Auglamour RX-1 Review | Cheap Unsealed Earbuds + Better Pick In 2018

The RX-1 Was Tested With My Budget Portable Amplifier, The FiiO X1

Flat, unsealed earbuds without eartips don’t provide a tight-seal for good noise isolation because they don’t form that tight seal in your ear canal. Because the audio is not sealed in the ear a large amount of bass will leak out. Most folks prefer this type of headphones for good reasons – you stay safer when you can hear what is going on around you, and eartips can by uncomfortable inside the ear canal.


Some un-sealed earbuds on the market have decent sound and they aren’t necessarily expensive. A quality pair of durable earbuds may cost as low as $20, and one of the best sets of earbuds in this category is the Auglamour RX-1. 

2018 Update: Since we originally reviewed the Auglamour RX-1, we have no longer been able to find them for sale on-line. While the brand does sell in-ear earbuds, we do not see another model by Auglamour with a similar style and price range.

If you are looking for a pair of flat, unsealed earbud at the same budget price as the RX-1s, we recommend the Edifier P180 Headphones (check price on Amazon). We feel they beat out the RX-1s on sound and also have the option to buy model with microphone and single button control for calls (which the Auglamour earbuds did not offer).

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Auglamour RX-1 Review

The Auglamour RX-1 earbuds appear have an impressive design. Their metallic housings are coated with a polished, non-scratching surface. The earbud housings are CNC and fully metal, so they’re extremely durable. They are so lightweight that you’ll forget they are in your ears in any situation.

The cable is rounded and twisted to resist knotting and tangling, but it is not totally un-tangled. This cable design also reduces microphonics – noises come from cable movements and rubbing to clothes. The 3.5mm jack with the Auglamour logo looks durable and can unscrew when you need to replace the jack. Be careful though, since it is replaceable it can sometimes loosen on its own. There’s a F14.3mm dynamic driver built into the bud, and the RX-1’s impedance is listed at 16 Ohms which is identical to most earbuds.

The earbuds comes with a nice, small carrying case, 6 pairs of foam padding in various sizes and a shirt clip. Some users have said the case is too small and takes too much time to pack. When you wear the padding for the earbud housings be careful, it will wear out over time. The foam padding can also come loose easily and get lost. Without these foam pieces you will lose a bit of warmth of sound.

Auglamour RX-1
Many Options For Eartips Are Included In The Box

The mid-range of the Auglamour RX-1 earbuds is wide and smooth, this forwards to the highs and feels like the vocals are surfing on the background music. The low-ends come across fairly well. These are not bass heavy, rumbling earbuds, but strong bass is present and full bodied. The highs are not only pleasant to hear, but they sparkle without a noticeably crunchy sound.

The RX-1 deliver a wide and airy sound, which is similar to some great budget over the ear headphones  which will feel comfortable even after long listening sessions.



  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good build quality
  • Smooth, nice mid-range


  • Slightly bloated bass
  • No mic or inline control

The RX-1 earbuds are not advertised as sports headphones and are not sweat- proof unfortunately. For a more sporty option, you can go for the Sony NW-WS413 – a fully waterproof headphone. If you are an iPhone 7 owner, the RX-1 will be a great lightning EarPod alternative with better sound, but you should buy a lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter for it.

These earbuds are for those who are not comfortable with eartips that insert deeply into ear canal and only appropriate to use in silent environments. The drawback here is that they don’t isolate noise well, so if you want to wear them in noisy places you will have to crank up the volume which can damage your hearing.

Auglamour is a chinese company founded in 2015 located in Shenzhen City that sells OEM/ODM private label earbuds and earphone for company looking for Chinese made products, they also sell under the Auglamour with current models: R8, F200 and GR1 among others. In the US market they sell mostly on Amazon.




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