5 Best Wearable Sleeping Bags of 2018

If you like camping and walking in the great outdoors, now you can stay warm as you walk around as well. This list of 5 of the best wearable sleeping bags of 2018 takes a look at how innovation has combined traditional sleeping bag features and insulated hiking clothes. You get to save space in your suitcase since you’ll be practically wearing your house all day!

Let’s take a look at some of the best and coziest wearable sleeping bags.

The Selk’bag 4G 

wearable sleeping bag

Price: $79.99 | Temperature: 20-50 F | Season:  3

The Selk’bag may look like a joke, but it is a fully functional sleeping bag that incorporates a bit of novelty. This is what has endeared it to many and made it quite popular among the backpacking fraternity.

The Selk’bag has arms and legs that enable you to walk around during those cold days or nights when camping outdoors. All you have to do is open the zipper at the front, step into the legs, insert your arms, and then close the zipper. It acts as a pair of insulated jacket and pants, and is designed to be like a piece of clothing that keeps you warm and comfortable. It even incorporates reinforced nylon shoes to protect your feet from the hard ground. Considering that the Selk’bag combines your full clothing gear into a single item, it will definitely save you some space in your suitcase.

Since camping sometimes requires some fine motor skills, the arms are sealed with Velcro straps which can be removed easily to allow you to use your fingers. This way, you can cook dinner or whatever activities you need to do with your hands. At the end of the day, you can simply go to bed in your tent knowing that your sleeping bag is already warm enough. The hood can also act as a pillow if you stuff a travel pillow into it.

Honestly, the Selk’bag takes some getting used to. The fact that your limbs aren’t in contact with your body as you sleep can feel a bit odd at first, but sleep will soon come anyway. The filler material used to make the bag is polyester, which does a great job of trapping body heat. Waking up in the cold winter morning should no longer frighten you since you will be walking around already nicely warmed up. However, the biggest challenge may be trying to go to the bathroom at night.

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Nunatak Raku

A combination of sleeping bag and wearable capacity

Price: $520 | Temperature: 40° to 0° (can be customized) | Season:  3

If you are searching for an inexpensive yet high performance wearing sleeping bag, then Nanutak Gear LLC have something for you. The Nanutak Raku is able to keep you very warm and dry no matter the kind of environment you are in. There are a variety of versions available in the market, depending on the weather conditions you expect to experience. There is the 20 degree F version that is the standard type in the market. There are also the zero degree and -30 degree F versions. These are for those who expect it to get extra wintry during their camping trip.

The Raku may remind you of a softer version of a deep-sea diving bell. It has sleeves that are invertible and a footbox at the bottom. The footbox is to be used when sleeping, so in the event that you want to walk around, you just unzip it and remove it.

Compared to some of its rivals, the Raku provides better performance and durability. It is a pretty tough and durable sleeping bag that can withstand rough handling. Dragging it along a granite rock surface doesn’t seem to do it much damage. The Raku weighs a mere 2 pounds and features a hood and an insulated zipper draft tube. The nylon exterior shell is waterproof as well as breathable, thus ensuring your warmth and dryness in windy conditions, subzero temperatures, and wet environments.

The hood works with two differential drawcords. One of the cords is flat and the other is rounded. This design aspect is meant to ensure that the hood fits snugly over your face and seals you in nicely. The collar is also designed to seal the sleeping bag well without leaving you feeling claustrophobic.

Poler Napsack

sleeping bag that is wearable

Price: $103.96 | Temperature: 50 F | Season:  1

Unlike the previous two wearable sleeping bags, the Poler Napsack is more of a domestic slumber-wear. It is lighter, looser, and is designed with greater practicality and mobility in mind. It is like a sleeping bag that you can actually wear to the store or mall during winter.

The Poler Napsack is designed with a pocket on its chest that can hold an mp3 player or smartphone. It also contains hidden holes that you can use to pass through your earbud cords in case you want to listen to some tunes while snuggling during those cold winters. Unlike most other wearable sleeping bags on this list, the Napsack is perfect for summer camping, couch surfing, or simply whiling away in the house.

You can actually fold the bottom up and cinch the sleeping bag at waist level. This allows you to walk around in it as if you are wearing a long jacket. The zippers at the shoulders allow you to remove the sleeves, thus giving you added mobility and comfort. This sleeping bag is so roomy on the inside that you can wear added layers of clothing underneath and still be able to move around easily. Sleeping in the Poler Napster is a very comfortable experience. It is not restrictive enough to prevent you from tossing and turning when asleep. It reaches all the way to the floor and has zippers on the sides for added ventilation.

The Napsack is extremely durable. It has a rating of approximately 50 degrees F and can handle anything from light and strong rain, powerful gusts of wind, to severe winter conditions. With its synthetic insulation and material made from microfibers, you can actually wear it for a very long time and it will still retain its shine.

