Auglamour RX-1 Review – Cheap Thrills Unsealed Earbuds

Earbuds without eartips don’t provide tight-seal for good noise isolation. Their audio is not sealed in the ear so the large amount of bass will leak out. But most folks prefer this type of headphones for a good reason. They like to hear the surroundings and they don’t like the eartips jamming in their ears.

Some un-sealed earbuds sound actually good and they aren’t necessarily expensive. A quality, durable earbuds may cost as low as $20, and one of the best earbuds in this category is the Auglamour RX-1


The RX-1 was tested with my budget portable amplifier FiiO X1


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good build quality
  • Smooth, nice mid-range


  • A little bass bloat
  • No mic or inline control

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Where to buy Auglamour RX-1: Amazon (US order), Aliexpress (international order)

Auglamour RX-1 appears in an impressive design. It has metalic housings that are nicely coated with polish and non-scratching surface. The earbuds housings are crafted from CNC and fully metal. It is so lightweight that I don’t think I am having them on when I sit at the table or ride motorbike. When playlist is played out, trust me y don’t feel they are there.

The cable is rounded and twisted to resist knotting and tangling, but it is not totally un-tangled. This cable design also reduces microphonics – noises come from cable movements and rubbing to clothes. The 3.5mm jack with Auglamour logo looks durable and can be screwable when you need to replace the jack, and since it is screwable sometimes you may see things loosen up. There’s a F14.3mm dynamic driver built in the bud, and the RX-1’s impedance is listed at 16 Ohms, identical to most earbuds.

The earbuds comes with a nice, small carrying case, 6 pairs of foam paddings with various size and Shirt-Clip. I hardly use the case because it is too small and take time to pack thing up. When you wear the padding to earbud housings be careful, it may break. And the foam paddings are pretty easily to loosen and get lost, and you will lose a bit the warmth of sound without those paddings.


The mid-range of Auglamour RX-1 is wide and smooth, fowarded to the highs and I feel the vocal surf the music background.  For the low-ends it plays fairly good, I am not saying it’s plenty and rumbling but I felt its presence. I aslo wouldn’t say it is solid and deep as EX1 (I compared the RX-1 to my FiiO EX1 using FiiO X1 High Resolution Digital Lossless Media Player, the bass is not deep and solid as EX1). The high is not only plesant to hear, but able to sparkle without noticably crunchy sound. It is not supprised that the clarity and instrument separation of RX-1 fall behind the the EX1.

Sound image of RX-1 is wide and airy, which is somewhat close to budget full size cans like Sennheiser HD202 II and you will feel comfortable over long listening sessions.

The RX-1 is not advertised as a sports headphones as no sweatproof feature indicateds in their specs. For a more sporty option, you can go for Sony STB30–a waterproof headphone. If you are iPhone 7 owners, the RX-1 will be a lightning earpods alternative for better sound but you should buy lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter for it. I have used this set for a week, here I come to a conclusion that it sounds better than anything packed with your phones.

This type of earbuds are for those who are not comfortable eartips that insert deeply into ear cannal and only appropriate to use in silent environments. But they have a drawback that because they don’t isolate noise well, if you wear those in noisy places, you have to crank up the volume to hear clearly, which potentially causes hearing damage. For me, it’s fine because while working I can still hear music and the surrouding sound, making me feel communicated with people around.

Updated 08/20/2017: I have this pair for more than a year. I often worn this in the lab for several months. After that  I rarely used it since I prefer Bluetooth headphones, which is much more convenient for me while traveling (I no longer worked in the lab). I lost a pair of paddings too.

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Published on 11/06/2016


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