5 High-Tech Innovative Smart Clothing

Nowadays in the era of information technology, swiftness and versatility are playing a big role in the world’s transformation. There’s almost no ordinary stuff, as almost everything in our lives has been upgraded with the newest technology. Our Smartphones are used for more than just calling and texting. They now have an alarm, web browser, calculator, GPS, calendar, email synchronization and many more features built in. But how about high-tech enhanced clothes?

Back in 2015, the concept of smart clothing began to pique the interest of various companies. Rather than strapping gadgets to our wrists, faces, ears, or feet (which could trigger allergic reactions in some people), we now have the option of wearing clothing and using them as gadgets.

Smart clothes have the ability to track our heart rate, monitor our emotions, inform us whether we’re gaining or losing some weight, charge up an iPhone 6, or even pay for our Starbucks bill. This is all possible without grabbing a phone and tapping a screen.

Let’s evaluate some of the best high-tech apparels that are available, including some that will be released in the future.

Project Jacquard

Project Jacquard, by Google, is one of Google’s latest innovations with its tagline “Technology woven in”. Joining forces with Levi’s® Brand as its first partner, Google will create Trucker Jacket with integrated Jacquard technology that’s specially designed for urban bike commuters. Wearers can access navigation information, take calls and navigate tracks just by taps.

Made of Jacquard material consisting of conductive yarns (E-textiles), it’s possible to get gesture-sensitive areas to be woven at the precise locations. Custom connectors and complementary electronic components will also be embedded as discreetly as possible.

Just like Google’s way of “Connecting People”, this product offers new possibilities for interacting with a variety of services, devices, or environments by only swiping or double tapping on the jacket sleeve. If you are riding a bike, you don’t have to reach for your phone to dismiss phone calls, choose music on your playlist, or enable GPS. Having been launched as a limited beta test phase, this interactive Jacquard garment will be released in the spring of 2017.

Hexoskin Wearable Body Metrics

Hexoskin wearable smart cloth

To get a comfortable new way to monitor your heart rate, respiration, and other activities, perhaps you’d like to consider wearing Hexoskin Smart Shirt. It is designed to give you insights about your biometrics data.

The Hexoskin provides a range of information regarding your sports metrics along with stress levels, fatigue levels, activity intensity, and sleep quality. All this data is captured in real-time and sent to a companion app. The Open Data API will then allow you to download your raw data.

This biometric shirt is made of high-performance Italian fabric that dries quickly, is breathable, lightweight, anti-odor, machine washable, and chlorine resistant. The Hexoskin is designed and assembled in Canada and is safe for any kind of activity.

Thin Ice Smart Vest

Weight-loss smart clothing

Maintaining a healthy diet has been a challenge for most of us. However, what if losing weight was as easy as putting on a vest and letting your body simply burn calories? The answer for that dream is Thin Ice.

Thin ice smart vest works by stimulating the body’s brown fat pathways. Brown fat cells need to be activated by cold temperatures in order to burn the white fat (bad fat) in your body. The end result of this process is the production of energy. To stimulate this burning of fat cells, the Thin Ice incorporates cooling thermoreceptors placed along the upper chest and back. In other words, by turning down the temperature, it helps you to lose weight. The temperature is controlled by a Thin Ice companion app that also shows the estimated amount of calories burned.

Since it is not mass produced, you have to pre-order the vest if you’d like to try it as your next solution in weight loss.

Joe’s Hello Jeans for Charging the iPhone

Charing your phones with smart jean

Have you ever been on the road and suddenly your phone’s battery runs out while you’re waiting for an important call? The normal reaction would be to look for a power outlet to charge it. Well, that’s the old-fashioned, time-wasting way to do it. If you can charge your phone while standing and walking, then you have taken a leap into the future. Meet Hello Jeans, the pants that charge your iPhone.

Developed by Joe’s Jeans Brand specifically for women, these luxury jeans are sold for less than $200. They allow women to charge their iPhones while wearing the jeans, which are designed with a special opening for a battery pack. The battery pack is sold separately from the jeans, but for less than an additional $50, this pack will make sure to charge your iPhone up to 85% (depending on the model).

The only downsides are that it doesn’t have deep enough pockets and it only fits some phones. You’ll also have to remember to remove the battery pack and cable when it’s laundry time, otherwise, it could create problems for you. So I don’t think is that smart as mentioned by the title “smart clothing” in this article. But they did an nice, smart attempt to implement a way to charge your phone.

Athos Smart Clothing

The Athos is specially designed clothing that is perfect for people who are fitness and exercise enthusiasts. The work that went into creating the Athos involved expensive medical technology, and the result was a body suit that provides the user with all the workout data they need.

If you enjoy spending all your time in the gym, then you need to know that the Athos is woven with tiny EMG sensors that are designed to monitor every muscle in your body that is being worked. These sensors detect micro-movements in particular muscles and then send the relevant data to your Smartphone. All this is possible thanks to its Smartphone companion app and Bluetooth core.

The companion app will give you output such as pulse rate, muscular effort, as well as your breathing. The information that is generated will then help you know whether you are exercising properly or you need to improve your form. This information can help you avoid injuring your muscles.

The Athos acts as a personal trainer, and you can get it for just $199.

The future of smart clothing (update…)

What else do you need from smart clothing, leave the comment below!

Published on 01/24/2017

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