In terms of size, the Medium version will fit a person 5’ 7” while the Large version will fit someone up to 6’ 3” tall. If you need to carry it, just roll it up into the compression sack that came with the package and you can practically carry it everywhere.

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EXPED DreamWalker 650

Camping wearable bag for sleeping

Price: $NA | Temperature: 25 F / -4 C | Season:  1

This is one geeky-looking (and sounding) wearable sleeping bag. However, it incorporates a very practical design with a drawcord at the bottom and zippered arm holes. The EXPED DreamWalker 650 is a combination of a sleeping bag, coat, and blanket.

If the drawcord at the bottom is cinched and the full-length zipper closed, the DreamWalker can be used as a sleeping bag. To use it as a short coat or parka, you will have to secure the bottom end around your waist using the built-in cinch cord. You can also use the full-length zipper to open up the sleeping bag and form a blanket large enough for two people.

The DreamWalker also incorporates insulated draft tubes for protecting the arm holes and preventing the zipper from snagging. The draft tube collar is made with soft fill material to provide adequate comfort and prevent loss of heat. The pockets located in the front of the sleeping bag are handy for warming your hands when it gets too cold. They can also be used to hold some personal gear.

A medium-sized DreamWalker weighs about 2 lbs 6 oz, while a large sized one weighs 2 lbs 14 oz. The maximum user height is 6 feet 11 inches for the large sleeping bag and 6 feet 3 inches for the medium one. The lining material is made from Ripstop Polyester and is not water-resistant.

The DreamWalker is designed to greatly enhance mobility whenever you need to move about or use your hands. The hood is quite comfortable, easily adjustable, and well insulated. When adjusted well around the face, the hood will not hinder vision at all. It has a tuck stitch design and zippers that are designed to glow in the dark, which definitely adds to its Star Wars-ish appeal.

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Winterial Body Sleeping Bag

wearable camping in the winter

Price: $79.99 | Temperature: 20-50 Degrees Fahrenheit | Season:  3

The Winterial Body Sleeping Bag is a full body sleeping bag that allows you to walk around during winter without suffering the effects of the extremely cold weather. Weighing just 4.4 pounds and made from polyester filling, this lightweight sleeping bag is perfect for your next camping adventure!

This wearable sleeping bag is noted for its high level of comfort and its ability to keep you ultra warm. The exterior of the polyester shell is water resistant, and the hood is insulated to keep your head warm and comfy when you sleep. Unlike other wearable sleeping bags that have a zipper on the front part, the Winterial isn’t designed in the same way. It is designed with a special quick release zipper for ensuring that you hands and feet can go in and out of the shell as fast as possible.

The soles of the feet are made from rubber, which is perfect for walking around on. This makes sure that you don’t rip the sleeping bag while trudging along rocky ground. The height of the sleeping bag is 6 feet 5 inches, which means it will fit most people. It may be a bit bulky at first but once you get the hang of it, you will love it.

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If you are going camping in the great outdoors, then it is highly likely you are going to need a tent, right? Not with the JakPak! Active Engineering LLC has created the world’s first innovative wearable sleeping bag that can also work as a tent. This has made the JakPak a favorite among camping enthusiasts. But this product did not meet expectation.

This is a waterproof all-in-one sleeping bag, tent, and jacket. It contains an integrated mosquito net to keep away those pesky little bugs away. The JakPak is so versatile that it can be used anywhere in the great outdoors. Maybe you are watching a sports event in the rain, sheltering from an emergency situation, or just hanging out; the JakPak is guaranteed to keep you dry, comfortable, and safe.

The way that it functions is truly ingenious. If you need to lie down and rest, simply fold down the JakPak and it will surround and encase you in a waterproof, breathable sleeping bag. If you require full shelter, then a tent covers your head up to your neck, and the mosquito netting covers the rest of your body to your knees. This ensures that your entire body is fully covered and protected.

Doppelganger Outdoors Wearable Sleeping Bag

japanese wearable sleeping bag for both men and women

Weird ideas to real products, that’s if you dig in the website Japantrendshop, I found an interesting wearable sleeping bags that can server as  a coat, a jacket and a sleeping bag. You virtually can wear this anything during your outdoor trips, whether it is time for go fishing or time to go to bed, it definitely always keep you warm.

Do you want a coat? A jacket? Or a full sleeping bag? The Doppelganger Outdoor Wearable Sleeping Bag gives you all three. For active outdoor types, this is multi-tasking at its most compact, efficient and stylish. It is also a neat item for emergencies too, since it will serve as both outer wear and also a sleeping gear to keep you warm.

How to choose wearable sleeping bags:

  • Temperature rating
  • Insulation type


Wearable sleeping bags cater to a special niche of people who don’t mind wearing their sleep clothes all day as they walk around, ready to take a snooze at any time. They are also great for staying warm during wintry nights when out camping. But remmember before you pick your first wearable sleeping bag, consider the size, design and temperature rating to best fit your outdoor trip.

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