass.

Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth 4.1: The BestWireless Sports Earbuds For The Gym

Sturdy yet lightweight wireless sports earbuds

They look bulkier than our top pick

Every time you hit the gym, the solid pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds is essential. Of course, the Wolverine is one of those. It is cheap and sounds great for the price–don’t expect the world (rich sound and deep bass) with $20 earbuds, their sound is lack of bass.

The Wolverine is sweat-proof and the entire construction is built endure the sweat and varied movements of a vigorous workout.

They have an inline control, and more importantly they give you best fit with various earhooks and eartips. In turn, they provide good noise isolation.

Photive PH-BTE70

Budget bluetooth sports earbuds with rubberized hangers, which can be bendable around the ear

For working out this set is great at both sound isolation and fitting securely

Styled somewhat similarly to Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless, the Photive PH-BTE70 sounds good and have a better noise isolation. It also has bendable hangers, which you can adjust to fit over the earfor extra stability. Photive Bluetooth earbuds’ battery lasts a bit longer than 1byone Bluetooth headphones, with 6 hours for streaming music. But apparently it looks sturdy and has controls and mic that position on the right earbud, while 1Byone has an inline remote.

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2

Go2 decent wireless earbuds for jogging

The Go 2 has better build quality with durable design and is smaller in size than to 1byone. It is also waterproof, and includes a very useful charging case, enabling you to charge your in ear set anywhere when they run of of juice.

The Go2 is not just for music on the go–they isolate noise well when you enjoy music on train or noisy places, they are also for gym users. They sound decent and their Bluetooth connection is reliable. But they don’t fit as secure as Photive or 1Buyone does. So if you tend to by Bluetooth earbuds mainly for your workout the Photive is a better choice.

Camond Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds: The Best For runners

Bluetooth Earbuds for runners with cord shortener

Runners don’t require much about high-quality of sound, but comfortble and snug fit from wireless earbuds. Plus, since while running you sweat a lot, so wireless earbuds should be water/sweat-resistant. Cambond Bluetooth 4.1 wireless earbuds are for this purpose. They provide excellent fit with flexible hooks, which wrap around your ear for desire fit, so the earbuds never fall out.

You get a plenty of playback time, 10 hours on average volume level, I was surprised that cheap Bluetooth earbuds can have such long batery life. The Cambond also added a handy feature that can connect more than two devices and you can manually switch back and forth between them.

Meizu’s EP-51: The Best For Sound Quality

Best cheap bluetooth wireless earbuds for sound quality

Cool “metal look” Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

Most wireless earbuds are supposed to have good sound starting at around $100 such as the Jaybrid Freedoom, pricing more than $150. The $29 Meizu’s MP-51, a new Bluetooth headset from a Chinese company is a game changer and could ashame others. It sounds good with balanced sounding profile like Apple earpods but puts on more bass and offers a better sound isolation. As you might have known the bass quality will increase if the earbuds seal in the ear better.

Apple removed the headphone jack in their latest version of Iphone. Well here’s how Bluetooth earbuds are going to be handy. If you would like to replace Apple lightning wire earbuds, the Meizu MP-51 would be a nice choice. You don’t have to sacrifice the sound quality, we tested 2 sets and both has natural sound, but the MP-51 sounded better with strong bass and more details.

It fits right and snugly. It features water/sweat resistance, and when not in use two earbuds are magnetically attached–one great way to keep things stay neat on your neck.

The sports headset also comes with an inline control, which includes mic for calls and buttons for track navigation.

How do we pick Bluetooth earbuds? 

Price: If you can’t afford the high-end wireless earbuds like Jaybird X3 or Airpods ($150) totally cordless earbud, there are a plenty of budget options out there. Pretty much that makes it difficult for you to pick a pair. But by narrowing it down, I assumed that these options cost under $50 there are a few good picks (you can aslo buy on ear Bluetooth headphones like Creative Sound Blaster Jam in this price range)–Don’t worry they work with your lalest Iphone with no headphone jack. They may come from no-name companies or very well known makers (Sony, Samsung, Anker). In addition to the price we consider fitting, comfort, stabitility of Bluetooth connection and battery life. Most importantly the sound quality is the decisive factor probably you are interested in when looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones for sports. Finally concerning the quality, I don’t think these wireless earbuds are rugged enough over years if you often take it to the gym.

Totally wireless VS “wire” wireless: You may prefer a pair of Bluetooth earbuds without cord, they often have shorter battery than regular ones. But in turn you are free from the cable.

You may get the same pair from many brands: Quick search on Amazon you may find out that a lot of pairs, which come from different brands. But they are manufactured by the same factory. Not only do they share the same sounding profile, but hey look pretty similar . This is because they were outsoured from the same Chinese companies that list their products on Alibaba. The sellers will contact to those companies and discuss how to redesign the products, basically the drivers and hardware will not be re-engineered. The next steps they will re-brand their Bluetooth earbuds. And you get a more stylish earbud but with the same sound quality. Indeed, the price of those earbuds are varied. You can identify several brands have the same design as our top pick Anker SoundBuds Slim because it is very likely that they have come out of the same Chinese factory.

Battery life: Most Bluetooth earbuds we test have more than 5 hours of battery. If the battery life does matter, you should add the powerbank or earbuds charging case to your shopping cart.

Sound quality: For the sound, you get used what you hear but if you regularly swich back and forth 2 pairs, in which one pair is better than the other, you will tend to abuse the better.

Bluetooth chipset: Aside from audio quality and design, most budget Bluetooth earbuds don’t have some smart features. None of them have companion app for checking battery status or location tracking. And you may know they are listed with different price. This is because the quality and Bluetooth chipset equipped in those earphones. Among CSR qualcomm, Airoha, JL I prefer CSR chipset, which provide better sound quality in terms of details and clear. But the housing desing of earbuds also plays a very important role how the sound is tuned.

Fake Reviews: It is a common practice that sellers on Amazon do some tricks to get positive review for their products, so some earbuds may end up with hundred of 5 rating stars, which isn’t necessary that they will sound good. If you want to try out a new pair, it’d be better check the authenticity of reviews. 

TaoTronics Bluetooth and Phaiser BHS-730 are wireless earbuds that recently I’ve found on Amazon. They  are bombarded with thousands of reviews, but I haven’t tried them out yet. 

In ear vs on ear/over ears: If you like more bass and spacious sound but less portable, the on ear Bluetooth Creative Sound Blaster Jam and Jabra MOVE Wireless are great choices.

Updated on 10/26/2017


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