The Beats co founder once said “People aren’t hearing all the music”. This wasn’t just a marketing ploy. By saying this he means most people miss a substantial amount of bass in the music they are listening to.

As a recorder and producer he wants people to hear that big bass. Beats by Dre fuses their strategic marketing campaign together with their signature sound and appealing designs. They have been motivating other headphone makers to include enhanced bass in their headphones as well.

Top 6 Best Bass Earbuds In Ear Headphones

When it comes to choosing a pair of bass heavy earbuds, comfort and fit should be considered but, obviously, bass should be the main determining factor.

FiiO F9 Bass In Earbuds In Ear Monitors

FiiO F9 PRO Headphones
Incredible Build Quality and Sound

Bass heads looking for huge bass aren’t too concerned with neutral and precise sound. The FiiO F9 earbuds aren’t all about balanced sound, but they are all about that bass.

They have the best build quality for the price and the technology in the hardware is high-end. These earbuds blast bass with a 9.2 mm dynamic driver and dual balanced armature drivers which deliver bass and detailed, clear sound.


The detachable earpieces are a great feature because you can replace the cable if necessary.

  • Great build quality
  • Bright sound and plenty of terrific bass
  • Comfortable over the ear style
  • Highs are a little bit harsh

Aurisonic Kicker

[wp-review id=”4663″]The Aurisonic Kicker are truly bass heavy earbuds which carry great bass depth and impact. Not only that, but they sound smooth and pleasant over all ranges. These earbuds are 3D printed so they contour brilliantly to your ears and are very comfortable.

The headphones are lightweight and solidly built with a rugged cable which is detachable. This is a safety feature to keep the headphones from being damaged or broken by an accidental tug on the cord.  The eartips provide a solid, snug fit.

The Aurisonic Kicker earbuds aren’t cheap, but based on the bass they offer, similar sets cost much more.

  • Exceptionally deep bass
  • Huge bass impact
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable and great noise isolation
  • Over-ear style
  • Eartip design is not the best

Pioneer SE-CX8-T

Pioneer SE-CX8-T Headphones
Huge Bass with a Stylish, Modern Look


Featuring a 9.4mm Dynamic Driver, the Pioneer SE-CX8 earbuds bring you a unique listening experience. Once you crank the volume up, these earbuds are able to shake your ear canals and they do vibrate at low frequencies. The bass impact is huge, however the bass overall is moderately deep while mid-range are slightly recessed and highs are quite pleasant. Note that if you play music at low volumes, the bass will calm down and may not offer enough bass for your taste.

In order to deliver a big bass impact the housings are quite large and the cable is somewhat heavy. It is a plus that the cable can be detachable and is flat to resist tangles. 


Sony MDR-XB90EX Extra Bass Headphones
Great for All Types of Music

With 16 mm dynamic drivers, the Sony MDR-XB90EX delivers incredible bass depth and impact. The sub-bass is especially phenomenal and considerably refined even on high volumes. In addition to the extremely punchy bass, the Sony MDR-XB90EX earbuds also deliver clear and precise mid-tones and treble making them perfect for listening to a wide range of music in addition to bass-heavy music.

These lightweight extra-bass earbuds come with an serrated, tangle-free cord and are very comfortable to wear over long listening sessions. The angled nozzle design and earbud housing with assist fitting do a good job of keeping the earbuds from falling out.

The Sony MDR-XB90EX may not come with inline controls or a microphone, but the combination of class-leading bass performance and durable build quality in a lightweight package makes them an excellent buy for bass lovers in this price range.

  • Exceptionally punchy and powerful bass performance
  • Extreme sub-bass performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lightweight
  • No inline controls or mic
  • Bulky look

HiSoundAudio HW2

Outstanding bass impact packed in comfortable and affordable earbuds
Basshead Earbuds with Wooden Housings

The HiSoundAudio HW2 earbuds stand out among other bass earbuds not only because of their wooden construction, but also their solid bass performance. The earbud housings, which are built from rosewood, are small and lightweight. The overwhelming bass is obtained from the 9 mm drivers offer deep and powerful bass. The mid-range and treble are clear but quite crunchy.

