5 High-Tech Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Love Life

Have you ever felt that your sex life has become so bland and it is no more than just a routine? Or when you have to endure a long-distance relationship that tends to make your lonely nights so unbearable? Well, perhaps you’d like to consider these 5 high-tech sex toys that will allow you to experience your partner’s touch in a whole different way and spice up your love activities beyond your wildest imagination.

Forget those inconvenient regular dildos or your standard-looking vibrators. You can actually control these 5 wireless teledildonics through Wi-Fi, Internet and Bluetooth apps. Let your partner touch and control your body from anywhere and say goodbye to those lonely nights. These innovative wearable vibrators are designed to enhance your pleasure.

Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator

Claimed to be the original Bluetooth rabbit vibrator, this fifth generation of RC vibrators, developed by the Lovense brand took the well-known rabbit design to pleasure your G-spot. With its optimized shaft to stimulate the right places during thrusting, Nora can also rotate its head and vibrate on 3 different speed levels. Early warning: Better get ready for the aftershock waves of pleasure coming to you! Through a Smartphone app, you and your partner have complete control. It makes it easier for solo play, foreplay, or even long distance play. You can feel his touch from anywhere.

It only takes a few minutes to set-up your device. Just download the app, connect, and get ready for your pleasure adventure. If you don’t prefer to use the app, you can still enjoy yourself just like any other regular vibrator. Simply use the buttons on the handle to control the device.

As one of Lovense’s most desirable products, Nora’s main feature is its local and long distance control. Since you use it inside your body, safety is a priority. Made from ABS plastic and high-quality silicone that’s safe for your body, this superb sex toy will ease your mind but rock your brain. It’s also waterproof and easy to clean. The USB rechargeable battery allows you to have fun for 2 hours continuously when it’s fully charged.

For only $99, you’ll be able to bring this secret pleasure home. It’s quite affordable considering the benefits you can get.

We-Vibe 4 Plus

It is a fact that over 90% of women are unable to experince an orgasm from penetration alone. That is where the We-Vibe comes in. This hgh-tech sex toy is able to fit comfortably in a woman’s vagina, thus stimulating the clitoris and G-spot at the sam time. Couples can use it since it is also able to stimulate the man’s penis through gentle vibrations.

You can control the We-Vibe through a remote app. This allows your partner, who may be a long distance away, to remotely control the device and stimulate you for sexual pleasure. There are a number of different vibrational patterns to choose from. This sex toy ia available for about $179.


This high- tech sex toy seems a bit like the We-Vibe. The Eva is a vibrator that provides hands-free sexual pleasure for women. You can comfortably wear it during sex in order to stimulate the clitoris. The difference between the Eva and We-Vibe is that this device doesn’t really go into the vagina. The Eva is designed to snugly tick under the labia majora. This means that you can wear the Eva while having sex. The device will not prevent a penis from penetrating the vagina at all.

The Eva can be recharged through a USB. It does not come with different patterns of vibration and you don’t have the option of varying the level of intensity. It is designed with only a single button, so all that is required is for you to flip the switch! The eva goes for about $105.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

This is a luxury vibrator that is designed with six very powerful motors. You would think that such amount of power would create a lot of noise, but that is not the case. The motors are really quiet and vibrate independent of one another. The MysteryVibe Crescendo is very flexible and allows you to bend the device into whatever shape you desire. This one feature makes it seem like several sex toys in one!

This high-tech sex toy is made for both men and women, and is suitable for either solo action or couples. It is available for $129.

OhMiBod BlueMotion NEX|2

Whether you’re wrapped in your lover’s embrace or separated miles away, all you need is the Bluemotion NEX|2 and a Wi-Fi connection to get a pleasurable orgasm. It has the exact same shape as its predecessor OhMiBod Lovelive Cuddle with the additional feature of being able to be controlled remotely via a Smartphone app. This vibrator can massage your G-spot and it is perfect for either your personal use in solo action or for couple’s use.

It is made of body-friendly material and doesn’t contain any Phthalates.  It also has a rechargeable battery that can give you 2 hours of pleasure that will skyrocket the OH-DOMETER (orgasm tracker) when fully charged. Just touch and slide to turn your partner’s virtual touch into toe-curling satisfaction.

Virtual Reality Sex

Apart from the wireless Bluetooth-enabled sex toys mentioned above, there’s also virtual real porn that can cater for your tastes if you desire to get laid by a porn star. By simply wearing goggles with a virtual player, you will be able to interact with whatever you see in your VR goggles.

Starting around mid-2015, Lovense and VirtualRealPorn announced they would work together to integrate Lovense wireless sex toys with virtual real porn featuring actual porn actresses and actors. The concept involves the user wearing VR Goggles and positioning a Lovense wireless vibrator, such as Nora or Max, in their genital area. To ensure there is synchronization, the user has to enable the Bluetooth wireless dongle to make it recognizable by the VR Goggles. Finally, the vibrator will synchronize automatically while the movie is playing.

So far, more than 45 movies have been produced by VirtualRealporn, in which 10 of them can be fully integrated with these sex wearables.

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