We love wearable devices especially for the ones that fit in the ear canal. So we created Wearable In-Ear, where you can find all wearables on the market, what they can do and what you are going to benefit from them.

We review wearable products including in-ear headphones, smart earplugs, Bluetooth headsets, fitness trackers and earbuds.

Recently non-headphone jack devices, leading by Apple and LG become the new trend. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds and headset sales are expected to boost for the next several years. Some of them comes from billionair brands like Apple, Samsung, the most are startups like the Dash, Earin, Kanoa. The battle for the perfect pair of wireless earbuds will be very interesting for up-coming years, considering sound, smart features (ANC, real-time translation, fitness tracking) and battery. Most importantly, how they will deal with the connectivity, the most tricky part for making those earbuds.

We will cover all products period to date they are released to the market.

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