5 Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100 Dollars in 2017

Wearable In Ear: A member of our community shares his 5 best over ear headphones under $100, including Bluetooth, close-back and open-back models.

I have several pairs of earbuds, and they all sound pretty good and are very comfortable to wear I would say. I bought them for less than $100, a good starting point to get a quality headphone. 1More Triple Driver and FiiO EX1 are my most recent sets. I value the sound so I normally pick my pair based on how it sounds at first. Secondly, it should fit comfortably. If picking a pair for sports I will need sweatproof feature and wingtips to keep earbuds stay securely in my ears.

For sound isolation if I like to hear the surrounding, I’ve already had my budget unsealed earbuds, Auglamour RX-1. But I don’t wear this type of headphones everywhere, I only wear them on the go.

I also own a number of full size cans, including wireless SkullCandy Hesh and Sennheiser HD 280 PRO that are over ear, full size headphones, and I prefer wearing these big cans at home or in my office. Over ear headphones are less portable, image if you take them on your flights things will mess up. But they sound more realistic and natural, which is a reason I bet you like them aside from their great noise isolation. This type of headphones also sound different comapared to earbuds. Here, I’m about to share my best cans for under $100 and I’m sure you will get a lot more than what you pay for, superior sound, great comfort and a little fashionable style embodying in it. Though they wouldn’t be neccessarily polish or sleek and the most transparent and best sounding like $300 cans.

5. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Over Ear Headphones

Studio level ove ear headphones under 100

The L and R maker are properly labeled

The Sennheiser HD 280 is not the most stylish over ear headphones in this caterogy. They are simply black, but this doesn’t hold audiophiles from picking them among a plenty of other competitors. With the entire plastic build and bulky look – both headband and the way it joins the earcup they weight only 300 gram, and it is not too heavy at all. The earcups are very well padded, which can technically reduce the noise up to 32dB from seeping in and lets the wearer listen to music, TV, DVDs or podcasts without any interference.

Additionally, the headphones can be folded up, making them easy to store or travel with. The audio sounds good and clean in all frequencies; these headphones are ideal for studio use.

The quality of these headphones is what makes them among the best over the ear headphones under 100. Their comfort and audio quality come together to make an excellent listening experience, especially for in-studio pros but also for people who simply want to enjoy great music. The cup design of the headphones blocks noise and also prevents other people in the room from hearing what you’re listening to, even if you turn up the volume as high as it can go.

The Sennheiser HD has flat response. Details in all type of music, including rock-and-roll, come across clearly. It also boards refined sound in somewhat well-balanced manner.


  • Attachable cable
  • Good noise isolation


  • Doesn’t look good
  • No mic and inline-control

4. Plugged Crown Series Headphones

The Plugged Crown Series Headphones don’t sacrifice style for the sake of being comfortable – they do both equally well. The finish is scratch-resistant, so you never have to worry about where you take them. Noise is isolated so that you can block out everything that’s going on around you. The sound is solid and lively, and particularly impressive for a pair of headphones with an attractive price tag. Music is detailed, delivering well on everything from vocals to bass.

One of the only drawbacks of these headphones is that they can be a bit heavier than the competition’s. That’s also part of what makes them so durable, though, so you can use them when you’re at the gym, on the pavement running, working, etc. Their design is sleek and modern, similar to what you’d get with higher-priced headphones. Even the packaging is modern, akin to something you’d get from Apple or Bose instead of a bargain-priced company. The band is lightly padded but the headphone cups fit so well around the ears that the band doesn’t put extra pressure on the head.

3. Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless

SkullCandy the band known for putting heavily their effort on style, now their audio performance  may change your point of view about it.

Headset funtionanlity of SkullCandy Hesh Wireless allows you to take calls.

Apple officially has removed headphone jack in their Iphone 7. If you are Iphone 7 owner, let’s go wireless if you don’t want to bother carring on one more dongle–lightening adaptor.

The Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless has a couple of especially good perks, namely the battery life and the remote control. The battery can last for up to 15 hours before needing to be charged again. The three-button remote control is easy to operate without looking at it and it works well. There’s also a microphone so you can talk to people on the phone through the headphones.

