5 Best Behind The Neck Bluetooth Headphones With In Ear/Earbuds

Totally cordless earbuds in ear headphones exhibit their drawbacks like short battery life and average sound quality, and regular Bluetooth earbuds with a short cable are designed for sports rather than office use or for calls. This is where behind the neck Bluetooth headphones come in and fill the gap. They have 2 earbuds that are linked via a stylish neckband. Aside from holding internal components, the band lets the earbuds dangle freely when not in use, so you won’t have to manage earbuds or if they fall out they are just there. And in terms of sound quality, some of them may impress to audiophiles and have call quality that outperform others. If you like around the neck design, here are top 5 you could buy in 2017.

Comparison Of Top 5 Behind Neck Bluetooth Headphones on the market


Battery (music playback) Design Sound Quality

Additional Features

LG TONE PLATINUMTM HBS-1100 Up to 14 hours  8/10  8/10  Retractable Earbuds/noise reduction
First Apple behind the neck headphones


8 hours 8/10  7.5/10 Water-resistant, earbuds magnetically clip

Sony SBH70

Up to 6 hours  8/10  7/10  Waterproof

none-sealed style*

Samsung Level U Pro 

9 hours  8/10 8/10  water-resistant

Samsung Level U

up to 11 hours 7/10  7/10  none-sealed style*


None-sealed style* lets wearers hear the ambient sound. Sound quality, call quality, design, battery, comfort and fit, value were evaluated for each model.


LG latest bluetooth headphones

A better looking of the LG tone audiophilegrade headphone

LG constantly improves their notable around the neck headphone Tone Series. The latest HBS-1100 become more flexible and better in terms of controls and Bluetooth connection than previous models. The ANC feature enables you make calls in noisy environments. Note that this doesn’t work like ACN earbuds.

The HBS-1100’s overall sound overal is good, and it would be rated excellent if the highs can live up more details and clarity.


First Apple behind the neck headphones

New, slick Apple-Beats neck headphones: BeatsX

Available to order on Apple website for $150. BeatsX is the first Bluetooth headphones from Beats with help from Apple engineer team. It has a new, flex form cable that sits around your neck. But the cable is rather long and showy, making it look quite bulky. BeatsX are very comfortable and fit snugly even without earhooks or wingtips that we commonly see in other sport earbuds.

In terms of sound quality, it represents a particular sound signature of Beats, a strong, plentiful bass. The Beats X will be a W1-chip product, which will have a longer battery life and stable Bluetooth connection. It will automatically identify and pair instantly with any Apple devices using the same cloud ID, and the connection setup is quick and easy.

BeatsX introduced the fast-fuel feature that allows you to get two hours of playback with just 5 minutes of charging.

Sony SBH70

Behind the neck Bluetooth headphones of Sony

Sony waterproof Bluetooth headset

Sony is a brand that needs no introduction as it is perhaps one of the three global electronic giants. The Sony SBH70 is another stellar Bluetooth headset released by the company as it comes with a behind the neck form factor, has in-ear headphones, and weighs just 50 g making it extremely flexible and enjoyable to use. This lightweight headset makes use of vented acoustic design and is made of metal to add more glamour. Build quality is solid as this device can withstand rain drops and will not go wrong even if you had dropped it in a water puddle by mistake.

The Sony SBH70 is flexible, light weight and comfortable to wear. It appears that the earbuds looks almost like Apple earbuds. Because of unsealed style they do let the ambient sound in, so it’s not quite suitable you tend to use it in your noisy office. The open-style of earbuds have an advantage of offering more airy, open sound, but less bass compared to sealed style like the Shadow or LG-tone.

SBH70 has good music streaming quality as it can play loud and pump a balanced bass that never gets over-whelming. The sealed ear channel design can turn out to be a hit or miss depending on people’s preferences as it doesn’t block all types of external noise well and the cost situational awareness. However, people who like to hear what’s happening around will totally love the un-sealed ear channel build.

As far as call quality is concerned, you can count on the echo, noise and wind cancellation feature to provide you with exceptional voice quality. The HD Voice compliant microphone is another bonus that further adds to this model’s utility.

