5 Bad Habits That Will Shorten The Life Of Your Earbuds

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You are a music lover and earbuds/in-ear headphones are the accessory you have on your ears every day. Unfortunately, all this daily use leads to wear-and-tear. Here are five common bad habits that you should break immediately to extend the life of your earbuds and keep them working at peak performance.

#1: Rolling Your Earbuds Into A Knotted Mess And Throwing Them In Your Bag

It is fine to roll flat cable earbuds like Beats Studio Wired 2.0 (bass enhanced earbuds), otherwise with a round, thin cable you have to undo a mess of tangled, knotted cables when you pull them out of your bag.

In your bag earbuds can collect dust and other small particles. This might not seem like a big deal, but these small pieces of debris may go into the drivers and cause problems. Worst case scenario, the diaphragm gets damaged and you have to replace it with a new one. If you don’t have a carrying case, buy one to safely store your earbuds. There are many choices out there from leather cases to nest earbud cases which keep earbuds safe and untangled.

For the best way to roll up your earbuds, check out this Buzzfeed lifehack and roll like a pro.

#2: Avoid Cleaning The Eartips

Cleaning your earbud eartips just takes a few minutes. You probably know that there is a filter on the eartip housing which prevents dust or anything else from entering. Oil and ear wax left on the eartip will eventually block the filter, significantly degrading sound quality. If cleaning doesn’t work you should replace the filter.

#3: Cranking Up The Volume And Listening For Hours On End

Some people like to listen to music so loud that others around them can hear it.  Earbuds playing at maximum volume levels have a negative impact not only on the drives, but also on a user’s ears. The diaphragm can only vibrate properly within a certain threshold, so when the volume is turned up too high and this threshold is passed, the sound quality becomes distorted.

Listening to music for extended periods of time increases the chance of hearing damage. Once hair cells in your ears are damaged there is no way for them to recover. For safe listening, keep the volume at 60% and let your ears take a break after an hour unless you want to increase your chances of needing a hearing aid.

#4: Wearing Earbuds While You Sleep

Your ears are active all day and, just like your muscles, they need to rest at night. You might think it is fine to listen to music through the night, especially at lower volumes, but even sounds as quiet as a whisper cause our hearing system to activate and work. This is just as harmful as listening to music for long hours at a normal volume. If you want to listen to music as you doze off, try setting a sleep timer on your device that stops music after a certain amount of time.

#5: Playing With Your Earbuds

When not in use, you should wrap the cable around your phone and put it in your pocket. Stretching the cable too hard while listening is one of the fastest ways to damage your earbuds because the internal wires can break resulting in broken or unbalanced sound, or sound hiccups.

Here are some other cool tips you might find interesting …and could help extend the life of your earbuds or earphones.


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