7 Best Baby Ear Protection for Loud Noises | Toddler Ear Muffs

baby wearing protective headphones
Protective headphones or earmuffs are important to protect a baby’s ears anytime they are exposed to loud noises (concerts, fireworks, etc).

Infants and toddlers are more susceptible to hearing damage as their ears at the point of development. This is why it is important for parents to be aware of any source of noise nearby that might cause long-term damage to their child’s hearing.

The number of children who acquired some degree of hearing loss during their childhood to adolescence (6 to 19 years of age) is unnervingly high at 12.5%.

Of course, the simplest action for parents to take is to ensure that their children are not exposed to dangerously loud noises. The key is to avoid exposing them to loud noises.

However, there are times wherein it is virtually impossible to avoid loud noises. Sporting events, firework displays, music concerts and other family-oriented activities where the noise level is dangerously loud for small ears.

A good quality earmuff designed specifically for little ears, like this one the  Baby Banz Earmuffs is the best way to protect them in those scenarios.

We’ve discussed this before when it comes to older children whether listening to music using earbuds vs. headphones is safer and even made a list of our top picks for safe volume-limiting earbuds for kids. 

Household noise (doing yard work, remodeling or running power tools) or basically any activity where kids are exposed to loud noises. So, as parents, what other solutions do we have that help protect our baby from loud noises?

Besides missing out on these family events completely, toddler ear muffs are the next best thing for baby ear protection. Read on to learn more about the best baby ear protection products in the market today.

Best Baby Ear Protection Headphones & Earmuffs

Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuff

Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection – Ages 0-2+ Years – THE BEST EARMUFFS FOR BABIES & TODDLERS – Industry Leading Noise Reduction Rating – Soft & Comfortable – Baby Ear Protection
Baby Banz Earmuffs. (Image: Amazon)

The Baby Banz Earmuffs (click to see reviews on Amazon) are designed especially for toddlers and is ideal for children 2 years old and above. It has a solid NRR of 31 dB and features soft and durable foam designed to prevent any sort of pressure on your child’s ears.

It also features a lightweight and compact construction making it an ideal companion for your child when traveling.

The sleek design also separates it from its bulkier competition. The Baby Banz Earmuffs come in 16 different colors, each one having that ‘candy-coated’ aesthetic making it quite attractive for toddlers.

The Baby Banz Hearing Protection Earmuffs also come with a nice 1-year guarantee. This is a simple and highly reliable ear defender for toddlers that you should definitely include in your shortlist.


  • Lightweight, compact, and foldable.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • High 31 dB NRR.
  • Snug and comfortable to wear.


  • You must choose the right earcup size for your kid or else it will not deliver the optimum seal around their ears.
  • It had a slight chemical smell out of the box. It dissipated after a couple of days though.

EMS for Kids Baby Earmuffs

Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs - White with Black. Made in The U.S.A! The Original and ONLY Earmuffs Designed specifically for Babies Since 2009
Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs. (Image: Amazon)

The EMS for Kids Baby Earmuffs is a good choice if you prefer something that can be used as your child grows older.

The highly adjustable headband helps accommodate your child’s growth (from 6 months old and above) making this one a long-term earmuff for kids.

It has an NRR of 21 dB which is lower than some of the products in this list but is enough to protect your child’s ears from the everyday ambient noise. This one is also lightweight, weighing only 6.5 oz and is incredibly compact.

The foldable construction of the EMS Baby Earmuffs can make it small enough to fit comfortably inside an adult’s hand. If you want an easy to carry ear defender for your kid when traveling then the EMS baby earmuffs might just be what you are looking for.

Ems for Kids sells other models in different styles and sizing (for kids over 18 months). Click here to shop the Ems ear protection product line on Amazon


  • Small and compact, ideal for toddlers as young as newborn to 18-month-old babies
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact design.
  • Utilizes stretchy headband for a better fit.


  • Needs assembly.
  • Might feel too tight for some toddlers.

BEBE Muff Hearing Baby Ear Protection

BEBE Muff Hearing Protection - BEST USA Certified Noise Reduction Ear Muffs, Silver, 3 months+
BEBE Muff Hearing Protection. (Image: Amazon)

The BEBE Muff baby Ear Protection is a lightweight and comfortable hearing protection for children ages 2 years and above. It features soft PVA leather linings on the headband to prevent any discomfort for the child. It also uses durable yet lightweight ABS plastic material for its earcups. It is designed to withstand its fair share of bumps which is expected for any accessory designed for toddlers.