Samsung Level U Pro

Behind the neck Bluetooth headsets with earbuds can magnetically clip

Samsung neckband style wireless in ear headphones

The Samsung Level U pro appears in the most ergonomic a round-the-neck design. Its collar should fits nicely on everyone’s necks. The earbuds give an extremely comfortable fit, and are lightweight. The rest of the headphones is sweat resistant which makes it ideal for workout sessions. The button layout is well placed and can be easily accessed without any hindrance whatsoever, you just fell and can reach the control you intend. It has flexible urethane joints that can easily accommodate various user requirements. The sturdy yet sleek metallic finish lends a whole new attraction to its overall visual aesthetic.

There are a two-way speaker unit and Ultra High-Quality Audio (UHQ) technology that provides superior sound than any other competitors in the market. The free Level App that is available for Android devices lets you access advanced control settings of these headphones, using which you can have your text messages read to you. Bass quality is good as expected, treble is accurate, and when complemented by a volume monitor, it makes for an incredible musical experience.

Level U Pro is an affordable Bluetooth headset that might not offer the greatest sound that one may come to expect from a Samsung device, but it certainly does offer crystal-clear voice quality and rarely has any issues related to connectivity.

Samsung Level U

Samsung level U wireless neckband (sit around the neck) headphones gain the momentum. Cheap yet it works well as either a headset and bluetooth in ear headphones

Samsung level U is a sports wireless in ear headphone. It is stylish and comfortable to wear with loosen eartips. But the tips are designed to keep earbuds stay snugly in ear.

This Bluetooth headphone is a cost-effective alternative to its higher-priced version, the Level U Pro. This model offers a highly comfortable fit, sleek and stylish body design that will make anyone take notice, and is extremely light in weight so that it can be used in almost all scenarios. This is an around-the-neck type device that is ideally suited for use while workout sessions or any activity that demands a high level of physical involvement. It is splash and sweat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about this device getting damaged.

The sound quality is as you would expect from a headphone that this range, but Samsung being the pioneer that they are, has introduced few exclusive features to make it stand out. The bass and treble quality are balanced, and you can expect to hear music in its finest details. This model is especially perfect for those who do not like jamming the buds inside of their ears.

It has well-placed buttons that you can easily access, and the vibrate feature alerts you to any incoming call without disrupting your flow of work. Call quality and connectivity is good enough to be likable, making the Level U model definitely worth the price.

The Others

LG Ultra Tone Series Infinim HBS-900

Most popular around the neck Bluetooth Headphones

The earbuds attached to the bands is lightweight and provide good noise isolation

The HBS-900 is in the line of the most popular behind the neck Bluetooth headphone series, LG Tone–top selling neckband style headphones. They gained that popularity because of many factors. What truly sets apart this product from the others in the market is their stylish design, modern look, and sound quality that is hard to match. This model looks appealing as it has a metallic finish with a particular economic design that is bound to gather attraction. There are retractable earbuds that make cord management a simple task and easy access to the jog button lets you change music and volume on the fly.

You’ll get decent audio quality for a Bluetooth headphones, thanks to Harman Kardon signature sound, which sounds quite clear and is able to catch up with a level of detail. But it’s hard to tell the Infinim can lift up the detail, while highs is not edgy or crunchy as so far other headphones in this category have met, keeping its sound pleasant to hear. The Tone is a ideal choice for those of you if you like the warm sounding with less bass (the bass is present but not that much). Those cateria in sound coudn’t be obtained without the Aptx compatibility that delivers high-quality music and features like MEMS and HD voice ensures that all voice communications remain crystal clear all the time.

It works well as a headset. The headset has built-in mic with noise reduction capacity, but if you make call while biking in the windy environment, it does interfere your voice. You can also have a voice read your SMS on Android devices thanks to the Tone and Talk application.

Though the collar is not as flexible as other sets, it does excel in ability to hold integrated battery that can last for 14 hours. For connection stability, audio lagged or connection drop rarely occurs if you put your phone on the table or stuff them in your pan pocket.

While this model may be slightly more expensive in comparison to other LG Tone Ultra models (LG Tone Ultra (HBS800) sounds slightly better with ANC) along with the lack of active noise cancelling feature, the retractable earbuds make it more than worth buying at an extra cost. Coming from one of the leading technology companies in the world, the HBS-900 Wireless will certainly rock your world with an entirely different musical experience.

Jabra Halo Smart

First around the neck bluetooth headphones of Jabra

Rubber collar seems to be the best for sports

The Jabra Halo Smart sports rugged and sturdy neckband and the earbuds fit resonably comfortable.