The cable is bright red and tangle-free, but it is quite stiff, making it difficult if you want to wear the headphones over your ears. The HiSoundAudio HW2 earbuds come with six pairs of eartips and a carrying case.

Overall, the HiSoundAudio HW2 deliver good and balanced sound performance with an emphasis on bass at a very attractive price.

  • Deep bass and big bass impact
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Wooden construction and design is not to everyone’s taste
  • Bass is good but not exceptionally rich and deep
  • No inline controls


RHA MA-750: Heavy Bass Earbuds

Excellent Noise Isolating Earbuds

The RHA MA-750 earbuds are well-built and sound great. They come with a durable and thick, tangle-resistant cable which also has soft four-inch earhooks on the earpieces ends for over the ear wear style. These bassy earbuds are constructed solidly with stainless steel and definitely have a premium feel to it.

One drawback of most bass earbuds is that they overwhelm you with bass instead offering crisp details and a pure listening experience. The RHA MA-750 earbuds, however, manage to overcome this by delivering a nice clean sound that includes prevalent and punchy bass. The impact of the bass doesn’t reach the level of XB90EX, but it sounds great.

The full, well extended treble and bass enhanced mid-range gives an overall recessed style, V-shaped sound profile. These earbuds deliver a notably rich and deep low-end bass performance, even at high volume levels. The mid-bass of the MA-750 earbuds is decent, but clearly the focus of the low-ends tends to be on sub-bass, making the sound too bassy at times. The mid-range is also clear and smooth, while the treble is bright and well extended.

Stainless steel housings make these earbuds heavier than their competitors, but the weight is barely noticeable while wearing them over-the-ear. Additionally, they stay comfortably and fit evenly in you ears.

  • Very solid build quality and finish
  • Clean sound
  • Crisp and abundant bass
  • Heavy and bulky
  • No mic or inline control
  • Sturdy look

Beats Tour 2.0: Sporty Bass Earbuds

Beats Tour2
Stylish and Bass Heavy Earbuds

Beats Tour 2.0 are another set of bass head earbuds offering extreme bass performance and flashy style in an eye-catching package. These lightweight earphones feature a convenient, tangle-free flat cord that lets you store them in your pocket without worrying about messy cord knots. Other convenient features include a built-in microphone and inline remote with 3 buttons for volume, playback and call functions.

The earphones come with 4 pairs of ear tips as well as 3 pairs of wing-tips (also called earhooks). The eartips ensure a perfect, customized fit into the ear canal and provide effective noise isolation. The wing-tips lock the earbuds in the ear, keeping them from falling out. These features make Tour 2.0 perfect for fitness activities.

The Tour 2.0 pumps a lot of bass in a smoother manner than the MA-750 earbuds. Even the most subtle and low-end bass tones are present, but note that these earbuds don’t focus much on sub-bass. The treble is also smooth, not edgy or over extended, while the mid-range is relatively flat and sometimes overshadowed by the bass.

  • Plenty of bass
  • Built-in microphone with good clarity
  • Nice and smooth sound
  • Relatively flat mid-tones

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Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Headset
Excellent Bass on a Budget
  • Great build quality for the price
  • Good sound isolation
  • Flat cable to prevent tangles
  • Sound lacks detail

The Sony MDR-XB50AP are bass oriented earbuds. They should offer solid, adequate bass for anyone. Though the bass impact and depth may not be on par with more expensive pairs, the high build quality is a selling point for buyers who look for quality earbuds with a decent amount of bass.

Note the the bass is slightly boomy – check out Sony MDRXB50AP’s frequency response.

NarMoo S1 High-Fidelity Budget Bass Earbuds

The S1 earbuds come with a very nice carrying case which includes all the accessories you need for a snug and comfortable fit. Though the earbud housings are quite big, the dual dynamic driver earbuds have a bass-heavy sound that is strong and rumbling. That being said, some users have complained that the bass could be more prominent.

Other affordable basshead sets like JVC HA-FX101 and Popclik String also are worth checking out. They both offer heavy, strong bass. This type of sound signature is usually accompanied by bloated sound, but these pairs still carry on a level of clarity that ensures you won’t miss what makes the tracks sound great.