The BEBE earmuff is also foldable and compact making it easy to carry and store in your bag during travels. It has a solid NRR of 25 dB which should help protect your child’s ears from the everyday ambient noise. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee which is always a huge plus in my book. I have also read feedbacks about their accommodating and professional customer services.


  • Designed for long-term use with its soft padding.
  • Ideal for children who are quite sensitive to loud noises.
  • Filters ambient sound and greatly reduces/muffles loud noises.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • The smallest headband size is 11-inches so I advise you measure your child’s head first.
  • Only a handful of color choices.
  • The headband might be too tight at first. Chances are you will need to have the headband broken down a bit before letting your child wear it.

3M Peltor Junior Earmuff Baby Headphones

Peltor Sport Earmuffs, Pink, Small, 1/Pack
Peltor Sport Earmuffs. (Image: Amazon)

If you are familiar with audio equipment then you probably know of 3M Peltor.

3M took the top spot on our list of Bluetooth hearing protection headphones for adults.

This one is the Junior version of their popular ear protection headset. Designed to fit toddlers but is also highly adjustable to compensate with different head sizes.

The 3M Peltor Junior Earmuff comes with an NRR of 22 dB which is good enough for general use. It is also quite affordable considering this is from a well-known brand.

The headbands are padded generously and should provide both comfort and protection from loud noises.

If there is one nitpick I have, It’s the limited variety of colors, the 3M Peltor Junior only comes in two color variations: black and pink.

While the vibrant pink color palette might catch the attention of young girls, the black one might not be as attractive to young boys who prefer a different color.


  • Long-term earmuffs thanks to its highly adjustable headband.
  • Delivers a great seal around the ears.
  • Comfortable and designed to fit different head sizes.


  • The headband needs to be broken in as it might be too tight for infants.

Snug Safe n Sound Kids and Baby Earmuffs

Snug Kids Earmuffs / Best Hearing Protectors – Adjustable Headband Ear Defenders For Children and Adults (Pink)
Snug Kids Earmuffs. (Image: Amazon)

Affordable yet reliable, the Snug Safe n Sound Baby Earmuffs are designed to provide adequate protection from loud noises from crowds, traffic, and even in airports. This baby earmuffs have an NRR of 25 dB and should help calm your child down if they are hypersensitive to noises.

It features an adjustable headband, cushioned lining, and earcups that are designed to fit with a variety of head sizes.

This earmuff is also large enough to be worn by an adult. If you manage to care for it properly, your child can wear it well into their teenage years as well. The color variety is also great for those who enjoy their accessories to reflect their attitude.


  • Highly adjustable makes it a good choice for toddlers to teenagers and even young adults.
  • Comfortable and snug fit.
  • Quite affordable.


  • It can muffle sound but extremely loud noises might still make your child uncomfortable.

Pro Ears ReVo Passive Baby Ear Protectors

Pro Ears - ReVO - Hearing Protection - NRR 25 - Youth and Women Ear Muffs - Blue Diamond Plate
Pro Ears – ReVO – Hearing Protection. (Image: Amazon)

The Pro Ears ReVo Earmuffs are equipped with a passive noise reduction technology similar to the ones used by NRR headphones used by musicians.

It basically cancels ambient noise by producing a counter frequency. The good thing about this technology is that it does not cancel voices so your child can still hear you clearly.

These passive earmuffs have an NRR of 25 dB. It is quite large and somewhat bulky but this is balanced by the large and comfortable leather padding used in the earcups as well as the headband. The headband is adjustable to fit toddlers and adolescents.

This ear defender also comes with a 1-year warranty and comes in a wide variety of color palettes and patterns.

While larger than some of the earmuffs in this list, its ability to offer passive noise cancellation means your child will not feel as shut out from the environment.


  • Passive noise-canceling technology.
  • Designed to fit a wide range of head sizes.
  • Extremely comfortable leather padding.
  • Fits just right without delivering undue pressure around the child’s head.


  • It is larger than most earmuffs for kids and it does not come with a carrying bag.
  • May also need to be broken in to provide the best fit.

Buyers Guide: Baby Ear Protection

What Is Considered as Too Loud?

Baby wearing protective ear muffs
Protective headphones are the best way to protect a baby’s ears from loud noise.

When it comes to determining what level of noise is dangerous, experts state that anything above 80 decibels can cause damage to one’s hearing. Our ears can endure 80 dB levels of noise but exposure to it for a prolonged period of time (8 hours and above) will lead to hearing damages. What is more disconcerting is the fact that 80 dB is basically the noise produced in a moderate to heavy traffic road.