It has a great battery life, which can last all day as the company claimed 17 hours for headset function and 15 hours for listening music.

For music it does sound good, and the sound tends to be balanced. The treble is not very sparkling rather it’s pleasant to hear while bass remains calm. If your purpose also is a quality voice call, the Halo Smart did it right with clear voice.

As many around the neck headphones, they just sit there on your neck. The matter of comfort lays on the earbuds, if they fit comfortable then that’s the way you feel like the Halo Smart did. The magnetic clap feature is also a plus for Jabra, you look more stylish when 2 buds are locked on your chest. If they are not pricey and look sturdier compared to other sets, they would be a great pick for this holiday.

QuietControl 30: In Septemper this year, Bose did release their first neckband-style wirless in ear headphones, Bose’s QuietControl 30, with noise cancelling feature. But the quietControl 30 is no ordinary noise cancelling headphones, that you can manually control how much the ambient sound come in your ear by pressing buttons on the inline control. We will cover this headset, please check back for update.The first ANC Bluetooth around-the-neck headphone isn’t top-notch for NC capacity, so is its sound quality.

Skullcandy Ink’d Wireless: Look cheap but its decent battery and sound quality may surprise you.

Sol Replublic Shadow

A bluetooth behind the neck in ear headphones sounds decent, considering the price point

Sol Republic’s Shadow is a combination of music and around neck design.

It didn’t take long for this brand to become famous since the time it first arrived on the market in 2011; the reason being that this company has managed to release impressive devices at affordable rates. The Sol Republic Shadow is another fantastic release as it features everything that one may want out of their in-ear Bluetooth headphone. It is good looking, has a sturdy build, and offered at a reasonable price. This model is light, foldable, and can be bent according to the user’s convenience.

While the audio quality may not blow your brains off, it is definitely on par with some of the best models that are available now. The bass quality is surprisingly robust and crisp and stays clear throughout the lowest frequencies. Volume range is extensive and can be cranked up until the point when no other environmental sound is audible. In a direct comparison with the popular set, LG Tone SBH 900, The Shadow offers a wider frequency response with more details and stronger bass. Due to the balanced sound, the bass of Shadow isn’t huge.

The headphones is supported by latest technology for streaming sound, AptX, which supposedly delivers a more aggressive sound and higher fidelity. Though, for tracks with complicated mixes packed in, the sound is not resolved well, so you hear things struck together.

For people who frequently make or receive calls, it is a good headset if used in offices. When making calls outside wind blowing or traffic noise are captured by microphones, but you still hear caller’s voice clearly once you fix the earbuds jamming into your ears to increase noise isolation.

However, people who may want to use the Shadow while exercising might be disappointed that is not exactly built for that purpose. The entire design, flat cable, collar, make the sets daily use rather than for sports–they don’t have wingtips. Yet, I found it is a solid pair at the gym and you can wear it all day long since is light weight in your ear, doesn’t make you feel much about its presence. Two metal earbuds, which are connected to the band by flat cable, are rugged and fit snugly. Included silicon eartips are varied in size and provide a decent noise isolation. The collar is nice and contour well to your necks coated with flexible rubber, though you can’t bend it to any shapes, and it flops a little bit if you move fast.

With Multiple Point Technology, the Shadow can pair simultaneously to 2 devices. As promised, Bluetooth connectivity stays within 30 feet range from the host, and you have to keep the phone in your pocket at all times to get the best connectivity. The button layout could have been better but it’s still good enough not to complain.

So Why Around or Behind The Neck Bluetooth Headphones

By design the collar sits naturally on your neck, which doesn’t make you become a monster since people may perceive it as a nice, stylish collar. It is fine for me, but you may feel a bit more stylish with it. You can wear it all day long and let earbuds freely dangle down when they are not in use. Affordlessly put them on when you want to listen to music or have a incomming call. They also offer a better voice call quality and for me it is a great headset for hand-free calling experience.

Apple announced their first around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones, Beats X, which use the chip W1, also found inside the Apple Airpods. The chip not only process the sound, but the battery use. We are expected to see Beats Bluetooth headphone lines with longer battery life.

In the future, this type of headphones will have built-in bio-sensors, which is able to track and analyze you performance, at the same time with AI they will coach you to a real results. Vi headphone and Antificial Intelligence personal trainer is an example of how far hearables could go.

This post is about the stuff we like not the stuffs we’ve tested–Updated on 02/01/2017

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