These headphones are somewhat comfortable to wear, but not as comfortable as some of the other best over the ear headphones under 100. The noise isolation is better than average and the headphones hug the head only a bit snugly – some people may find that the fit is perfectly fine. The sound isn’t ideal, either, but they sound okay for people who don’t care too much about sound quality, especially when the price is low. This is also common with Bluetooth headphones – unwired headphones don’t always sound as good as their wired counterparts. The headphones do come with a cord so that you can use them as standard wired headphones, too.

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x has fantastic sound quality and are highly comfortable to wear, but the main drawback is that there is no microphone or remote. The headphones come in matte black with some gray details, and there aren’t other color choices available. If style isn’t your main concern, though, it won’t matter that the only option is the sleek black color. The headphones are quite big, larger than many competitor’s headphones, but they’re still very comfortable even for long-term wear. The ear cups don’t overheat, either, not even when the weather is warm. The headphones are comfortable and made well, and even though there’s minimal padding on the headband, you won’t feel pressure on your head over time.

The primary use for these headphones, which is why they don’t have a Bluetooth option – sound quality can go down with wireless headphones, so for the sake of preserving quality, only wired headphones are available. Two cables are included with these headphones: a straight cable and a coiled cable. The bass isn’t incredibly strong with these headphones, but it isn’t weak, either. If you like the bass to be toned down a bit, you won’t even notice. The vocals and guitars sound great and clear.

1. Sony MDR-7506

Sony over the ear headphones audiophile graded

You see un-familiar a coiled, pro-style cord that doesn’t exist in modern headphones

Sony MDR-7506 is a legend, best of the best full size headphones you could buy under $100. Even if you look for a $150 headphone, it still is the best pick. Have any of you owned something at this price range, which makes you immersive in the music it plays. Not only does it sound correctly, but if you are a treble lover, they are just fabulous! The treble is clear, energetic and bright, not enough though, I felt it still finds the way to extend.

The Sony MDR-7506 headphones are revered for their high sound quality, including excellent bass, midrange and treble. These headphones are also durable and comfortable at the same time. These headphones are great for casual listeners, but they’re also a top choice amongst professionals, including radio DJs. You’ll be able to hear depth and nuances in music that you would likely miss with other headphones. They’re equally great if you’re listening to dialogue, such as from a podcast or an audio book. They come standard with an adapter so that you can use them with your home theater.

These headphones are built great and you won’t need to replace them in a few years, even if you use them often. The ear cups are replaceable in case they deteriorate over time and all of the parts have a one-year warranty. The headphones will also fold so that you can store them or travel with them.

If you like open-back over ear headphones, the kind of headphones that their back of earcups is open. You will feel their sound bigger, wider and deeper than close-back type. Another possible experience to listeners is that the sound finds the way to escape and expand due to its natural open to the air. However, they don’t isolate noise well and their sound is significantly different from close-back. Here are some great choices:

Audio Technica ATH-AD700X

Open back over ear headphones under 100

Some people think this can can make sound more realistic, if you have ever heard the sound of open-back cans you would agree. It sounds dynamic, airy and full of details. However, high-ends of ATH-AD700X is not very pleasant, which is also crisp but a bit edgyIf you are very picky about the design, it won’t not for you. Though it earcups are large and bulky but it is comfortable and the flexible headband doesn’t seem to press much pressure on your ear.

Spending more money, you may wonder you will get richer sound and enjoy more realistic music experience, Yes it’s true, along with improvements in design and build quality you get the chance to explore more about the sound, they bring out more details a lot of things emerged as you’ve never experienced with cheap cans.

It seems that everyone is in the market for headphones these days, likely because there are so many more affordable models hitting shelves. Whether you want wired or Bluetooth headphones, we’ve rounded up five low-cost options that fit any budget. When searching for headphones, you want to pay attention to things like build, sound quality and comfort. Over ear or full size headphones refers to cans that entirely cover your ears. For sound perspective they mimic the real experience than other type of headphone.

The article was updated on 02/09/2017

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