As the decibel rating gets higher, the shorter we can withstand being in that surrounding. For example, being around construction can expose our ears to up 110 dB and fireworks can easily hit 150 dB of noise.

Factors that Can Cause Hearing Loss in Children

As we have stated earlier in this article, 12.5% of children and adolescents acquire some degree of hearing loss. The primary reason for this problem stems from the surroundings/environment as well as the noise produced by certain types of toys. Noise from the outside is often the main cause of hearing loss for children but our home can also contribute to this issue.

For example, radios and television at loud enough volume can cause adverse effects on one’s hearing, especially children whose ears are still highly sensitive. Even ordinary home appliances like vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers can easily expose toddlers to a damaging level of decibels.

Toys can also cause hearing loss for children. Studies have shown that certain toys can produce up to and above 100 dB which extremely harmful, especially for toddlers. Also, the fact that toddlers can be quite inquisitive increases the damage they can inflict upon themselves as they will likely hold noise emitting toys closer to their ears. It is best to try out toys that emit sounds to ensure that it is too loud that it can damage the child’s hearing.

When Do Children Need Hearing Protection Ear Muffs?

There are occasions wherein the best ear protection earmuffs for kids are highly recommended. Below are situations where your child will require ear defenders from loud noises:

  1. Celebrations/parties, festivals, parades, sports events, and events like New Year’s Eve where firework displays are the norm.
  2. Doing construction projects around the house or when gardening (using a lawnmower or power tools). For adult-sized Bluetooth ear protection for read here

Children with Special Needs: Autism, Sensory Disorders

Apart from loud ambient noise on specific occasions (from outdoor music festivals to monster truck rallies), there are certain children that are more vulnerable to even slightly loud noises.  Children with some types of autism or sensory processing disorders can really benefit from hearing protection even in scenarios where most children may not even be aware of loud noises, for example, birthday party, bouncy castle or playground where there are lots of kids playing, shouting or having fun. The accumulation of noise can be too much for some sensitive children to handle.

Auditory defensiveness is a clinical condition in which a child is highly sensitive to sound.  This can make even daily activities or going to school with other children a major challenge as the noise causes them major stress and makes it hard to concentrate or stay calm. All of the hearing protection headphones above would be appropriate, mostly it would depend on your preference of size, color, adjustability, and other factors discusses above. Some parents have reported back that these headphones are a major help and some of their children wear them all day- in cases of more severe disorders.

Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Ear Protection  

baby getting ears checked
Baby getting ears checked by a pediatrician. Doctors recommend good quality NRR protection anytime babies are in situations where there are loud noises (especially over 85 decibels)

Clearly, choosing the right mini ear muffs for your child will be slightly different than choosing ones for adults. Below are factors that you should definitely consider when choosing the most reliable baby earmuffs.

NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) – As with all ear muffs, it is best to choose one that offers a good NRR. I suggest you look for baby ear defenders that offer NRR of 21 dB and above. This is a solid NRR to look for as it will protect your child’s hearing from everyday noise.

Comfort – Of course, comfort will be a huge factor when it comes to ear muffs for children. It will extremely difficult to make your child wear their earmuff if it gives even the slightest discomfort. Some baby earmuffs are lined with an incredibly soft cushion which helps alleviate the pressure on their ears. I would recommend these types of toddler ear defenders for infants.

Design and Variety – Children will gravitate towards something eye-catching. Having an earmuff that uses vibrant colors or those that feature their favorite fictional character will make it easier for parents to make their child wear these ear defenders.

Now, as you can see it is quite simple to choose the right ear protectors for toddlers. If you need further assistance when it comes to choosing the best baby ear protection earmuffs, I got you covered. I have listed the best baby ear protection for loud noises below. This list was compiled based on personal experience as well as overall positive feedback.

toddler wearing protective headphones
If toddlers are around while parents are doing loud yard work or DIY projects, it’s important that they have their own pair of protective headphones.


Overall, I would highly recommend you check out Baby Banz Earmuffs. It offers the highest level of NRR and is designed to fit comfortably with the toddlers up to adolescents.

Nowadays, it is hard to find some peace and quiet in our crowded society. Help protect and prevent your child from hearing damage with the best baby ear protection earmuffs.  Parents should also be protecting their ears whether they are doing yardwork or shooting a firearm.

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